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Free £10 on Curve bank app with promo

Curve is an online banking app and card that combines multiple bank accounts, without having to carry all the cards.

This can also help with budgeting.

How to get your free £10:

  • Sign up using this link
  • Download the Curve app
  • Make your first £10 transaction using either the physical card or your digital card within 14 days
  • Wait up to 72 hours for the £10 to be activated
  • Access your free money

Make sure to choose the free blue card & be aware up to £1.50 will be processed as a verification charge (it will be returned!).

Learn more about Curve cards. Full T&Cs are here.

How does Curve work?

  • Add your bank cards to Curve
  • You'll get free money with Curve for signing up through us
  • You can have the power to 'Go back in time' to switch the method of payment (if you paid using the wrong card!)
  • You can earn cashback with Curve on top of your current rewards with your card provider
  • 'Anti embarrassment' mode uses your backup cards to pay if your payment was going to decline with your chosen card
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