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Compare the top American Summer Camp companies and make sure you get the most from your summer abroad.Camp America

Fancy travelling the world and getting paid to have the experience of a lifetime? Working at American summer camps is the stuff of dreams for thousands of students every year.

But whilst students are excited by the opportunity to work abroad in America for the summer, we know from experience that it can also be confusing in choosing which company to go with.

You'll find plenty of posts and reviews about these American summer camps but it's difficult to know if you can trust them. This makes it hard for students to research the companies to make the right decision.

So we've done the hard research and put together an up-to-date comparison table and reviews of the five main American summer camp companies available: AmeriCamp, Camp America, Camp Leaders, BUNAC and CCUSA.

These companies do not own the American summer camps and simply act as ‘middle men'. This means that you could be at camp with other people who used a different agency as yourself, doing the same job & still being paid less! Crazy, right?

Whether you're on a gap year or looking to land a non-conventional job abroad during your summer holiday, it's important to know what you're getting to ensure you have the best summer you can.

American Summer Camps comparison: 2017

This year we have rated AmeriCamp as the best overall American Summer Camp organisation for students. As well as providing a great customer experience they also offer the best take home salary and lowest costs.

See the facts and figures in the table below of all the main summer camp companies.

CompanySalary* Costs**FoundedBenefits?Catches?
AmeriCamp£1250+£2792010Flexible & discounted flights

Highest Salary/Lowest Costs
Flights not included
BUNAC£650+£4991962Most established

Flights included
High costs
Camp Leaders£650+£5491999Flights included

Possible rewards for early application


Free ISIC card.
Low minimum salary
CCUSA£570+£5251985Flights included

Possible rewards for early application
Low salary
Camp America£490+£5991969Flights includedHighest Costs

Low minimum salary

* Salary amounts shown are for standard camp counsellors. Values also change depending on US exchange rates

** These costs are subject to change and do not include third-party costs (see below).

*** AmeriCamp, camp America, BUNAC, CCUSA and Camp Leaders are not the only American camp companies out there but were the 5 that we deemed provided the best service for students in the UK.

If you're after a more in-depth overview of the various American summer camps, see below.

American Summer Camp companies: Review

If the table wasn't enough, we have the complete low down and comparison of the summer camp companies below in more detail.


americampAs you can see from the table, AmeriCamp has the highest salaries on offer as well as the lowest cost.

A downside is that there is no option to include flights within the cost. However, with AmeriCamp's Student Universe travel discount the flights should cost you no more than £500 and most even manage to get flights for as low as £350.

Even with the cost of the flight added to AmeriCamp's package, you are still likely to come back with more money after your American Summer Camp experience.

A small break down of their salaries shows that they pay (minimum):

  • 18 yr olds – $1285
  • 19-20 yr olds – $1550
  • 21+ yr olds – $1645
  • Returners – $2000

Plus you can get paid extra if you have lifeguard or swim instructor experience.

Request an AmeriCamp brochure »


bunac2BUNAC seem to be the best of the rest in terms of their offering this year.

They offer the option on whether or not to include flights but you're worse off by £600 if you do choose to include them so if you think you can find a cheaper deal we say go for it.

The amount you could get is pretty unclear on their site as they only seem to list the maximum:

  • Max salary (flights inc) – $1100 (£940)
  • Max salary (no flights) – $1600 (£1220)

Visit the BUNAC website »

Camp America

campamericaCamp America is the most established company in the industry and they pride themselves on their international summer camp fairs and customer experience.

However, their costs are the highest out of the 5 companies featured and they also have the some of the lowest salaries on offer and with the total cost including 3rd party (quoted on their own website) is £772 and the minimum salary being around £490, you could end the summer after working in America with around £300 less than you began.

A small break down of their salaries shows that they pay (minimum):

  • Counsellor – $600 – $850 (you are most likely to get this role)
  • Advanced Skills – $700 – $950
  • Campower – $1200

Visit the Camp America website »

Camp Leaders

campleadersCamp leaders have the option to include flights or book them yourself. The cost with flights is £549 and without is £299. Interestingly your pocket money/wages differ if you choose to go with or without flights.

If you got the max salary and chose to have flights included in your package you'd end up with £530 less! This means if you can find a flight yourself for cheaper (you probably can) than this you're well worth doing it yourself.

The amount you could get is pretty unclear on their site as they only seem to list the maximum:

  • Max salary (flights inc) – $1150
  • Max salary (no flights) – $1500

Visit the Camp Leaders website »


ccusaCamp Counselors USA have the 2nd lowest costs which is great.

