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McDonald’s Monopoly 2022 – How to win

For most people, McDonald's Monopoly is a nice way to win an extra free side with your meal – but play your cards right and you could be munching your way to a free hot tub, holiday or £100k!

person eat Mcdonalds next to monopoly board

Every time McDonald's Monopoly pops up, the whole country seems to go into a mad frenzy – and students get especially competitive.

So, you'll probably already know that it's a competition where you collect stickers from special menu items in order to win a range of prizes.

If you're anything like us you probably use McDonald's Monopoly as an excuse to eat far too many nuggets in one month – but while you're at it, you may as well play to win too!

In classic Save the Student style, we've done the research on how to maximise your chances of winning, as well as the rare stickers to look out for.

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When was McDonald's Monopoly 2021?

McDonald's Monopoly 2021 began on Wednesday 25th August and ran until Tuesday 5th October.

The promotion was originally intended to run in March 2021 and McDonald's reused the packaging, meaning some of the stickers had expired dates on them. However, they have confirmed that you can still claim the prizes – check this page for a full list of the date changes, including when each sticker is valid until.

McDonald's Monopoly had previously been intended to start on 25th March 2020. However, in response to the social distancing measures imposed to combat the spread of coronavirus, the promotion was initially suspended until later in the year.

Come July 2020 and McDonald's confirmed that, for the first time since the promotion first launched in 2005, their Monopoly game would not be running at all in 2020 in the UK (it was running in Australia from September).

Fortunately, the 2021 promotion still went ahead, just a little later than usual.

And the big change from the previous couple of years continued this time, too. Rather than having to keep hold of your stickers and fold-up Monopoly board, you can now store them all online on the McDonald's Monopoly website.

Finally, your wallet won't be filled to the brim with those pesky (and greasy) stickers!

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What can you win with McDonald's Monopoly?

mcdonalds burger box

Credit: 8th.creator – Shutterstock

There's so much you can win with McDonald's Monopoly – and so many ways to win it all – that things can get a little confusing. But, before you start discarding your stickers after scoffing your burger, make sure you read our simplified tips below.

Put simply, there are four ways to win at McDonald's Monopoly:

  1. Instant win prizes

    This is your best chance of winning. Plus, who doesn't want free food?

    These are pretty self-explanatory, just take the peel-off sticker that says "Free sundae", "Free apple pie", "Free cheeseburger" (or whatever else) to the till before the expiry date and enjoy your free food.

    There were over 50,000,000 available in 2021, so your chances of getting one of these were pretty good – in fact, that's around one winner every two minutes in each McDonald's #quickmaths.

    You could win, among other things, ice cream, hash browns, apple pies, burgers, fries, plus plenty more. There are even some non-food goodies up for grabs (like cash, a TV and a McDonald's Gold Card), and some of the property set prizes (listed below) are also available via instant win, including the hot tub and the holiday.

  2. Online prizes

    Every McDonald's item that comes with stickers will also include a code for an online cash prize draw.

    A maximum of two online prizes are given away every minute while the Monopoly promotion is running, so it's worth a punt. You could win between £5 – £100 in cash, or some non-cash prizes like gift cards, gym passes or even food vouchers to use at McDonald's.

    If you want to up your chances of winning, try playing at a weird time of day. After all, only two prizes can be won every minute, and far fewer people will be entering codes at 3am on a Tuesday than at midday on a Saturday.

  3. McDonald's Gold Card

    black gift card box next to mcdonald's gold card

    This is technically one of the instant win prizes, but it's so good that we thought it deserved its own point.

    You know the famous Nando's Black Card, which entitles the lucky holder to unlimited free Nando's? Well, as part of McDonald's Monopoly 2021, you had the chance to win the equivalent to use at the golden arches: the McDonald's Gold Card.

    McDonald's were giving away 1,000 Gold Cards as part of the Monopoly promotion in 2021 and, if you won one, you'd be entitled to a free Maccy's meal once a week, every week for a whole year.

    In fact, one Save the Student reader was lucky enough to win a Gold Card in the first week of the Monopoly promotion, and was kind enough to share the pictures you can see above. So it really is possible to find this most coveted of prizes!

  4. Property 'set' prizes

    We all know that in real Monopoly, once you've bought all of the properties of one particular colour, you get to double the rent you charge for them. But collecting a complete set in McDonald's Monopoly can be even more lucrative.

    Don't think that just because you have two of a certain colour that you're on to a winner, though. There's always one property per set that is rarer than the others, so if you see any of these on your McDonald's meal, keep hold of them!

    Here's a list of the McDonald's Monopoly rare stickers to look out for, as well as how many of them are available and what you could win if you complete the sets they belong to.

    Rare McDonald's Monopoly stickers 2021

    • Stations: Liverpool St Station – phone of your choice with a one-year Sky Mobile contract (750 available)
    • Brown: Old Kent Road – free McDonald's medium Extra Value Meal or Big Flavour Wraps meal (2,000,000 available)
    • Light blue: Euston Road – £100 JD Sports gift card (1,500 available)
    • Pink: Northumberland Avenue – Relaxing or Adventurous experience provided by buyagift (5,000 available)
    • Orange: Marlborough Street – Missguided or Mennace £500 shopping spree (700 available)
    • Red: Strand – Lay-Z-Spa hot tub (100 available)
    • Yellow: Coventry Street – £1,000 spend on home entertainment with (100 available)
    • Green: Bond Street – Ibiza villa or UK getaway holiday (20 available)
    • Dark blue: Mayfair – £100,000 cash (four available).
Don't pay full price for your stickers – use our list of McDonald's hacks to get your food for less (or even free!).

