The ultimate list of free stuff

Everyone loves a freebie! We've compiled a list of the best free stuff you can pick up with a click – we've got everything here, from free food to hard cash (yes, really). Updated monthly!Free stuff for studentsAs we all know, money can be a bit tight when you're livin' the student dream.

This is why getting your hands on stuff free of charge is so satisfying, and what better feeling than getting some good old traditional Royal Mail post through the door?

We've listed some of our favourite things that are genuinely free of charge.

All freebies mentioned below have been tried and tested by us. Total value exceeds £200!

100% free stuff

list of free stuffWe recommend bookmarking this page and working your way through the list to claim all the freebies you can. Then just sit back and wait for them to be delivered to your door!

  1. KFC - Nom nom nom... free KFC wings or popcorn. For the chicken lovers among you.
  2. CV review - Join GRB and receive a CV review plus help on finding a dream job.
  3. eBooks - Pick up free books here (Kindle) and here.
  4. Snack box - Get some healthy (or naughty) snacks delivered to your door for free.
  5. Premium rate calls - Call companies with 08 numbers (inc. student finance) for free here.
  6. O2 sim card - Perfect for claiming O2 Priority Moment deals. If you don't have one you're missing out on offers like free cinema tickets and pizzas!
  7. Three Mobile App Freebies - Are you on the Three mobile network? They've got a snazzy new freebie app just for you.
  8. Free Lottery draw - Just sign up to Pick my postcode and check the site daily to see if you've won. It's free, and getting the jackpot is more likely than winning the national lottery!
  9. Watch Freeview channels online - Use TVCatchUp to stream all Freeview channels online. You can watch without a TV licence as long as you do this.
  10. Free photo prints - Start building your personalised bedroom wallpaper! There are around 250 free prints up for grabs (P&P not free).
  11. Free bets - NOT gambling! Use our step-by-step guide to matched betting to beat the bookies and make money out of the free bets on offer without risk.
  12. Birthday freebies - Our ultimate list of stuff you can claim for free on your birthday keeps on getting bigger! Check it out.
  13. Cinema tickets - Get around 1 free cinema visit a month. You could even watch exclusives that haven't even been released yet.
  14. Cloud storage - Use Dropbox to backup or store 2GB+ of files and in turn speed up your computer.
  15. Coffee - This is one for the caffeine addicts. Grab a free coffee here. Or coffee with a croissant for free here
  16. Software - Antivirus, office software, image editing and more in our free software list.
  17. Boots Products - Get free products if you become a Boots tester. Info here.
  18. Samples, vouchers and money - Sign up to legit survey sites and get free stuff (or money) in return for your opinion.
  19. International calls - Use Skype to make free calls when you're abroad (and at home) using WiFi.
  20. Quit smoking kit - Start your road to recovery today with this NHS freebie.
  21. Food! - There are loads of tricks you can try to get  free fodder. We've got the lowdown here.
  22. Anti-theft device tracking - Use Prey to track your laptop or smartphone if they are ever stolen.
  23. Household items - Check out local free listings on Gumtree and Freecycle for people's unwanted stuff.
  24. Recipes - Lots of cheap and cheerful ideas on our student recipes page, plus a few ideas for dinner parties.
  25. Cocktails - Get a free cocktail each month from your local Pitcher & Piano in our deals section.
  26. Prosecco - While you're in the mood for free alcohol you can also pick up a free glass of prosecco at your local All Bar One. Cheers!
  27. Beer - You want more free drink? Go on then. Ember Inns give out a free bev to anyone that downloads their app. Simple.
  28. Cashback - Join Quidco and/or Topcashback for free and get money every time you buy something online.
  29. Water saving pack - Be kinder to the environment and save some cash if you're on a water meter.
  30. Free Doughnut - Just follow these instructions and head to your local Krispy Kreme branch for your freebie!
  31. Student money eBook - This awesome book will change your life and save you £1000s (and yes, it was written by us).
  32. Magazines - swot up on some current affairs with a free copy of The Week magazine as well as The Economist
  33. Museum entry - National museums and art galleries are free entry in the UK. Check this list.
  34. Eye tests - It's well worth a check up, especially since it's free.
  35. Condoms - Find out where you can pick up some free condoms near you.
  36. Gym pass - Grab a free 3-day pass for Fitness First or check out our cheap gym guide for more.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that some companies offer freebies in return for your information. Use an alias email address if possible, and opt-out of additional marketing spiel.

Free trials

Free Trial
These freebies are for the seasoned money saver. The companies below offer you a free trial with the hope that you'll convert into a paying customer... but cancel as soon as your trial is over so you don't have to shed a penny!

  1. Audio book - Sign up to Audible and download a free audio book. Cancel within 14 days.
  2. Amazon Prime + Prime Video - Students get it free for 6 months. This offer's one of the best.
  3. Netflix - Perfect for watching the whole of Breaking Bad in a month!
  4. Credit report - Find out your credit score and what the banks think of you. Just cancel after receiving your report (more on credit reports here).

These are all 100% safe and legit so you won't need to worry about your details being shared anywhere.

Set a reminder on your phone or calendar to cancel the trial as soon as you have received your freebie.

Limited time freebies

Limited time freebiesUnderstandably, most good freebies won't hang around for too long and will be subject to availability, so you've got to act quick!

We post any limited edition freebies we find on our Facebook page on a daily basis (like the page here) as well as our Whatsapp group (join here) or you can sign up to our weekly newsletter with a roundup of the best.

It's always worth checking our frequently-updated free stuff page too.

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