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Oxford & Poor Student Case Settled, Students Overcharged on Bills, 1000’s Protest at Sussex Uni

Oxford Versus Poor Student Case Settled

oxforduniOxford University has settled a case where it was sued for discriminating against the poor. The University is set to review it's admission policy as a result of the case. Previously students who couldn't prove they had the resources up front to pay for tuition, but merited a place academically were rejected.

Our Take: We've been covering this story for a while now, as you can see here and here, so we're quite relieved for it to be wrapping up. The good guys won, Oxford is changing its elitist policy and hopefully not done too much damage to its reputation in the process.

1000's Protest at University of Sussex

sussex uniStudents have travelled from all over the country to protest the outsourcing of over 200 campus jobs. The campaign has been active since May 2012, but came to a head on Monday when the police were hemmed in by a crowd and windows were smashed.

While primarily a protest against the management of the University of Sussex, the fact that students travelled across the country for the demonstration hints at wider student discontent.

Our Take: More on everybody's favourite topic, student protests! Obviously we're supporting the demonstration and the right for people to voice their discontent at how the institutions they pay a massive amount of money to attend are mismanaged. But when you're actively causing the damage to the University, are you going too far?

Students Overcharged on Gas & Electric Bills

gasA consumer survey has found that a quarter of households, including student accommodation, in the UK have been billed wrongly for gas and electricity because of a discrepancy between estimated meter readings and the actual energy usage. In the UK, Gas & Electric companies have been found to be second only to the Inland Revenue in getting bills wrong (learn how to reclaim tax from the Inland Revenue here).

Our Take: This is a new one! Could big corporations be trying to scam us out of money or are they poorly organised? I don't think anyone saw this one coming, did they? Make sure you're not being ripped off by your supplier by carefully checking the meter readings and the estimated readings on your bill.

UK Lecturer stars on China's Got Talent

china got talentA British lecturer has become a star in China from appearing on the country's version of the 'Got Talent' programme by singing songs about communism. The novelty act reached the shows semi final dressed as a member of the Red Army and singing about chairman Mao.

Our Take: Whoever said that their lecturers are boring? Iain Ingles is single handedly trying to destroy that stereotype, and all props to him. If you haven't seen his act yet, you really need to. Watch the video here.


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