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Slicethepie guide: Make money reviewing music

Fancy earning some hard cash just by sitting at home in your pants listening to tunes? Who are we kidding, of course you do! pieeatingSlicethepie is a music review website that pays you (yes, in cash) for sharing your honest opinions on new unsigned artists.

You also have the opportunity to earn even more dosh by referring your friends and earning commission from their reviews too. What better way to make money than discovering awesome new music and sharing your views on it?

Typically you can expect to earn 6-10p per review you write on the site and 10% commission on your referrals, so while you won't get rich over night, it's not a bad income if you're doing something you enjoy anyway.

You might think it's sounds like an ace idea to try and rig the system somehow to get more money. Sadly for you, however, Slicethepie are constantly on the lookout for unnatural useage and you'll promptly get banned. Play fair!

Here’s our whistle-stop essential guide to getting your Slicethepie show on the road!

Writing your first review in 3 steps

  1. Set up an account

    slice the pie homeFirst things first - click here to register for your Slicethepie 'Scout' account.

    Take a few minutes to go through the sign-up steps which will ask you a few (occasionally bizarre!) questions to get a quick profile of who you are and what kind of music you're into.

    Once you've opened your account you're ready to start earning straight away. Make sure you use the email address associated with your Paypal account otherwise they can't pay you!

  2. Review a track

    slicethepie You’ll be streamed a track at random to listen to. Review what you hear in the 'Tell us what you think' box, and rate it out of ten.

    What should I write?

    It's important to write a decent review of the tracks, as this will boost your star ratings on the site (which will in turn earn you more cash for each review you write).

    Whether you like what your hear or not, reviews go straight to the artists themselves (anonymously!), so try to give them constructive feedback that will help them improve (if applicable), and even point out specific bits in the song you like or dislike.

    Things to mention could include: melody, harmonies, lyrics, vocal, arrangement, rhythm and production quality, but to name a few. Try to always bear in mind the commercial potential of a track when you review it, too – could it be a chart hit?

  3. Cash out!


    Money earned for your reviews will be added to your account balance, and you can see how much you've earned when you're in-session too.

    As soon as you've earned a minimum of $10, you’ll be able to withdraw your earnings straight to PayPal. Then all you have to do is work out how to spend the money 🙂

Music not really your thing? You can now also earn cash reviewing clothes and homeware on Slicethepie, too!

Earn money from friends' reviews too

friendsSlicethepie's refer-a-friend scheme is a great way to maximise your earnings, as it's a commission-based system that keeps on giving!

Unlike with most referral schemes, where you're given a one-off reward for referring someone, here you'll actually earn a 10% cut - or a 'slice of the pie' you might say! - every time your referred friends write a review.

Once you've registered, you’ll be given a unique code to dish out to friends that they then enter when signing up to an account. This will link your accounts together, and ensure you get your 10% on every review they submit.

To find your link, just hit ‘Invite Friends’ in the Scout or MySlice tabs.

In total, Slicethepie has already paid out over £1 million to reviewers - and you could soon be a part of it!

To get involved, sign up here now.

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