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Free photo prints deals UK 2024

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There are some great (and very easy) ways to get free photo prints. Read on to find out how.

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They say your uni years are meant to be some of the best in your life. But with all the pub crawls involved, the memories can get a bit hazy.

That's where having a good photo collection comes in. The great news is that there are many ways to get free photo prints. To save you searching, we've rounded up some of the best offers below for you to take your pic(k).

Note that these free print offers are usually for new customers only. So, you'll only be able to get them free the first time around. But, by the time you've exhausted this list, you probably won't have any space left to decorate your bedroom walls.

As well as the deals on prints listed in this guide, it's also worth checking our deals page. There may be some short-term offers for an even bigger discount.

Best free photo prints offers UK

CompanyNumber of free printsCost of postage
Snapfish600 (50 per month for a year)£1.49 – £3.79
Photobox50 per monthFrom £3.39
FreePrintsUp to 45 per month/500 per year£1.49 – £3.99
Free FotosUnlimited (15 per order)£2.99

The table above is a quick summary of the offers available. Below, we have more info about the specifics of each offer, including how to redeem the prints and the size you'll receive.

Here are the top places to get the cheapest photo prints:

  1. Snapfish

    snapfish logo

    • Number of free prints – 600 (50 per month for a year)
    • Postage cost – £1.49 – £3.79.

    Snapfish is one of the best free print apps. It's not just because of the impressive number of free prints, but also the relatively low postage costs.

    You'll get 50 free 6" x 4" prints every month for 12 months. However, the credits don't roll over if they go unused. If you forget to order your free prints or don't use your full allowance, you can't carry it forward.

    Snapfish's free prints offer can only be redeemed through its free prints app. But, as most of your photos will already be on your phone, this shouldn't be an issue.

    Get your free prints »


  2. Photobox free print app

    photobox logo

    • Number of free prints: 50 per month
    • Postage cost – From £3.39.

    Photobox is another printing service that offers free prints, but only when you download their free printing app. By using code 50FREE6X4 on the app, you can get 50 free 6" x 4" prints per month. You just pay the postage. Best of all, you can use the service for as many months as you like.

    While you can only get free prints on the mobile app, Photobox gives a 50% student discount for all of its other products (excluding delivery). Depending on the type of prints you're after, it may be worth checking out.

    Get your free prints »


  3. FreePrints app

    freeprints free photos

    • Number of free prints: 45 per month (up to 500 per year)
    • Postage cost – £1.49 – £3.99.

    The FreePrints app lets you print up to 45 free prints each month (with a maximum of 500 per year). You can upload any photos from your phone, social media accounts, Dropbox, Google Photos and more.

    Free prints are 6" x 4" and there's a limit of one print per photo. That means that you can't print multiple copies of the same photo, making it useless for promotional purposes. Again, any unused photo credits from a given month won't roll over to the next.

    Get your free prints »


  4. Free Fotos

    freefotos logo

    • Number of free prints: Unlimited (15 per order)
    • Postage cost – £2.99 for orders of less than 15 prints.

    Free Fotos are relatively new to the photo printing scene. But, their free prints offer is easily one of the best.

    You can get 15 free 6" x 4" prints with every order. Crucially, there's no minimum order value and you can redeem it time and time again.

    We checked with Free Fotos, and this means that you can order 15 free prints as often as you'd like. You only ever pay for postage.

    Get your free prints »


How to get the cheapest photo prints

Before you start ordering hundreds of free photo prints to decorate your uni bedroom, here are some things to consider:

  1. Keep an eye on delivery prices  Although the prints are free, you will have to pay delivery charges (all prices are stated above). If you're paying for any larger prints that aren't included in these offers, choose the service that offers the lowest postage price.
  2. 'One address only' rule applies – You'll often find that most of these offers will be restricted to one deal per household. This means you'll have to get in there before your flatmates. Or, you can ask your parents if you can use their address to get your freebies sent there.
  3. Instagram filters aren't always the best choice Your Instagram pictures might look great on your phone screen, but Instagram filters don't always translate well into print. Also, make sure that your photos are of decent quality. Any small or grainy images are likely to look even worse when printed.
  4. Sort your photos before uploading  If you're going to upload a lot of photos, it's best to sort them into different folders beforehand so they're easier to upload.
  5. Try printing them yourself Only have a couple of photos to print? It may be better to buy some quality photo printing paper and print them yourself at home (if you have a decent printer). We have more tips in our guide to cheap home printing.
  6. Be wary of the quality – As the prints are free, it's unlikely that you'll be getting the best quality paper and printing methods. There's no reason for them to be bad, but it's worth looking out for it just in case. And remember, even though they're free, you're still entitled to complain and ask for them to be replaced.

Why not use your free prints to create a photo scrapbook? It's just one of our many cheap and easy homemade gift ideas.

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