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New career goal: you can now get paid £45/hour to hunt for white Creme Eggs

This eggcellent job comes with a cracking salary (we'll stop yolking around now).

get paid to find white creme eggs

Credit: I Wei Huang (background), vertolena (foreground) - Shutterstock

An online local services marketplace is giving a cracking deal to anyone willing to buy up a bunch of Creme Eggs and potentially find the prize-winning white chocolate one.

This year, Cadbury have once again made white chocolate Creme Eggs which, as well as offering up an alternative flavour to the classic, represent cash prizes for whoever is lucky enough to find one.

Realising the hype around this, an online marketplace have launched a specialist service which helps people who want to find a special egg but who don’t really have the time to shop for it themselves.

Those who get accepted as a professional hunter will have to travel to associated supermarkets and buy the chocolate eggs with the intention of finding a white one on behalf of their client.

The delicious details

hunting white creme eggs

Credit: Craig Russell - Shutterstock

The Cadbury Creme Egg Hunter service, as it is officially known, is to be advertised across the UK, so clients in any area of the country can potentially benefit from this increased chance to find the white chocolate egg.

The white chocolate egg hunt will end on 21st April at 11:59pm, so anyone wanting to either sell or buy this service better get their skates on. If you end up one of the lucky few who wins, you have to claim your prize before 21st May.

Prices for this service are expected to start at £45 per hour and, like with all services, you're able to set your own rate if you'd like to charge more or undercut the market.

Getting paid £45 an hour to shop? We'd take that.

This role is open to any member of the public, although each professional hunter will have to provide photo ID and be subject to a full background check. And while it's not mandatory, suggests the client and hunter write up a contact to agree on the terms of payment and transfer of prizes.

The hourly rate includes eight boxes of eggs and travel expenses, but there is also the possibility for the client and hunter to agree on a bonus if a white egg is found and a prize is won. Sign up for the job here!

How can you find a white Creme Egg?

how to find white creme egg

Credit: Dimension Films

Clients who employ someone to hunt for them have an increased chance of winning one of the prizes because their search area is widened.

The professional hunter will need to be willing to travel to several supermarkets. These could be in their local area, but equally they may be required to travel elsewhere in the UK.

Upon paying for the service, customers will be asked specific questions about how they want their hunter to carry out the work.

Among others, questions may include the number of eggs they would like them to buy, which shops they would like their hunter to go to, and what areas of the UK they want their hunter to cover.

There are a whole host of shops that are selling the white chocolate eggs, including Asda, Tesco, Co-op, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, M&S, Waitrose and One Stop. Some independent shops also stock the eggs.

What are the white Creme Egg prizes?

white creme egg prizes

Credit: Paramount Pictures

So why are people so desperate to get their hands on these white eggs?

There are some truly eggcellent prizes to be won if you are lucky enough to find one.

In total, Cadbury has circulated 872 white eggs to accompany their usual milk chocolate Creme Eggs, which tend to be pretty popular in the run up to Easter.

These are the number of eggs with each prize fund in circulation:

  • 9 x £10,000 white chocolate eggs
  • 22 x £1,000 white chocolate eggs
  • 66 x £100 white chocolate eggs
  • 700 x £50 white chocolate eggs
  • 75 x £10 white chocolate eggs

So while there aren't a huge number of the super lucrative eggs out there, we reckon we'd be pretty happy if we got to eat a white chocolate Creme Egg and were £10 richer as a result.

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£45/hour for hunting Creme Eggs is pretty good – but what's the graduate salary for your degree?

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