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Woman posts ‘piece of excrement’ Mini on eBay – and gets thousands for it!

eBay seller Rachel proves that honesty and a good sense of humour go a long way, potentially raking in £6k for her ‘piece of s**t’ Mini Cooper.
Rachel Young from Durham posted her 2004 Mini Cooper S, which she has lovingly nicknamed ‘Satan’, on eBay last Friday, claiming she'd rather lose a limb than drive the car again, and would’ve taken £200 to get rid of it.

However, it seems her brutal honesty about the condition of the car – as well as her entertaining eBay listing – has worked in her favour, as bids for the hunk of junk are currently sitting at £6,200 with a day and a half still to go!

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Rachel, a 40-year-old mum of one, claimed the car has been a complete disaster since the day she bought it in March, and even 'blew up' less than 24 hours after buying it.

Since getting off to a terrible start with her 'non diesel monstrosity', she's been back to the garage with it six times and spent upwards of £1,600 on repairs and replacing parts.

She warns bidders:

It has caused more issues than the entire breakdown of my marriage... Unfortunately our relationship is over the trust has gone I feel nothing but anger and resentment!

Why would anyone want to buy this car?

carSince putting her ‘devil car’ up for sale on eBay, Rachel has received more than 80 bids, but admittedly many of these bids have been cancelled, suggesting they were placed as a joke.

This has prompted Rachel to post a message to future bidders on the page asking:

If you are not genuinely bidding, please remove any bids…

Since posting this message, the number of bids on her car has dropped to 42, but it’s still looking like she’ll be taking home in at least £6,000 for it!

The car could be proving popular simply due to the fact that Rachel has been painfully honest about the condition of the car and the bad luck she’s had with it (whereas many car salesmen simply wouldn't disclose these details).

Or, her success could be down to her claim that she’s now had so much repair work done to the car that nothing else could possibly go wrong!

She states:

On the plus side there is not one bit of it that can now possibly break so in the car world is now classed as reliable.

What eBay sellers can learn from this

One thing that's clear to take from this, is that it definitely pays to be creative with your eBay listings.

Going that extra mile to be a bit more creative with your descriptions can cause a bit of a stir, gain you some attention and, as a result – you're likely to increase your number of bidders.

Have you been successful selling stuff on eBay just from being a bit creative with your listing? We want to hear about it (here)!

Some examples of ridiculous eBay selling

ebayRachel is by no means the first eBay seller to rake in serious cash by selling an...errr... questionable item.

Here are a few examples of eBay sellers who have gone a step too far!

  • William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk from Startrek) sold his kidney stones on eBay for $25,000 in 2006 (don’t worry, he donated the money to charity!)
  • A 10-year-old grilled cheese sandwich said to look like the Virgin Mary went for $28,000 in 2004
  • Someone paid $60,100 for a bag of air taken from a Kanye West concert a few years ago... yes, a bag of air
  • A cornflake shaped like the state of Illinois in the US sold for $1350 – better start paying closer attention to the countries you’re eating for breakfast!

Now it's your turn (although, let's be clear that Save the Student does not encourage the sale of broken or dangerous items on eBay)!

Follow our 10 steps to becoming a pro eBay seller and watch the cash flow in. Good luck!

Not keen on eBay? We have 40 more tried and tested ways to make a quick buck online. Check it out!


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