It's worth noting that CCUSA also have two options available for students, the package with flights included and the package without.

If you choose the go without the costs are £299 which (as a comparison) is more than AmeriCamp who also don't offer flights and you would get paid the same as you would with AmeriCamp.

Alternatively, if you choose the option with included flights you will pay a cost of £499 but unfortunately the money you get drops too with this option as listed below:

  • 18 Yrs – $750
  • 19 – 20 Yrs – $800
  • 21+ Yrs – $1000

Visit the CCUSA website »

Extra summer camp information

Third-party costs

Every single company you go with requires you to pay the third-party costs yourself and they are equal for all of them (do not believe otherwise). Some see these as the hidden costs of American Summer camp work.

  • CRB police check – £45
  • Embassy interview appointment to gain working visa – $160
  • Travel to Embassy – varies on where you live
  • Medical at doctors – varies

The prices may change from person to person but the third-party costs total around £180 in total.

Types of summer jobs

Most summer camp companies can place you as a general camp counselor or a specialist in your chosen activity. In either roles, you will be working with American kids and helping them have a great summer break!

Below is a list of the types of summer jobs you could expect to be doing at a camp in America plus much more. If you have a skill like this then jump right in and get involved.

  • Archery
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Gymnastics
  • Horse riding
  • Fencing
  • Dancing
  • Life guard
  • Swimming
  • Water-skiing
  • Sailing
  • Climbing
  • Tennis
  • Drama
  • General admin and camp support staff

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62 Responses to “Compare American Summer Camps”

  1. Beth

    20. Mar, 2016

    Hey guys!

    Quick update, I’ve applied through ccusa this year.
    Costs all together including visa and everything(and flights) : £700
    How much I’m getting paid : $1285 dollars

    Ccusa actually pay a heck of a lot more now than the others I think they’ve been kicked into gear!!

    • Jake Butler

      23. Mar, 2016

      This table does need updating but it’s worth noting that Americamp now pay a minimum of $2000 so CCUSA are still a hell of a lot less than that.

  2. Mikey

    27. Jan, 2016

    Wey I wish I never read this now. My heads blagged haha. No idea who I want to choose now

  3. aaron

    24. Jul, 2015

    Hey everyone!

    Has anybody tried to just apply to the camps directly?

    I’m looking at heading to the USA next year and would love to avoid all of this stuffing around.

    Can I just go straight to the source?

    • Ellie

      25. Aug, 2015

      Hi, definitely apply straight to the camp. I went through Usa Summer camps/camp leaders and they take a lot of your money. You are better off applying directly as camps can reimburse you for flights and visa’s and generally pay you more than the agencies do.

      • Rhona

        27. Mar, 2016

        I know I’m asking this long after your comment, but it wouldn’t hurt to try making contact!
        How did you go about applying to camps directly – how did you pick one that you wanted to work at, and how easy did you find the process? Also, I’m embarking on this probably quite late on in the year when it comes for applying for this coming summer, so do you think I’ve missed the boat? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

        • Emily

          29. Mar, 2016

          I am wondering the exact same thing!
          Also, how do you obtain a visa if you don’t use a ‘middle-man’?
          I need to plan my Summer and am really running out of time!

  4. Alice

    18. May, 2015

    They were the originally established one for this and although this sounds good, they take major advantage of it!
    I went with them once two years ago and as I knew no better, thought they were alright. Since then, I booked again for this summer and have regretted it every step of the way. They are money stealing and the most unhelpful staff I’ve ever come across. I’ve spent my 8 months prior to camp travelling and have had to reinform them of this fact in every email and every phone call as they just ‘forget’. They also said they could help my while abroad but have not been even a bit useful and when sorting my official documents, even printed them wrong and told me to “just take them anyway”. This caused me serious issues in the embassy and caused me to be questioned at border control. Camp America did not care about any of this when I’ve told them.
    More recently, after telling them that I was getting my own insurance, they have decided when it’s too late for me to get any money back that this isn’t acceptable and I must pay them a further £100 for their insurance or $70 just for them to check mine is okay.

    On a whole, they are fine when everything goes 100% according to plan but they are utterly useless as soon as anything is a little different, even when it’s them that have caused thed difference. They take money at any opportunity and take a HUGE chunk of your pay. I love my camp and they’re amazing but I will be informing them of americamp for the future and I’m sure they won’t disagree.

