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Free credit score

Confused or worried about your credit rating? It's used by banks, phone providers and even landlords to determine your suitability to borrow or rent.

You may be concerned that your student overdraft has affected your credit score. We can confirm this will show on your credit report, but be careful and try to make payments on your overdraft to avoid going over your overdraft limit.

Make sure you know your score and if needed you can take steps to improve it.

Here's how to check your credit score for free:

  • You can get your Experian Credit Score for free, for life with Experian here or via the link below.
  • You can also check your Equifax and Callcredit scores for free.

Right now, most students will be checking their credit rating to figure out how much of a 0% interest overdraft they could get from their student account.

Check out how to improve your credit score as a student here.

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