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Free student eye tests

Routine eye tests are important regardless of your age and health!

Most students aren't eligible for a free NHS eye test (find out if you are here).

Luckily there are some opticians that offer free eye tests from time to time. We'll keep an eye out and list them below if so.

Places you can usually get a free eye test:

  • Free Ace and Tate eye test (check here for locations)
  • Free Tesco eye test (ring your local to book a free test)
  • Free Specsavers eye test (check here for a voucher)
  • Free Boots Opticians eye test (check here to see if there are any current offers)

Obviously some of these companies will try and sell you a pair of glasses after your free consultation but you are at no obligation to do so. You can simply have your free eye test and then leave.

If you're considering getting a new pair of glasses, see our guide to buying glasses online to make savings of 50% or more.

Reasons to get an eye test:

  • Great if you struggle to read lecture slides
  • Stops further problems early
  • Could spot diabetes or glaucoma in the early stages

Don't put an eye test off – even if it's not free!

Can students get free eye tests?

Students aged 16, 17 or 18 who are in full-time education can get a free eye test on the NHS but there are some exceptions. Please check the NHS website for more information.

How much is an eye test?

Eye tests vary in price from retailers but generally are around £20-25.

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