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Early election was designed to STOP students voting, admits Boris’ team

Have you registered to vote at your new uni address yet? BoJo was allegedly expecting lots of students to not vote in the next general election if it was early – and many are (justifiably) angry.

Boris Johnson with ballot box and angry emojis

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It's been revealed that when Boris Johnson tried (and failed) to arrange an early general election yesterday, student term times influenced his choice of dates.

His campaign team "privately admitted" that a vote on 15th October could have prevented students from voting, according to The Times.

But, this plan backfired in quite a big way. Not only did the call for an early election get blocked by MPs yesterday but, this week, 200,000 people have reportedly registered to vote.

If you haven't already, we really, really urge you to register to vote.

Boris Johnson lost MP vote for an early election

On 5th September, Boris Johnson lost a big vote in Parliament's House of Commons for an early election. The date he was rooting for just so happened to coincide with when lots of students will be starting or returning to uni next month.

His aides are said to have believed an election on 15th October would have made it harder for students to vote, as many wouldn't have registered in their new homes yet and would be unlikely to travel back home for it.

But, the PM seems to have underestimated young people's determination to vote – yesterday, 60% of the 82,000 people who registered to vote were aged under 35.

According to YouGov, in 2017, a huge 66% of people aged 18–19 voted Labour, while only 19% of the same age group voted Conservative. It's perhaps no wonder, then, that the Tories have tried to make it harder for students to have their democratic say.

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Response to Boris Johnson on Twitter

Unsurprisingly, Twitter's not been happy.

Fiona Godfrey, co-chair of British in Europe, tweeted that "young people are being effectively denied voting rights" in an impassioned tweet, sharing The Times' article.

Fiona Godfrey on twitter

And, many high-profile tweeters have been urging people to sign up to vote.

Catastrophe writer and actor, Rob Delaney, tweeted that 82,400 registered to vote in one day, saying, "Young people will stop No Deal Brexit, take down Tories, end austerity & save the NHS."


Rob Delaney on twitter

And, YouTuber Lucy Moon has urged freshers and students to register to vote in their new uni homes.

Lucy Moon on Twitter

We've said it before and we'll say it again – register to vote to have your say in the next election.


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