The Story behind Save the Student!

Founded in 2007, Save the Student! has become the No. 1 student money website in the UK. Every day thousands of students come to the site for factual advice and to take advantage of the student deals we find and arrange. As the cost of university continues to rise, we are working harder than ever to support new students and graduates across the country.

Aims and Values

Save the student protestThe website Save the Student! originated in response to the growing costs of university in the UK. The site provides free, impartial advice to students on how to make their money go further. School doesn’t teach you the real life stuff we write about here.

The aim is to reduce the amount of debt students are expected to graduate with. As the cost of university education continues to grow, and the economy recedes, we believe that an awareness of your (often borrowed) money situation is as important as ever.

We are committed  to fostering a resource which is perceived as both trustworthy and useful to students and graduates from all backgrounds. This is what makes Save the Student! so different from the many other student websites out there . High quality content is essential to our ethos.

Who are we?

We are a growing team of current university students and graduates from across the UK.

The website was founded in 2007 by Owen Burek, then in his first year at the University of Manchester. Upon graduating in 2010, he moved Save the Student!  into the offices of Grip Media (the student marketing agency) in Manchester city centre.

Along with a fantastic team, Grip Media is now dedicated to the growth of the website to continue supporting students nationwide.

We're here to share our student life experiences to get the most out of our time at university without getting into ridiculous and unmanageable amounts of student debt.

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How it all started

Save the Student! has had several reincarnations since its birth, this is now the sixth version of the website as of April 2012.

The original idea for a student money website was sparked back in October 2007 when Owen (founder) was a first year at the University of Manchester. After speaking to a few of his flatmates in his halls, he had a brainstorm of ideas on how to make money as a student. Originally the website focused on Manchester but we soon realised a lot of the content applied to students across the UK.

Today we have more than 15 student contributors writing top quality articles sharing their own experiences to help others. The support and feedback we get from students, recent graduates, universities and parents is fantastic and really spurs us on.

About the name

Owen came up with the name Save the Student! as a play on words, as in: saving students from debt, by saving money… a stroke of genius, I'm sure you'll agree. We like the fact that it invokes a strong sense of emotion and curiosity, and how it could be interpreted as a political statement (especially with rising tuition fees).

Even more, it's calling to students to save themselves.. so a bit of self-preservation thrown in too!

What's next?

We're the fastest growing student finance website in the UK and the No. 1 for student money saving advice. Recently we have expanded our student deals and student discounts sections, including a weekly newsletter of our handpicked deals going out to thousands of students.

We are committed to growing the site and keeping it the number one trusted resource for everything student money. We are always on the lookout for new contributors so if you want to get involved please contact us!

To our future.