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Free (legal) ebooks and audiobooks

Use Overdrive to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your local library, totally FREE - and you don't need to leave your house.

How to get the deal:

  • Click below to download the Overdrive app for Android, iOS, Windows phones or Kindle Fire (unfortunately there's no way to make it work on Kindles that aren't the Kindle Fire at the moment)
  • Join your local library, or find your details for an existing membership
  • Use your library card number to add a library to your account; if you are a member of more than one library you can add them both!
  • Search their collection and borrow or place a hold on the ebook or audiobook you want, then download it to your phone. You can listen/read to your books by going to 'Bookshelf' on the app
  • Once your loan expires, your books will automatically be returned, so no late fines!

You can also find movies and TV shows for free - bonus!

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Deal Expires: Ongoing

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