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Best apps for same-day grocery delivery

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Looking for (nearly) instant grocery deliveries? There are loads of great apps that offer same-day delivery, with some aiming to deliver your food in minutes.

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If you need your groceries ASAP but you're not able to head out to the shops, try same-day delivery services. They're very convenient and have some surprising benefits.

Some of the apps we've listed below are great for eco-friendly products. For example, it's pretty much impossible to find cow's milk without plastic packaging in the supermarket. But, it's possible to buy milk in glass bottles from same-day grocery apps.

Plus, the groceries are often delivered in electric vehicles. Of course, the best way to keep your carbon footprint down is to walk or cycle to a local food store, but this isn't always possible. When this is the case, same-day food apps can be the next best thing.

The below info is correct at the time of writing.

7 best same-day food delivery services

These are the top grocery apps for same-day deliveries:

  1. Getir

    getir logo

    • Best for: Eco-friendly brands and promo deals.
    • Delivers to: London, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Southampton, Cambridge, Leicester, Liverpool, Sheffield, Portsmouth, Nottingham, Bradford and Leeds.
    • Delivery costs: Usually, £1.99 for orders under £20. In some parts of London, delivery costs £2.49 for orders under £25. All orders over £25 have free delivery. The first three orders typically have free delivery.

    On Getir, there's usually a handful of promo deals available at any one time. These can include offers to get money off or free items for orders over a certain amount.

    And they can be great if you're looking for eco-friendly home and food products.

    As an example, we've previously seen The Cheeky Panda toilet roll on Getir. It's made from sustainable bamboo and is wrapped in paper packaging.

    We've also seen cow's milk in glass bottles on Getir – a welcome change to the plastic milk bottles you'd get at the supermarket.

    Although, as with all apps on this list, the availability of products will vary depending on your location. See what's available near you by clicking the link below.

    Shop with Getir »


  2. Gorillas

    gorillas logo

    • Best for: Plastic-free grocery bags and a great sign-up offer.
    • Delivers to: London, Manchester, Nottingham, Reading and Southampton.
    • Delivery costs: £1.80. Orders below £10 in Reading, Southampton and some parts of London have a surcharge of £2.

    Gorillas is another really speedy grocery delivery app. If you spend over £25, you can get £10 off your first Gorillas order (click the link for details).

    They deliver groceries in recyclable brown paper bags and often have a great selection of choices.

    And sometimes they'll suggest ingredients for particular recipes, which is a great feature. We've previously seen a section on their app with cocktail recipes. For each cocktail, they recommended ingredients which you could add to your basket with just one click.

    Also, Gorillas has partnered with Tesco, so they're able to deliver Tesco products in certain locations. If you're unsure if your local Tesco has partnered with Gorillas, ask in-store to find out.

    Shop with Gorillas »


  3. Beelivery

    beelivery logo

    • Best for: £5 off your order when you verify as a student.
    • Delivers to: Most of the UK.
    • Delivery costs: £3.50, and there's a service fee of £0.99. Orders need to cost £12 or more. If your order costs £12 – £25, they'll add a small order fee of £1. And for orders between 11pm and 6am, there's a night-time fee of £3.

    If you find that none of the above apps will deliver to your home, don't worry. You might have more luck with Beelivery.

    Beelivery offers same-day grocery delivery to over 90% of UK households. Delivery can take between 15 to 60 minutes, and you should be able to make an order at any time of the day.

    You'll just need to order your food through the app. Then, a delivery driver will get your shopping from a local supermarket and deliver it to your door.

    Plus, you can get £5 off your Beelivery order if you verify yourself as a student!

    Shop with Beelivery »


  4. Zapp

    Zapp logo

    • Best for: Ethical and eco-friendly efforts.
    • Delivers to: London and Manchester.
    • Delivery costs: £1.99, or free for orders over £30. All orders delivered between midnight and 6am have a late-night fee of £1.99.

    Similarly to Getir, Zapp can be great for plastic-free products like milk. They make an effort to be ethical and eco-friendly.

    On their website, they highlight that they aim to be fair in terms of their prices, employment and environmental impact. Find out more about how they work on each of these aims.

    You'll notice above that Zapp has a late-night fee. This is to help them fairly pay their riders who work during the night.

    Shop with Zapp »


  5. Same-day groceries with Amazon Prime

    Amazon Fresh logo

    • Best for: Same-day delivery of groceries for Amazon Prime customers from Amazon Fresh, Morrisons or Co-op.
    • Delivers to: UK households. However, you might find you can only order from one or two of the three stores (Amazon Fresh, Co-op and Morrisons) depending on your postcode.
    • Delivery costs: £3.99 for orders under £40. Orders over £40 have free delivery. Orders need to cost £15 or more.

    Looking for same-day grocery delivery from Amazon? This is possible for Prime members. And, luckily, students are able to get six months of Amazon Prime for free.

    The availability will depend on your location, but you might be able to get same-day groceries from Amazon Fresh, Morrisons or Co-op with Prime.

    There's a minimum spend of £15 for same-day deliveries. Some Morrisons stores offer same-day click & collect via Amazon, and the minimum spend for this is £25.

    Shop with Amazon »


  6. Whoosh by Tesco

    Whoosh logo

    • Best for: Tesco deliveries within an hour.
    • Delivers to: Selected areas in London, the Midlands, Cardiff, Liverpool, Kent, Bristol, Nottingham, Manchester and more. See the full list of participating stores.
    • Delivery costs: £5, with a £2 charge on top of that for orders under £15.

    For same-day delivery from Tesco, try Whoosh. You can get your groceries delivered within an hour.

    And a rather good perk is that you'll be able to collect Clubcard points on your orders (easily one of the top loyalty cards).

    It's best for small shops, so if you order too much, Tesco will ask you to remove something. Have a look at the FAQs on Tesco's website for more info.

    Shop with Whoosh »


  7. Chop Chop by Sainsbury's

    chop chop logo

    • Best for: Sainsbury's deliveries within an hour.
    • Delivers to: Selected areas of Birmingham, Cardiff, London, Bath, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bournemouth, Cambridge, Liverpool, Nottingham, Oxford, Reading and more. See more areas.
    • Delivery costs: £4.99. Orders need to cost £15 or more.

    Similar to Whoosh by Tesco, Sainsbury's has a quick grocery delivery service called Chop Chop.

    And in the same way that you can collect Clubcard points with Whoosh, Chop Chop orders can earn you Nectar points – another great loyalty card.

    With Chop Chop, you can order up to 25 items from Sainsbury's and receive them in under an hour.

    Shop with Chop Chop »


Most food takeaway apps like Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo deliver groceries quickly. But, they can be quite pricey as they have added service fees.

How do same-day delivery apps work?

Wondering how Getir, Gorillas and similar apps work? They're very similar to food takeaway apps, only the orders are picked up from supermarkets or warehouses, rather than restaurants.

Same-day delivery apps will each work slightly differently. But, as a general rule, you'll need to order your groceries on the app and they'll be delivered to you as soon as possible.

If drivers are available, they'll quickly pick up your order from the local store or warehouse and make their way to you.

Sometimes, if no drivers are available when you place the order, you might need to wait in a queue. It'll add a bit of time to the overall delivery, but it should still be pretty quick.

Not in too much of a hurry? If you don't mind waiting a few days for your groceries, check out the cheapest online supermarkets.

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