    • Poppy

      12. Jun, 2015

      Hey Alice,

      Im thinking of joining a summer camp in 2016! and i was looking to go with Camp America.. how was your experiance would you adivse me to go with them..?
      I dont have much travelling experiance but i have common sense and that seems to get me some places ahah.

      I just dont want to commit to this and then find out its some sort of scam or that actually it turns out to be very difficult getting to places and getting information.
      Im one of those people who need to be prepared and have all the information provided so i feel comfortable and safe.

      Hope to hear from you,


  5. Kat

    25. Apr, 2015

    Are all the camps for the whole summer or can do you just one month at camp??

    • Jake Butler

      28. Apr, 2015

      All of these companies just do it for the whole summer. You could try contacting the camps yourself to see if they’d let you work for just a month though.

  6. Rebecca

    26. Sep, 2014

    I had always wanted to work abroad and as basketball player and coach working in the USA was the dream! I went to university in Cardiff in 2009 and the boy who lived opposite me in halls had just come back from his first summer working at a camp in Boston – it was all he talked about. He also got a job working for Camp Leaders. I decided to check out the website one day and found that it was so easy to apply it would be silly not to do it there and then, so I did.
    A few days later I had a phone call when I was on the bus to university from Camp Leaders asking me about my application and about my qualifications. Next thing I knew I was had an interview and was accepted onto the programme. I made a YouTube Video and liked them on Facebook and received £100 off my programme costs which helped a lot! The YouTube video also helped me get noticed by my camp.

    Two months later I had a Skype interview with my Camp also in Boston and was hired. I was so excited for the summer ahead. I ended up going to the sister camp of the boy who lived opposite me in halls. It was such a great experience all made easier by Camp Leaders who helped me even whilst I was in the USA. I loved it so much I returned to the same camp the following summer!

    Camp Leaders helped me every step of the way, always knew you by name when you rang up and could solve all your problems and answer any questions you had. They make the costs very clear up front and even heavily promote ways you can save money through them.

    I would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about going to work a camp in America. Thank you Camp Leaders for an unforgettable, life changing experience!

  7. Sarah

    30. Nov, 2013

    I used Camp America in 2012 and they were more than helpful. By going through an agency on my first year it taught me everything I need to know about the visa application process. The downsides were the fact that the whole experience actually ended up costing me around £400. Camp America’s standard pay at the time was $750. Even though the camp were paying out $1500 for my paycheck, CA took exactly half – as well as my $300 end of summer bonus, and $400 for travel expenses.

    But, you don’t have to go through an agency to get placed at a summer camp. I returned the the states this summer by applying directly to the camp. After a few skype interviews the camp took me on and started my visa application. I had to pay for my visa (because I’d been granted a J-1 last year I was able to apply for a postal visa, meaning I didn’t have to travel to London), CRB, insurance and my own flights; completely cutting out the middle man. Going solo also means that you get ALL of your pay, bonuses and travel expenses that are in your camp contract.

  8. Preston

    18. Apr, 2013

    my Advice to know doing camp, DON’T OPEN A BANK ACCOUNT ! especially with any of us major banks, you can’t just open a bank account in US, and then leave country, once a account open it’s has to be closed ! if camp ask to open, refuse ask be paid by cheque or cash.

    my camp friend, owned $400-800 for leaving this account leave and oversea debt collections agency, usually banks staff show up to camps, during staff training.

  9. Ziga

    26. Mar, 2013

    Good job…very useful article…!!!
    Is Americamp the only one that allows you to book your own flight?


  10. Brigid

    23. Feb, 2013


    Is 28yrs of age too old to be working at a Summer Camp?

    Could you tell me the average age of the employees where you worked at?

    I applied 8-9 yrs ago but was rejected, and it has always been at the back my mind. Maybe I should let it go and do something else??



    • Jake Butler

      24. Feb, 2013

      Hi Brigid,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I am unaware of the average ages of workers at camp but if you were to contact one of the companies themselves I am sure they would be able to provide that information for you.

      If you are keen to do it and feel like you have missed out then I would say go for it!

      Hope that helps.


  11. Seb

    08. Feb, 2013

    Hi, I went with campleaders last year and it was ok but I was getting paid less than bunac workers. This year I would like to return and I was wondering if it’s even worth going through one of these companies. I have direct contact with the camp itself so all I need to sort out is getting there. In terms of visa the J-1 needs a sponsor something my camp isn’t registered at. Is there any other work visa y could apply for that would be suitable for summer camp work yet allow me to avoid going through one of these companies?

    • Jake Butler

      09. Feb, 2013

      Hi Seb,

      Unfortunately I am not 100% sure of the answer to this.