How can you increase your chances of winning?

Mcdonalds food being served

Credit: Mohd Nasirruddin Yazid - Shutterstock

Pretty much the only way to increase your chances of getting prizes with McDonald's Monopoly is to get your hands on more stickers.

There are a couple of easy ways to do this (that don't involve buying hundreds of burgers).

Which McDonald's meals have the most Monopoly stickers?

If you want to get the maximum amount of stickers available, you might need to slightly game your usual order. Some McDonald's menu items are 100% sticker free – so you'll want to avoid these if you're trying to win.

For example, if you order a medium six chicken nuggets meal you'll get four stickers, but get a three chicken selects large meal and you'll get eight!

Here are the food and drinks that do come with stickers (and how many are on each).

How many Monopoly stickers does each McDonald's menu item have?

FoodNumber of stickers
Big Flavour Wrap (any)3
Big Tasty (with or without bacon)3
Cadbury Dairy Milk or Caramel McFlurry2
Carbonated soft drink (medium or large)3
Chicken and Bacon Salad3
Chicken BBQ Smokehouse3
Chicken Legend (all varieties)3
Chicken Salad3
Chicken Selects (3 or 5 pieces)3
Drink (if part of a meal, medium or large)3
Fries (medium or large)2
Fruit Bag (if part of a meal, medium or large)3
McCafe Iced range (any)3
Mozzarella Dippers (including Cheese Sharebox)2
Side salad (if part of a meal, medium or large)3
Vegetable Bag (if part of a meal, medium or large)3

Get the Shaker Side Salad instead of fries

In previous years, large fries and drinks used to come with more stickers than the medium equivalent. However, keen not to be seen to be encouraging an unhealthy diet, McDonald's changed things up in 2019.

Now all fries, whether as part of a meal or not, only come with two stickers. However, the Shaker Side Salads, Vegetable Bags and Fruit Bags (all available as sides) all come with three stickers – so they're not just healthier, but they increase your chances of winning too!

In 2019 we had a few readers contacting us to say they hadn't received any stickers at all with their salads – and one even saying that the McDonald's staff told them the salads don't come with the game pieces.

We thought this sounded odd, as the official McDonald's Monopoly rules say that they should. We got in touch with McDonald's on Twitter (see below) and low and behold, the Shaker Side Salads should come with stickers. If you don't get any, you're well within your rights to ask for some!

twitter message from mcdonald's containing monopoly rule confirmation

Avoid Big Macs and McNuggets

mcdonald's big mac box

Credit: urbanbuzz - Shutterstock

As much as it pains us to say this, if you want to get the maximum number of stickers for your buck, avoid Big Macs and McNuggets like the plague.

We know #nugzlife is THE life, but as our table above shows, Big Macs and McNuggets have absolutely no Monopoly stickers whatsoever.

Sure, the side and drink you go for will have some stickers – but given that pretty much every other main comes with three stickers, we reckon it's worth sacrificing the old favs while the Monopoly promotion is running.

Use McDonald's tricks and vouchers

Getting your meal for as little as possible is always a bonus, but can you combine McD's money-savers with the Monopoly promotion to get the most out of your meal? You bet you can.

Grab your McDonald's student discount by showing your student card at the till and you'll get a free original McFlurry, Mayo Chicken or Cheeseburger when you buy any meal.

Unfortunately, none of these freebies come with stickers, but if you do win something on your normal meal, you could potentially get enough food to feed two if you get a student freebie too.

You can also use our sneaky trick to turn old McDonald's receipts into endless £1.99 Big Mac and fries. Of course, Big Macs don't come with any stickers – but the side will, and given that you're getting a full meal (minus a drink) for £1.99, you can't really complain.

Or, alternatively, find the offers on bus tickets and in newspapers (like the Metro) that bag you a burger and fries for £1.99, too. Typically the mains available with this trick don't come with stickers, but the fries do.

And, as we mentioned earlier, we've also got an entire guide to getting to free and cheap McDonald's.

Womble to get more stickers

If you're an avid reader of Save the Student, you might have read our guide to wombling – essentially using other people's rubbish to bag yourself free stuff. This trick works especially well during McDonald's Monopoly, as some people don't check for stickers!

Often people will only take the instant win food vouchers and leave behind the online codes or property stickers, so it's worth your while to take a look if you see any discarded McDonald's packaging.

It's best to be discrete about wombling for Monopoly stickers, and if staff do spot you having a womble it's probably a good idea to use any stickers you find at a different McDonald's – or even waiting a while before coming back.

Wombling isn't illegal, but you might find that members of staff may take issue with it.

Sell or buy your stickers on eBay

This might not be totally worth it but you could get lucky.

It's highly unlikely that anyone will be selling the rare McDonald's Monopoly stickers on eBay, but you never know. If you are lucky enough to snag any rare stickers, you could use eBay to complete your set too.

Check out our guides to buying and selling on eBay to find out how to get the best prices!

You've got this far, so we're guessing that you love your Maccy D's? Check out this trick to get unlimited £1.99 Big Mac and fries.


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