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You could get £100 if someone spoiled Game of Thrones for you

With the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones over (sob), did you manage to get to the end without spoilers? If not, you'll be glad to hear you could get £100 to make up for it.

Game of Thrones

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This season, it's been even harder than usual to avoid GoT spoilers. They are everywhere. If you got through the series without seeing any spoilers, that's actually quite impressive. And if you're still yet to see the last episode, don't worry – this article doesn't contain spoilers.

What it does contain, though, is some very good news. £100-worth of good news, actually.

The time difference has made it next to impossible to avoid discovering revealing info about Game of Thrones. Whether on social media, in the news or by people who just insist on revealing everything to everyone, those spoilers might have been annoying, but they could now earn you some money.

How? We reveal all below.

If you know Game of Thrones inside out, did you know you can get paid to talk about it?

GoT spoilers were everywhere

Quite frankly, with social media being full of references to the latest season of GoT, we don't know how any Brits got through the season without seeing spoilers – unless they stayed up all night to watch each episode, of course.

Lots of us have tried very hard to avoid spoilers, but some attempts have been more successful than others.

We've found some painfully relatable tweets from GoT fans.

  1. We feel Kenanga's pain.Tweet about Game of Thrones
  2. A very sensible strategy.Tweet about Game of Thrones
  3. And, honestly, the commitment of this one's actually quite impressive.Tweet about Game of Thrones

How you could get £100 over spoilers

Game of Thrones money opportunity

Credit: HBO

Endsleigh are running a prize draw for people who had GoT spoiled. Up for grabs is £100 and NOW TV passes so you can binge-watch TV, uninterrupted and without spoilers. That's what we like to hear.

In what they're calling 'spoiler insurance', the insurance company is offering financial compensation to those who suffered unwanted spoilers this season.

Julia Alpan, head of marketing at Endsleigh, said:

With the show historically airing on US screens ahead of the UK, spoilers have always been an issue – so we wanted to address that head on with the first ever spoiler insurance policy, that will offer financial compensation for anyone whose day is ruined by an unwanted plot reveal.

This is the first time we’ve launched a spoiler insurance offering, but if we receive a good response then we might even roll the policy out for other popular TV shows – next up, Love Island!

For the chance to earn some cash over the spoilers, have a look at the T&Cs and fill in a form. You have until 26th May 2019 to enter so don't hang about. Successful applicants will be informed by 31st May.

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