Meet the Team

Here is a brief introduction to the awesome team behind Save the Student! (read the full story here).

As well as those of us on this page, we can't forget to mention all the student contributors who've written a whole load of useful articles for us in the name of helping other students. Cheers guys!

Owen Burek

The Head Honcho

OwenOwen set up Save the Student as a first year student back in 2007, graduating from The University of Manchester in 2010.

He's now dedicated to building content and resources to educate students about money and careers – all the important stuff they should have taught us in school.

In his spare time Owen loves getting outdoors, whether it's a long bike ride, a weekend camp, sailing or a run after work.

Favourite money saving hack? Cycling into work

E-mail: owen [at]

Twitter: @savethestudent

Jake Butler

The Operations Guy

JakeJake graduated from uni in 2010 and loves to chirp on about how they were the best (but poorest) 3 years of his life. Since then he's been a part of the STS team and vows to never stop working until every single student in the UK has saved money through using the site.

His passion for saving money sometimes spills over into the realms of being a worrying addiction.

He's been known to wear shoes until breaking point just to avoid buying a new pair and refuses to go out for dinner without a money off voucher.

Favourite money saving hack? Always haggle

E-mail: jake [at]

Twitter: @jaketlbutler

Bronni Hughes

The Deal Hunter

BronniBronni is a world famous cheapskate who tries her best to never pay for anything if she can help it.

At Save the Student she spends her days scouring the internet for bargains and finding weird and wonderful ways for you to make extra money on the side.

Before she got into deals professionally Bronni was taking advantage of offers on an amateur basis while studying English Literature at Goldsmiths.

Favourite money-saving hack: A penny earned is a penny saved – always be on the lookout for moneymaking opportunities, wherever you are. Mystery shopping and tasking apps are big favourites and are easy to slot into your day.

Email: bronni [at]

Twitter: @_bronni

Tom Allingham

The Editor

TomTom joined Save the Student as Editor back in the summer of 2017, presumably in a vain attempt to return to his time at nearby Queen Mary University, where his days were mostly spent playing FIFA with his flatmate.

Studying in London forced him to get smart with his cash, but it was a colleague at Tom’s last job who really showed him the way of the money saver.

Since then he’s made it his mission to share this wisdom with as many people as possible, even if a few of his nearest and dearest can find it a little tiresome.

Favourite money-saving hack: Referral codes! From £5 per referral with Circle, to extra interest on your savings with Chip, they’re the dictionary definition of free money.

Email: tom [at]

Twitter: @TomAllingham

Ruth Bushi

The Press Officer

RuthRuth has a minor addiction to education, having so far studied at Lancaster, Durham and Birkbeck, but it's nothing she can't handle. She writes on everything from film and fitness to student finance, and still can't quite believe she's lucky enough to get paid for it.

When not scribbling, she can be found photographing buildings and bungling the Guardian Cryptic Crossword.

Favourite money saving hack: Marxism. Failing that, ditch over-priced cinema or rental movies that you can only watch once – cough up for a hard drive recorder and stockpile flicks you can watch as many times as you want. It pays for itself!

Email: ruth [at]

Amy Johnson

Deal Hunter

AmyAmy joined the team in June 2014, as Save the Student’s resident deal hunter, and when she’s not hunting down the best student deals she can find, she’s studying for a degree in Interior Design via distance learning at Staffordshire University.

As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, Amy also works as a Trainee Architectural Technician & Interior Designer!

In her spare time, she enjoys photography, reading, visiting new places and playing around with various types of CAD software.

Favourite money-saving hack: refusing to pay full price on anything.

Lucy Skoulding

Student News Expert

LucyLucy joined the STS team in March 2017 as the Student News Expert and has since been writing a whole load of content for the site. Having graduated from Warwick in 2016, uni is still a recent memory for Lucy and the STS website was literally a life-saver for her at points!

Lucy is now living in London, working in journalism and studying at the Press Association. When she’s not trying to get cheap, last-minute theatre tickets, she loves spending time writing.

Favourite money-saving hack: Go to auctions! This might seem like an obscure one, but seriously auctions are actually quite fun and you can get some insane deals. Lucy’s best one to date is a glass television stand for £1.

Twitter: @Lucy_Skoulding

Jess Miller

Student News Expert

JessJess is an English Literature graduate who may or may not have an obsession with grammar. She joined the team in 2014.

Jess currently lives in Cambridgeshire with her boyfriend and two utterly adorable cats, Jadie and Oscar (Oscar is actually a cat model!).

Favourite money-saving hack: Using cashback sites! Especially comparing insurance through comparison sites, then going through a cashback site to earn money back.

Twitter: @jesyyfm