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Ways to save on music, TV & games

Almost all students love watching TV, listening to music, and playing games – but if you’re not careful, the cost of various subscription services and packages can quickly add up. Check out our tips for avoiding expensive fees and saving money on Spotify, Sky, and more, plus discover ways to earn money doing the things you love.

Make money listening to music

There are so many music subscription services to choose from, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud Go. Most offer half-price fees with student discount. However, most services also offer free accounts with limited features, so consider if you need a paid subscription before you commit to the monthly fee.

If you do decide to go with a paid subscription, there’s a way you can make it work for you so that it’s technically still free. Companies like Slice the Pie will pay you to listen to music and give your opinion. You won’t get rich overnight with this, but a few reviews each week could leave you with enough to cover your subscription fees.

Compare your options to watch TV for cheap

TV packages can be extremely costly, even if you’re splitting the bill with your flatmates. It’s worth asking yourself if you really need 600 channels to choose from…

If you do opt for a TV package deal, make sure you compare your options first. Our guide to the best digital TV package deals is an excellent place to start. However, there are other ways to watch TV for cheap whilst avoiding the dreaded TV Licensing fee.

Whether you’re a serial film addict or a huge football fan, there are several online platforms that offer reduced-cost subscriptions to students, or even the chance to watch TV and movies for free.

Consider applying for TV game shows to get cash

Think you could take down the Chaser or get to the final round on Pointless? Taking part in TV game shows might be for you! With generous jackpots, you could top up your student bank account by a sizeable sum if you win.

If the idea of being on the big screen terrifies you, you can still get in on the action by earning money as an extra in TV shows and movies. Though you won’t quite be making Hollywood bucks, it’s a decently paid gig which fits nicely around full-time studies, and all you usually need to do is blend into the background! If you do have a speaking part or any interaction with the main characters, you’ll usually earn a bonus.

Have fun with free or cheap drinking games

If you’re planning a night out instead of staying in watching TV or listening to music, check out our guide to the 13 drinking games every student should know. Many of the games only require a cheap pack of cards, whilst for others, all you’ll need is yourself and some friends!

Even popular games like Cards Against Humanity sometimes have free, printable editions online. Watch out for free and cheap game deals appearing on this page.

If you're after more ways to save money on music, TV or games, you should visit our student discount section here.

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