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Student deals on books and magazines

Books can be quite expensive, as well as magazine subscriptions, but we've found the best ways to get these on the cheap!

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Credit: Carlos Castilla – Shutterstock

Books, and even some magazines, are essential at university. Not only for your course reading list but also to read in your spare time.

But before you know it you could end up spending £100s on books and feel like you don't have much to show for it. Luckily there's loads of ways you can cut the cost of buying books and magazines.

  1. Shop at student friendly book shops

    If you shop at Blackwell's bookshop you can get up to 50% off university textbooks. They're also likely to have what you need in stock.

    The best news is that the offer a student price match guarantee too!

    On top of Blackwell's you may also find other student specialist stores on campus.

  2. Get free magazines

    Many companies will give free e-books and magazines as part of a free trial to their subscription service.

    You can take advantage of these for free for the first month, but make sure to cancel after that to save being charged!

  3. Use student discount on newspapers

    Subscriptions can prove to be quite expensive, but thankfully a lot of them will offer a student discount on newspapers when you sign up.

    While you're there, check out the student discounts on books too.

  4. Get a yearly subscription in magazines

    By getting a yearly subscription on magazines, you could save yourself a lot of money.

    Usually, when you pay in advance, the rates will be slightly cheaper than if you pay a monthly rate!

    As an added bonus, magazine subscriptions can make a great gift for someone.

  5. Look out for freebies/offers in magazines

    When you buy a magazine, they may have offers in them for not only other magazine subscriptions but beauty subscriptions or even beauty samples.

    Sometimes these freebies can be worth more than the price of the magazine itself.

  6. Buy books secondhand

    Books can be quite expensive, especially when you buy them brand new.

    Often, websites such as WorldOfBooks will sell your new favourite book for between £2-5 which is a proper bargain! In our experience too, when the books have been 'used', they sometimes turn up brand new!

  7. Grab an e-book for cheap

    Often, Amazon will have super cheap e-books – and even for free! Amazon kindle deals often show up in our student deals section, so keep an eye out for these too.

  8. Sell used books online

    Selling the books you've already read can come with quite a big reward, if you make sure you sell them once you're done with them! Especially as the information in textbooks may become outdated quickly.

  9. Make money from e-books

    Find out how much you could make from selling e-books! They sell anywhere between 99p and £8.99, so you could really be making a tasty profit here. All you have to do is choose a popular topic and you're off!

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