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Pick my Postcode – £500 jackpot & free entry

With Pick my Postcode, there's a £500+ prize up for grabs to a random UK postcode every day and they've given away over £1.5million to date.

Just register below in 10 seconds to be in with a chance of winning.

Once you're signed up you'll see there are a few other ways to win too as on top of the daily prize draw Pick My Postcode give away an extra £300+ of daily prizes.

Like most other free UK lottery draws (which are also worth signing up for), Pick My Postcode is free because the site is funded by advertising.

Here's how you can win:

  • Click on the green button below
  • Sign up for Pick My Postcode lottery
  • Make sure you check in for the lottery results every day (they'll send an email)
  • Send this page to your housemates! The more accounts with the same postcode have a higher chance of winning

Frequently asked questions about Pick my Postcode

How does Pick my Postcode work?

All you have to do is register your UK postcode with your email via the link. Once you verify your email, your postcode will be registered. Remember to check online before 12pm the next day to see if you've won the postcode lottery. If no one claims it, the winnings will roll over to the next day!

Since the draw began, the biggest prize claimed by a winner was over £8k! So it really pays to check every day.

How do I claim Pick my Postcode lottery winnings?

If you've won the postcode lottery that day, a large 'Collect' icon will appear. Once clicked, you can organise for the money to be paid into your PayPal account or via a gift card. If you're feeling kind, they also give an option to double your winnings when you donate it to a charitable cause.

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