      In principal you could do it yourself but I am unsure as to whether the camp companies can sort out some things that aren’t possible to cover yourself.

      If I was you, I would contact a couple of the camp companies and ask them whether it’s possible.


  12. Sarah

    06. Jan, 2013

    A friend of mine recommended AmeriCamp to me last year because he said they were the cheapest. I started my application last year but decided not to continue with it because I wanted to spend my last summer with friends before going to Uni.
    This year I have applied though and so far I’m very pleased with AmeriCamp’s service. They have phoned me twice and are very helpful and friendly with any questions I have, they also gave me suggestions on what to skills to concentrate on on my application to help me get placed. So far I have no complaints and I agree that any extra money is a bonus, what’s the problem with earning more?
    I’ll probably comment again after my experience to let you know how I felt with their overall service.

  13. Emi

    01. Nov, 2012

    This page is really helpful! I’m just wondering, as BUNAC don’t offer the us summer program now, which is the best company to go with? i have looked at Camp America, CCUSA and Camp Leader. At the moment, i’m thinking that Camp Leader is the best, as the price is discounted if you apply before january, but i am wondering which company offers the best overall service?
    many thanks

    • Jake Butler

      01. Nov, 2012

      Hi Emi,

      As you can see from our comparison Americamp are one of the best for overall service.

      It is important to not only look at the price but also the salary that you will be earning because you don’t want to be left with less after coming back from America.

      Hope this helps.

      • Emi

        03. Nov, 2012

        Ok Thank you very much Jake! I will look into Americamp.

  14. Harriet

    19. Sep, 2012

    BUNAC appear to have stopped doing summer camp –

    • Jake Butler

      19. Sep, 2012

      Yes they have stopped Harriet.

      We are still looking to update this article for the new Summercamp season but I have removed BUNAC for the time being!


      • Andy

        05. Oct, 2012

        Hi Guys,

        My name is Andy I am a Director at a Camp In Pennsylvania. It has been interesting to hear the different points that people make. One option that hasn’t been discussed is applicants looking to find a camp themselves in advance and finding out which company they use. Camp Directors are more than happy to receive direct applications from overseas staff in advance of directors fairs. You can then have a telephone interview followed by face to face talk at a fair. I use more than one company, as i’m sure many do including Camp America, Camp Leaders and CCUSA. I would also advise that none of these companies do have hidden costs but many breakdown their application costs in different ways which can appear confusing at times.

        Also when selecting a company take a look at your own application, what qualifications do you have? what experience with children do you have? how can you stand out above the next person? Camp America send more people to Camp than any other but they also fail to place more than other companies because some companies are more particular over which applications they approve. To use an example, an 18 year old female general counselor or dance specialist is very easy to find so if this is you consider which company gives you the best chance of being placed either at a fair or more difficultly in a pool of applicants on a list which shows just you skills and age. Do not lie on your application (you will get found out at camp as you will be asked to do the things you say you can) but this is a time to make yourself stand out.
        I hope people find this useful.

  15. Emma

    28. Aug, 2012

    If you want to go to a camp with a friend is there anyway you can do it at any of the camps, ensuring your together?

    • Jake Butler

      28. Aug, 2012

      Hi Emma, the camp companies tend to split people up but if you speak to all of them about it then there may be an opportunity to increase your chances of getting placed with a friend.

      • Cheri

        22. Jan, 2013

        Hi Emma.
        Best way to do that is to attend a recruitment fair. I don’t know about the other companies but I know Camp America do them. They have camp directors who are over from America hiring people on the spot in Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast and London in February.

        • Jake Butler

          23. Jan, 2013

          Hi Emma,

          In the interest of the comments not being biased, I would like to mention that all the companies run recruitment fairs across the country and not just Camp America. Please make the best choice and compare all the options!

          Jake 🙂

  16. Michael

    11. Aug, 2012

    which is the best if you want to spend a few months to go on a road trip after camp?

    • Jake Butler

      11. Aug, 2012

      You could do that with all of the camps but the best for this is Americamp. With them you get the freedom to book your own flight dates which means that you are able to be more flexible.

  17. Lucy Harper

    06. Jun, 2012

    Sean, stop slating my book when you haven’t read it. I’m not going to send you a free copy as you keep requesting. Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor is a first hand account of my summer at camp. The name of the camp has been changed – as clearly stated at the start.

    The International Camp Counsellor Guide is a guide to being a camp counselor. They’re two very different books.

