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Free thortful card on VeryMe

Just pay the 70p postage!

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Free Easter Eggs from Waitrose for NHS

Both Waitrose and John Lewis.

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Free NFL Game Pass

Watch to your heart's content!

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£3 British Sign Language course (usually £25)

Use the lockdown to learn something new!

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WIN £20 Amazon voucher

Get deals straight to your phone every day!

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Free 90-day Affinity trial

Or 50% discount if you want to buy + keep.

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Free Disney Plus 7 day trial

Tempted to try Disney+?

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Everyone loves a freebie. Get the latest student free stuff with our regularly updated list of free samples, trials, competition entries and much more. Act quick, as some of these freebies won’t hang around for too long and will be subject to availability.

If you’re looking for the best freebies the internet can provide, you’re in the right place! Our deals team updates this page on a daily basis.

We use a lot of apps, websites and vouchers to get free food but we alway make sure the process is quick and easy to understand but it’s worth arming yourself with a few little tips to help you become the ultimate freebie hunter.

  • Set up a new (alias) email address for freebies if you don’t want info or spam emails about the company sent to you. You can then use this as your email when they ask for your details in order to get the freebie
  • Always apply for them as soon as you can! Free stuff is generally limited to a certain number so you don’t want to miss out
  • Be prepared that it may not arrive. We’ve seen in the past that sign up forms get too many responses and so they’re unable to fulfil all freebie requests
  • Use the gmail trick to sign up for multiple of the same freebie with just one email address (see below)

For this trick, as the title suggests, you’ll need to have a Gmail account.

  • Sign up for your freebie with your email
  • If you want to sign up for another, put dots in between your email
    E.g. if your email was [email protected], you’d put a dot between the first two letters so it would be f.reebielover123… the next time you want the same freebie, it would be fr.eebielover123… and so on until you get to the end of your email
  • This will redirect emails to your inbox!
  • If you’ve exhausted this trick, you can try the same thing with instead of gmail, as it will also redirect to you

If you want an idea of what our freebie hunting could get you, here are the best we’ve seen:

  • Free Google Home Mini
  • Free McDonald’s fries
  • Free McDonald’s cheese bites
  • Free McDonald’s McMuffin
  • Free Gin & Tonics
  • Free beers
  • Free John Frieda haircare
  • Free Ben & Jerry’s accessories
  • Free gym passes
  • Free Taco Bell tacos
  • Free IKEA Christmas trees
  • Free Five Guys burgers
  • Free cinema tickets
  • Free Costa coffee drinks
  • Free cocktails
  • & so much more

As you can see free food and drink is a big one for us as it’s sought after and we find a lot of it.

Don’t forget, if you’ve found a freebie and think it needs to be shared? Contact us on Facebook here

And remember to bookmark this page as it’ll be updated every time we source a shiny, new freebie.