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9 hacks to get cheap and free Greggs

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Greggs has been a student-favourite chain for as long as we can remember. We've found ways to get their hot treats and sweet things for free (or as good as).

greggs bakery with sausage roll, doughnut and coffee

Credit: Ceri Breeze (background), The Stock Pot (bottom left), DenisMArt (cup), Makistock (doughnut) – Shutterstock

We couldn't imagine uni without the option of getting a hot Greggs instead of a supermarket meal deal. After all, it costs a lot less and can be more filling.

The breakfast baps, sausage rolls or that classic jam doughnut – Greggs has something for everyone. The hard part is deciding what you want when you get to the till. What if they don't have any sausage rolls fresh out of the oven? Nightmare.

As cheap as Greggs already is, we still want to give you our tips and tricks to get as much cheap (or even free) food as possible. Why wouldn't you use them?

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How to get free Greggs

Here's how to make the most of everything Greggs offers:

  1. Free bakes

    greggs pastry

    Credit: The Stock Pot – Shutterstock

    One of the best freebies we've ever had is a free slice of pizza and a doughnut from Greggs. All you have to do is download the Greggs Rewards app and sign up.

    As a new user, you'll get a reward. This can range from a slice of their pizza to a doughnut or even a free coffee.

    In the past, we've also received vouchers for a free Lucozade or cookie as we hadn't used the app in a long time. Keep an eye out for these! They're best used when you're out and about and super hungry... nothing better than a free, tasty snack.

  2. Pay 63p for a sausage roll

    What if we told you that you could get a Greggs sausage roll, hot from the oven, for just 63p? Keep reading... we're going to save you that cash.

    Iceland sells both four and eight packs of Greggs (yes, actual Greggs) sausage rolls.

    Usually, we'd roll our eyes (a bit like you want to do now) and say it's not the same. But honestly, give us a blind taste test with these fresh out of the oven and one from Greggs directly and we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

    Of course, you could also get a Greggs sausage roll for free...

  3. Get a free Greggs sausage roll, vegan roll or sweet treat

    As a student, it's important you make the most of your student discount while you can. Much like the McDonald's free cheeseburger/McFlurry trick (when you buy a meal and show your student card), you can do the same at Greggs.

    Every time you buy a sandwich deal at Greggs, you can claim a free sausage roll, vegan roll or a sweet treat. Every. Time.

    We'd also suggest claiming your freebie when any family members or friends buy a sandwich deal. That's an easy way to get totally free Greggs.

  4. Get 50% off your Greggs order

    girl putting money in purse

    Credit: Pixel-Shot - Shutterstock

    It's a big saving, and one we all wish we had...

    The staff discount at Greggs is 50% on own-produced goods and 25% off bought-in products (like Coca Cola or Walkers crisps).

    So, we suggest making friends with someone who works there. We're not saying to ask them to bring the whole shop home but, hopefully, you'll be able to ask for a few bits.

    If you work at Greggs, let us know if there are any more perks by messaging us on Facebook or on Instagram. We'd love to know more.

    A Greggs employee told us they have a 'Fix it now' policy. If they don't have the item you want, they can sometimes offer you something else for free instead.
  5. Get free Greggs coffee

    Free coffee offers often pop up on the Greggs Rewards app. They don't just appear when you sign up as a new app user, but also randomly afterwards. They're great to use when you're out running errands and need a pick-me-up.

    Make sure your notifications are turned on. That way, they can send you a push notification when a freebie becomes available. Otherwise, it may be hard to know when they've added something to the app. Or, like us, you may forget to check.

    Make sure you check the expiry date of your freebies too. There's nothing worse than getting your phone out to redeem a freebie, only to find that the code expired the day before. Classic money mistake.

  6. Free Greggs for Vodafone customers

    If you're a Vodafone customer, count yourself lucky. The Vodafone Rewards app, VeryMe, often gives away free Greggs coffees, sausage rolls, sweet treats and more to their customers.

    All you have to do is log onto the app, head to the rewards section and redeem your code in-store by scanning it at the till.

    To stay up to date with what freebies you can get, look at the Student Deals section of the website or sign up to our Weekly Deals Newsletter or Telegram updates.

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  7. Make cheap bakes at home

    person hand pressing doughnuts

    Credit: szmuli – Shutterstock

    You might think this a little bit of a stretch, but we've tried to make sausage rolls and other baked goods at home and they've turned out great.

    The more treats you make, the cheaper they will become. Although, we'd suggest getting good quality ingredients for the best possible taste.

    For example, making Sausage and Bean Melt bakes at home is super cheap. All you need is puff pastry from Lidl (about 80p), half a tin of beans (20p), a small amount of grated cheese (literally pennies) and some sausages (Iceland have 14 for £2.25).

  8. Collect rewards on the Greggs Rewards app

    Let us get this straight... you can be rewarded for every delicious purchase you make at Greggs? Yes! You can collect rewards for every transaction. Plus, you'll get exclusive app-only gifts from them.

    In the Greggs Rewards app, you'll have six different stamp cards (for each category of tasty treats). Every time you purchase a delicious product, you'll gain a stamp on the corresponding card – cool, eh?

    Once you've collected nine stamps in a single category, your 10th will be free.

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  9. Get 20p off when using a reusable cup

    Love a hot drink? Make sure you grab yourself a reusable cup and use it when visiting Greggs to get 20p off your hot drinks.

    This way, they won't have to give you a disposable one that you'll only use for about 20 minutes and you get to save some money. Plus, you'll do your part in cutting your carbon footprint at the same time.

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Prices were accurate at the time of writing (using, Iceland and Lidl prices as guidelines).


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