    Any potential counselor would benefit from either or both books.

    Anyone can also check out my website at too.


  18. Sean

    16. Feb, 2012

    The book is called the International Camp Counsellor Guide, but if you google summer camp book, you’ll find it too.

  19. Sean Nash

    15. Feb, 2012

    I wish this was around 5 years ago. I first went with Camp America in 2009 and I paid 500 fees and visa/police fees were extra. In all I paid £800 and got paid $750. I spoke with a real person on the phone about two times over 9months and then when i came to book my return flight they said I could fly home 18 or 19th September (my camp finished in August) and was a horrible service.

    Does Americamp include the visa?? That alone costs about £300 plus embassy appt fee. They don’t have directors fairs either!! They are brilliant, well established days to choose the camp you want to go to!

    My housemate signed up with USA Summer Camp after talking with Camp America and got placed within three weeks. He said the customer service was without a doubt the best he had received. They call him every few days with placement opportunites and general feedback about his profile. The fees are the best too. You can pay as little as £349 as a discounted rate, and all you have to do is finish your application, pay some of your fees and paperwork within 6 weeks! Even if you are lazy enough to not get the discounts, you’ll pay £499.

    Yes Americamp might be £199 but you look at the grand perspective. Camp Leaders and USA Summer Camp fees are £499 and Americamp are £199, so the difference is £300. For £300 you’ll get return flights to the US (which average 500-700) regardless if your camp is in New York or California, Director’s Fairs, Preparation days, better established company and you get the chance to a discount! My mind is made up when I want to go back to camp in 2013.
    USA Summer Camp is definitely the one for students like me.

    Lucy – someone told me the name of the camp is not real in your book. A better book is Summer Camp Book.

    • Jake Butler

      16. Feb, 2012

      Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your interest in the article.

      You raise some interesting points. However, in order to not mislead our readers it is important to mention how much each camp company pays and not just the costs.

      In fact, Americamp pay over £300 more than USA summercamps.

      Once again it all comes down to personal choice. I am glad you had a great summer with USA summercamps.


  20. Lucy

    12. Feb, 2012

    Hi everyone, I’ve written a book about my experience at camp as a counselor you can find it on Amazon as an eBook version – it’s called Secret Diary of a Camp Counselor. Or you can buy it as a paperback from You should also check out my website for loads of tips and advice at Secret Diary of a Camp Hope it helps!

  21. kbates

    06. Feb, 2012

    Thanks Jake,

    As Ive stated before – summer camp is such a wonderful experience and our participants have the best summers ever. We love camp so much we keep returning.

    Anyone who is in this industry is fantastic – we just want all students to know what they are getting as there is nothing worse than being tricked or losing money.

    Bring on the summer..! Happy summercamping

    • Jake Butler

      06. Feb, 2012

      Hear hear Kier,

      Thank you for your input today.

      I hope that everyone has the summer of their dreams too whether in American or otherwise.

      We are here to help students from being tricked or loosing money as they know.

  22. kbates

    06. Feb, 2012


    We think its fantastic that such an experience has written an article on such a fantastic experience.

    What is your relationship with Americamp out of curiosity? Such a fantastic artificial about camp deserves the students to understand whether or not you’re promoting your friends company – unbiased?


    • Jake Butler

      06. Feb, 2012

      Hi Kier,

      I would suggest that you are not portraying your company in the best light.

      I would like to point out that any relationship with Americamp is strictly professional and exactly the same as with any of the other organisations on offer. If the relationship was anymore than this as you assume/suggest then the article published would not include any other American Summer Camp organisations.

      Thank you.

  23. kbates

    06. Feb, 2012


    I think its important if you are writing an article on Costs and Comparisons to load up ALL the facts.

    I think its important that the students are aware of them all. ALL companies in the industry will provide amazing summer for participants.

    There are NO hidden costs with USA Summercamp, Camp America, Camp Leaders or BUNAC.

    Flight costs do NOT average £450, they average £550-600.
    There is no mention of VISAs. Those 4 companies provide visas and offer unrivalled support – from arranging flights, to booking visa appointments.

    They also have over 10 years experience each getting summer camp placements.

    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DISCOUNTED FLIGHTS. You can get flight sales through companies. But no company will ever offer discounted flights.

    Summer camp in USA is such a beneficial and amazing experience. Lets not cloud students views with unfactual information. Give them all the info they need to make sure they spend their money wisely.

    Enjoy your summer

    • Jake Butler

      06. Feb, 2012

      Hi Kier,

      Thanks for your input. I am glad that you have come forward as a camp director this time instead of Pat who was pretending to be a student.

