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Virgin media studentVirgin media student

Virgin Media Fibre Broadband - Exclusive £25 bill credit

Incredible student broadband offer from Virgin Media, exclusively with STS.

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BT BroadbandBT Broadband

BT Fibre 2 67Mb Broadband - £29.99pm

Reliable broadband at great speeds.


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Now broadband deal imageNow broadband deal image

NOW 63Mb Fibre Broadband - £21pm

Our best buy 12 month fast fibre broadband.


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Bills and Utility deals

Finding deals on bills and utilities can seem quite daunting but never fear, we're here to help!

Electric metre for bills

Credit: Sunshine studio – Shutterstock

It's hard to find great deals on bills and utilities too… like what even constitutes a good deal? We've put together a list of things you should do when you're setting up new bills and utilities so that you can get the best price possible for your essentials.

We also cover a wide range of bills from broadband and TV right down to electricity, gas and water.

  1. Compare deals

    In order to save money, you're going to want to compare a few deals.

    By comparing and splitting between housemates, you can save a ton. Switching providers is something we didn't know you could do when we were in uni, but it's saved us a small fortune since.

  2. Use our student broadband deals

    Every year we work hard to secure exclusive offers on broadband for students. Whether you're after a 9 month contract or rewards we have it.

    We even compare the best student broadband deals so you know what you're really paying without getting ripped off.

  3. Save money on bills

    From charging your electronic devices at the library to avoiding pay-as-you-go tariffs, saving money on energy bills has never been easier!

    Using comparison sites to find the cheapest tariff is a great trick and saves you a load of time.

  4. Save money on Netflix

    It's a luxury we all want, but we can't afford it at £8.99 a month! Luckily, we've found out how to get Netflix cheaper for you! Whether you're sharing an account with your mates, stealing it from your parents or purchasing a subscription using discounted gift cards, you can save a few quid here and there. It all adds up!

  5. Exemptions from Council Tax

    As a student, you may qualify as exempt from paying council tax! Hooray!

    Before you celebrate too much, it is worth noting that there are some circumstances whereby you may have to pay council tax, so it's worth checking it out.

  6. Get cheap car insurance

    Cars aren't cheap, especially when it comes to insurance. For young people, it's an awful lot to pay per year so it's worth comparing to save every penny possible.

    We show you how to choose the right level of cover, what premium you should go for and more in our cheap car insurance guide.

  7. Use referral schemes to save

    Some energy providers (like Octopus Energy)offer money off when you sign up through someone's referral link. You can also earn credit by sharing your own link as a customer.

  8. Grab cheap contents insurance

    The ultimate protection for all of your valuables! We really do suggest getting some form of contents insurance as it'll cover the items in your uni room from theft in particular, but also structural damage to the house or even flooding.

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