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11 ways to legally score free food

When you're on a student budget, nothing will make your day more than scoring free food. It's not the easiest thing to come by, but we've got tips!willeatforfoodYou might think getting your hands on free food is verging on the impossible (and if not, maybe the criminal), but this is where you're wrong, friends!

There are actually a whole host of legit ways you can score free food, all of which keep well within the law.

The trick is simply just to know where to look for your free grub, so we're here to tell you where to focus your hungry eyes, plus a few tricks to pull for maximum results.

How to get free food

  1. Attend supermarket openings

    Supermarket OpeningIf you know of a new supermarket opening in your area (or any other food shop for that matter), make sure you’re there for opening day.

    You can pretty much guarantee there will always be free samples a-plenty on offer, so make sure you show up with an appetite!

    If you’re keen to milk these events for all they're worth but scared of getting caught (although, let's be honest, who cares? Free food is free food) stick on your best disguise and do the rounds again!

Did you know two major supermarkets now offer student discount to shoppers? Find out which ones!
  1. Scout out free samples

    freestuffRestaurants, cafes and bars often give out samples when promoting events, and brands will often hire promo staff to dish out samples of new products when launching.

    The trick is to head for the busiest street corners you know of (outside stations are normally a good bet) and get your freebie-dar on.

    Many brands also offer freebies online, and will even cover postage costs too. Our deals section and freebies page invariably lists great free grub, and signing up to our deals roundup will get you hit with edible freebies every week!

    Remember that things like sugar and ketchup sachets are free in a lot of places. Whilst there's no harm in taking a couple extra when you're paying for something already – don't go overboard!

  2. Go to meet and greets

    societiesIf you're not yet part of a university society, this could be the motivation you need. Societies regularly hold meet-ups for members which invariably include free food and even free booze!

    Not only will joining a society be a good way to network and boost your CV, but you'll also fill your belly free of charge. Just don't get caught shoving the buffet sandwiches into your bag.

    This also applies to film screenings at your union and art exhibition openings. Stock up on free food and a large dose of culture – what could be better?

  3. Eat out on your birthday

    restaurant birthday freebiesThis one might only come in handy once a year, but you wouldn't even believe how many restaurants and cafes have a policy to offer free food on customer's birthdays.

    Play it right and you can dine like royalty for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and have a few cheeky free snacks to keep for the next day) without opening your wallet once.

    Check out our ultimate guide to birthday freebies for more deets on where you can get your free food, plus how to sign up.

  4. Look for food waste supermarkets

    junk food supermarketCheck to see if you have any food waste supermarkets in your area (yes, they really do exist!).

    The Real Junk Food Project have warehouses popping up all over the UK now, which operate by a ‘pay as you feel' policy – you can either pay by donation or offer some hours of your time volunteering in the warehouse in return for your purchases.

    Essentially, food waste supermarkets have a deal with major supermarkets and restaurants that any food that isn't up to scratch to be sold – but is still perfectly edible – is donated to their warehouses.

    This saves on crazy amounts of food being wasted, and the products they have are amazing! See for yourself here.

  5. Enter eating competitions

    foodNot one for the faint hearted, but signing up to an eating competition can be great way to nab some free food and free kudos points.

    Often (but not always) eating competitions will be held for free, or the winner supreme won't have to worry about parting with any cash, which is all the more motivation to eat up.

    Similarly, look out for restaurants that have posters advertising massive meals that they'll offer you free of charge if you can manage to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

  6. Become a mystery diner

    mystery-shopperMystery dining is when you sign up to an agency that ‘pays' you to buy a meal in a restaurant or food chain, and write a report on your experience.

    These agencies are paid by the owners of the establishment in order to ensure certain standards are being met, and in turn the agency ‘pays' you for doing all the hard work.

    The reason we say ‘pay' with a pinch of salt (pun intended) is that agencies will only cover your grub, and you won't be paid in cash for your efforts.

    But if you're just in it for a free meal, what's the harm? Find out what you need to do to sign up here.

  7. Go foraging

    forageThe top chefs do it, so why can’t we? Foraging is also something that can be done year round by picking and collecting foods that are in season.

    You'd need to take a wild food course to know what you’re doing when it comes to mushrooms/fungi, but there are others that are easier to identify. This super cheap guide to finding free food in the wild is also a great starting point.

    Here's a few to get you started:

    Wild garlic: Highly abundant and available throughout the year. It is usually easy to find as it gives off a strong garlic-y aroma. Best time to harvest is July – December, when the plant is dormant.

    Berries: If you've ever gone blackberry picking at some point in your lives, you'll know that it grows just about anywhere! They can be made into crumbles, pies, added to ice cream or made into jam. And the best thing is you can freeze them until you decide exactly how you'd like 'em!

    Cockles/mussels: If you live by the seaside, you can also go cockle picking! Check Google to find out the best spots to go picking cockles. Once they are cooked and thoroughly cleaned, they can be placed in a jar of vinegar to enjoy whenever.

    Seaweed: Might not be at the top of everyone’s list, but the health benefits that seaweed offers are unparalleled. Boil it, steam it, make sushi with it or fry and add it to salads and soups.

    Obviously this one suits the countryside dwellers a bit better, and might not be a way to score free food if you live in a city like London. We also don't recommend breaking into any poor sod's allotments and nabbing all their precious veg….

  8. Find an employer that feeds you

    jamierichardIf you are looking for a part-time job at university then why not look for one that involves getting your food paid for?

    A lot of cafes and restaurants will give their staff free meals during their shift, and also food to go home with if there's leftovers (although it might not be the best idea to enquire about this during your interview).

    Becoming a delivery driver for a takeaway joint is also a great way to get freebies, as you almost always get to take something home with you after your shift.

  9. Grow your own

    scarecrowpumpkinHaving a small garden will give you the opportunity to grow an array of different fruit and veg, and free seeds are another thing that often pops up on our deals page.

    Allotments are great for the really committed, but these can be scarce in some areas and normally involve costs (although sharing an allotment with friends of flatmates can work out pretty economical).

    If you don’t have either of these things, even just a simple window box can grow all kinds of herbs and salad ingredients.

    If you're feeling super adventurous, a small potato patch can also be made out of an old dustbin filled with compost, and did you know if you plant a single potato in there, multiple potatoes will grow from it? We're full of fun facts today!

    If you're up for this challenge, we've got a whole article on growing your own fruit and veg at uni right here!

  10. Download food apps

    App iconsThere are loads of companies that offer free food when you first sign up to their app.

    For example, delivery services Deliveroo and Uber Eats both offer money off your first order with them, and depending on how generous they're feeling, that can sometimes mean getting a meal for free.

    Loads of other apps offer free food for initial sign-up. Check out our list of freebies for ideas, and keep an eye on the up-to-date deals on our Facebook page.

Got any pro tips on scoring free grub? We want to hear about them!

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