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Free £10 with Curve card

Curve is an online banking app and card that combines multiple bank accounts without carrying all the cards. It's a new kind of digital wallet that doesn’t just store your cards. It supercharges them.

So you can earn hundreds in extra cashback. And thousands in extra credit card points. You can put a stop to fees abroad for good. And unlock the power to Go Back in Time® to switch payments from one card to another – months after you’ve paid!

We've teamed up with them to give you a free tenner when you sign up for a Curve card.

How to get your free £10 Curve card bonus:

  • Click on the green button below
  • Enter your details
  • Download the Curve app
  • Enter code DEN22 for your free £10
  • Make your first £10 transaction using either the physical card or your digital card within 14 days
  • Wait up to 72 hours for the £10 to be activated

Make sure to choose the free card & be aware up to £1.50 will be processed as a verification charge (it will be returned!).

Learn more about Curve cards here.

How does Curve work?

Curve is a great budgeting tool and you can also switch up your payment method for a transaction if you used the wrong card!

  • Add your bank cards to Curve
  • You can have the power to 'Go Back In Time' to switch the payment method (if you paid using the wrong card!)
  • You can earn cashback with Curve on top of your current rewards with your card provider
  • 'Anti embarrassment' mode uses your backup cards to pay if your payment is going to decline with your chosen card
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