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Student deals on health and beauty

Health and beauty is a very popular category for deals here at Save the Student and these tips will help your savings go further.

As you probably already know, beauty products can add up to be quite expensive. Especially for recurring purchases.

We’ve found the cheapest ways to buy your favourites.

  1. Look for offers on your usuals

    We all have a list of favourite products, and while it may sound obvious, we encourage you to search for deals on them! We’ve found that in particular, Boots and Superdrug tend to play each other off in terms of offers.

    So, if your favourite shampoo is full price at Boots, we suggest having a look at Superdrug for it! If all fails, try looking in your local supermarket. Tesco and Asda always have offers on items like these.

  2. Combine offers with student discount

    One of our favourite ways to save money on health and beauty here at Save the Student is to combine offers and student discount. Places like Boots will do a 10% student discount which stacks on top of their offers or clearance!

    We’ve managed to get Christmas clearance items for 10% less too. Make sure you attach your student discount to your Advantage Card to make the most of this.

  3. Make the most of online retailers

    Sometimes online retailers will offer your favourites for cheaper, but be aware that they may have a minimum spend for free delivery.

    If you’re stocking up on makeup anyway, this may be a better plan as you’ll receive it all at once with zero faff!

  4. Buy in bulk (if you can)

    Do you go through as much shampoo as we do?! It’s super annoying to buy it so frequently, but if you can, try to buy in bulk. We use lots of retailers for this but our favourite is Amazon!

    You can even buy in bulk in store! Sometimes stores will offer a double pack of Mascara for the same price, or even a larger pack of cotton pads. It does mean you have to initially spend a little more or carry more home, but you’ll save in the long term.

  5. Make your own!

    DIY your routine and attempt to make your own products. We’ve tried making our own body scrub and saved loads (1 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup coconut oil and a drop of lemon).

    You can also have a look online to see how you can make your own moisturisers and make up!

  6. In-store free trials

    A lot of brands will offer in-store free trials of products, so you know what you’re getting before you buy! The best one we regularly come across are expensive foundation samples. Often, these will last around 10 applications, depending on the size of the sample.

    It’s also worth checking to see if other stores do samples in store – just ask a member of staff.

  7. Trade-in containers for freebies

    Many stores will offer an incentivised recycling plan, where you can return empty containers which will then get you a brand new one for free!

    LUSH are a big one for this but it’s always good to ask in any store you visit if they run something similar.

  8. Magazine freebies

    If in doubt, look for a magazine freebie! It’s something you may not have done since you were 7 and looking for the best free toy in a kids magazine, but you may just find a little beauty! Many big magazines will have freebies like makeup brushes, which if you buy the magazine, will cost you £3 max.

    Other magazine deals may mean you can get 3 issues for £1 online, so keep an eye out!

  9. Buy allergy tablets online

    Having an allergy can be quite expensive and buying hayfever tablets is a chore in itself.

    If you buy them regularly, check out these deals online as they can be considerably cheaper than if you visit your local pharmacy.

  10. Get cheaper sanitary products

    Sanitary products are expensive and sometimes, hard for students to afford. Did you know that you can get sanitary products for free?

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