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How to earn free Amazon vouchers

Shopping at Amazon is so convenient. They sell (almost) everything and it’s not too difficult to get free delivery - here's how to get the items themselves for free, too!

earn amazon vouchers for free

Willing to spare a little bit of your time for some sweet, sweet vouchers? There's loads of ways you can get your hands on some in return for you putting in a little bit of effort.

In fact, there are currently six tactics we've used to make around £100 of free Amazon vouchers in the past six months for very little effort.

Here they are - and there are no catches, we promise!

Legit ways to earn Amazon vouchers

  1. Take photos of job adverts

    take photos of job adverts make money

    Credit: 20th Century Fox

    jobspotter app make moneyThis is such a strange idea, but we’ve found it pretty easy to rack up £20 of Amazon vouchers over the past couple of months using the Jobspotter app.

    Basically, the job site Indeed pay you for finding and taking pictures of 'help wanted' adverts outside shops and restaurants. Once you've downloaded the app, all you need to do is take a picture of the advert and then a picture of the business name before submitting it.

    How much you get paid per advert ranges between 0 - 100 points, and a point is worth one cent of an Amazon voucher - so 100 points is around 77p. Jobspotter decides how much each advert is worth - the lowest we’ve had was 13 points for a generic job advert at a cafe chain, and the most was 96 points for a 'help wanted' advert at an independent Chinese supermarket.

    As a general rule, job ads from non-chain businesses are more difficult to find online, so you get paid a lot more for them. But as the ads take seconds to submit, it’s worth taking pictures of any poster you see.

    You can easily make £5 - £10 doing this while you walk around the shops for an hour or so.

    Download Jobspotter »

  2. Scan your receipts

    scan receipts make money

    There are three apps that allow you to earn Amazon vouchers by simply taking a picture of your receipt(s) after you go shopping.

    earn money shopprize receiptsThe most rewarding one we’ve found is Shopprize (Android only). You get 120 points per supermarket receipt - no matter what value - and need 10,000 points to bag a £5 Amazon voucher.

    You also get extra points for opening the app every day and 'levelling up'. It takes two(ish) months of scanning old receipts to earn a voucher, which isn’t so bad.

    Download Shopprize »

    earn money receipt hogThen there's Receipt Hog, which is available on Android and iOS and works on almost all receipts (not just supermarket ones).

    You get a lot less for your receipts compared to Shopprize - it takes about five months to earn one £3 Amazon voucher from Receipt Hog, during which time we earned about £15 with Shopprize.

    You get between five and 20 coins per receipt (depending on how much you spent), plus extra coins are on offer in 'Hog Slots'. When you cash out, 1,000 coins will get you a £3 Amazon voucher, while 2,850 points equals £10.

    Download Receipt Hog »

    shoppix app earn money receiptA third app that rewards you for snapping receipts is Shoppix - you get 25 tokens for a receipt from any shop for any amount, and an additional five tokens for submitting it on the same day.

    3,000 tokens gets you a £5 Amazon voucher, but you can also get tokens by using the app every week. You have to scan around 100 receipts to earn a fiver, give or take. Shoppix is available on iOS and Android - click here to download it and get started and use the code D3RJSOF3 for a bonus 200 points.

    Download Shoppix »

You may as well download all three apps if you can, because you can scan the same receipt on Shoppix, Shopprize and Receipt Hog to maximise your earnings.
  1. Drive safely

    drive safely earn money

    Credit: 20th Century Fox

    shotgun app earn money drive safeDo you drive? If you do, you could be earning Amazon vouchers with the Shotgun app from Direct Line.

    The app is supposed to be for people who’ve recently passed their test, but there’s nothing to verify that, so anyone could download it.

    You get rewarded for driving safely for 1,000 miles, and some of those rewards are free Amazon vouchers. It’s also interesting to see the data that the app shows you about your driving style, and how you could be safer as well save money on fuel. It’s totally free and you don’t need to be with Direct Line to use it.

    In total we made £15 in Amazon vouchers from Shotgun, as well as some other nice freebies.

    Download Shotgun »

  2. Answer surveys

    answer surveys earn money

    Credit: Violet Giddings – Flickr

    Lots of survey sites pay out in the form of Amazon vouchers, and if you’ve got spare time, it could be a good way to cash in. Check out our full guide to the best paid survey sites, and how to use your time on them most efficiently.

    Some of the best ones are:

    Pinecone Research
    Valued Opinions

  3. Review your work experience or placements

    review work experience placement earn money

    Credit: Channel 4

    If you’ve done work experience, an apprenticeship or a job placement through your uni course, if you review it on Rate My Apprenticeship or Rate My Placement you’ll get a free £5 Amazon voucher.

    Make sure you fully read the terms before submitting your review though, as there's a few things you need to make sure of, such as using at least 50 words per answer - but that should be easily done!

  4. Use cashback

    If you’ve never done it before, read out guide to cashback to find out how you can make money back on almost any online purchase. It sounds too good to be true, but it really isn’t!

    Now this isn’t a total freebie, as cashback usually requires you to buy something to earn it - but if you’re shopping anyway, then it’s a good way to get something back.

    Users of the two biggest cashback sites, Quidco and Top Cashback, can withdraw earnings as Amazon vouchers - and you’ll even earn a bonus for doing so.

    At the time of writing, if you choose to cash out with an Amazon voucher you’ll get 1.5% extra on Quidco and 2% extra on Top Cashback (compared to if you withdrew your earnings via bank transfer).

Use all of these methods and you'll have a stack of free vouchers in no time!

Want more?

Have you had success with any of these yourself? Or do you know about any other genius ways to get your hands on some free Amazon vouchers?


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