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Student News

Student complaints are up, Post-exam party floor collapse, ‘Rabbit hutch’ flats…

20,000 university complaints from UK students

shouting phoneA freedom of information request by the BBC has revealed that over 20,000 students complained to their universities last year.

The investigation, which included 120 British universities, found that the total academic appeals and complaints were 10% higher in 2012-13 - the year the fees were raised - than the 2010-11 equivalent.

Our take: Of course students are going to expect better value for money now that they’re paying three times more than their predecessors. This is particularly true for humanities students who often only get a few hours of contact time a week. It’s good to know students are using their voices to let universities know what they expect from their education. Right on!

Student loans may prevent you getting a mortgage

row_of_housesRecently introduced lending laws means graduates with student loans may be penalised when it comes to applying for a mortgage.

In an attempt to prevent lenders returning to the reckless levels of lending that resulted in the 2007 market crash, the Mortgage Market Review has introduced rules that mean finances will be scrutinised more closely.

Our take: We can see what they’re trying to do here but it’s difficult enough to get on to the property ladder as it is. The thought that student loans may now be another hurdle to overcome seems a little unfair. Thankfully schemes like Help to Buy are out there to give a little bit of a hand.

Floor collapses after 300 have post-exam party

floor collapseA huge end of exam blow-out ended in destruction when the lounge floor collapsed of the student house.

300 party goers was a little too much for the three storey building in Fallowfield, Manchester as some people fell through the floorboards and into the basement. The house party was evacuated in the wee hours of the morning as it became apparent that an absent floor could be considered a health risk.

Our take: Good work everybody. Good work…. and say goodbye to those house deposits.

Average student is short by £277 each month

MoneyThe National Student Money Survey, conducted by Save the Student, found that the average student has to find an additional £277 to cover basic living costs every month.

On average students receive £458 in student loans but spend £735. 10% of students make up the shortfall by dipping into their overdraft, 3% use credit cards, 1% have taken out a pay day loan and 1% have resorted to sex work to pay the bills.

Our take: Everyone's situation is different so it’s difficult to make sweeping statements when it comes to income, however the government must do more! Whilst a part-time job is good for experience, your friendship circle and getting to know your town, it's not always possible for students with loads of uni work.

Council rules ‘Rabbit hutch’ flat too small to rent

rabbit hutch flatImages of this flat have circulated the internet. The shoebox London pad was advertised for an insane £737 a month. Islington Council has stepped in, ruling that it breaches legal requirements and is too small to be let.

What is perhaps more concerning is that the landlord had found a willing tenant within just 16 hours...

Our take: At least there are boundaries in place to prevent this sort of madness. It seems crazy that there is a market for this overpriced ‘rabbit hutch’ though.

Surge in UK grad recruitment due this summer

Graduate Vacancies IncreaseBritish companies are expected to hire 18% more graduates this coming summer.

The financial sector is looking to lead this increase with their levels of graduate recruitment increasing by a third. The manufacturing and the services sector will also be employing far more graduates as both sectors expect to increase recruitment by 22%.

Our take: Finding a job after university can be a very daunting prospect especially considering the economy is in a bit of a mess. It is therefore very reassuring to know that companies are putting more emphasis on bringing graduates into their ranks.



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