      Once again I thank your organisation for your input and I am glad you are enjoying the article along with everyone else.

      I must agree that ALL of the summercamps offer a great service and we want nothing more than for our readers to seal a job in America this summer with Americamp, Camp America, Camp Leaders, BUNAC or any other alternative organisation.

      The point you raise about flights is an interesting one. I have done a lot of research on this subject and been in contact with Americamp themselves. The average flight cost of all those placed at camp with them is around £450.

      I can also assure you that all of the companies in the table offer the same VISAs for that cost and none of them have hidden VISA fees (regardless of unfounded rumours).

      I am proud of this article and the research time that the team has put into it. I am glad that we are able to offer a transparent and “unclouding” view of the companies in comparison and also given them information that they need to spend their money wisely. I am also happy that this article has invited healthy debate which I am sure our readers can only benefit from.

      I hope you continue to enjoy the rest of the site.

      Enjoy your day!

  24. Mary

    04. Feb, 2012

    Do BUNCAC pay for/arrange your transport from New York to the camp? I can’t seem to find a straightforward answer. Thank you!

    • Jake Butler

      04. Feb, 2012

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for your question. The information supplied on their site is not clear however it does not state anywhere that they will pay for your travel from New York to your camp. They do say that they will tell you which travel to take and how to get there. Their site says “On arrival in New York, you will be given route and ticket information for getting to camp.”

      This means that they will tell you how to get their (as would all camp companies) but do not in fact pay for it.

      So for a straightforward answer, No they do not pay for your travel from the airport you arrive at.

      I hope that this helps. Good luck in finding a placement for this summer and I hope you continue to enjoy the site.

  25. path

    03. Feb, 2012

    I went with USA Summercamp and like with the above posts they provide flights and also your J1 Visa in their cost and when you add this one it makes them much cheaper then Americamp.

    They also offer 24 hour support through out the summer and were really flexible on flights allowing me to return from LA even though my camp was in New York. I got placed at a directors fair where I met my camp director and this is something else that Americamp don’t do. Last year USA Summercamp also placed everyone that they accepted onto the program so I would always feel safe going with them in the future.

    • Jake Butler

      03. Feb, 2012

      Hi Pat. I see that you are a director at USA Summercamp (it would have been nice of you to mention this in your comment). I have broken down the comparison below so that our readers can see the figures that you have highlighted.

      USA Summercamps Cost (including flights and visa): £499
      USA Summercamps Payment: £633
      Total Student Income: £134

      Americamp Cost: £199
      Visa Cost (none of the companies in the table cover this): £125
      Average Flight Cost (possibly less): £450
      Americamp Payment: £949
      Total Student Income: £175

      These are the stats that I had not included in the table but still have from hours of research on the subject.

  26. Lee

    15. Nov, 2011

    Hi everyone,

    I thought I would add my thoughts to all of this. Whoever you go with you will have a great summer, there are some amazing people at other organisations, but I am obviously biased towards AmeriCamp and here is why:

    AmeriCamp was set up to offer the same opportunities as other organisations, but enable participants to always come away with something in their pocket. This is something we have achieved and are incredibly proud of.

    We are able to do this as we don’t charge camps anywhere near the same amount of fees as other organisations do and in turn we give this back to our AmeriCampers, hence why we can offer a salary of at least $1500 salary. In fact some of our first time AmeriCampers in New York State actually received over $4000 in salary this summer, but this varies greatly on the camp and the skillset of each AmeriCamper.

    I disagree strongly with what people are saying regarding flights. We offer discounted flights as part of the AmeriCamp program and with the greatest respect unless you have been an AmeriCamper you are unable to comment on this in terms of the bigger picture. In fact AmeriCampers can book their own flights totally separate from us if they can find a better offer elsewhere and I would encourage them to do so.

    Our research told us that participants wanted flight flexibility, so that’s what we offer. A lot of our AmeriCampers want to fly straight to where their camp is, not have to make their way from New York. Others do AmeriCamp as part of a whole Gap Year so the flight options enables discounts on flights all over the world as part of a round the world ticket for example. Again this is all part of choice, but it’s what we offer as part of our AmeriCamp program.

    Everyone has a choice on who to go with, that’s what makes this all great. It’s a great time to work at a camp in America, with so much choice out there in how to get there. Other organisations will say why you should go with them and you have to make a decision that’s right for you. Obviously we hope that you choose AmeriCamp, but again it’s simply down to you.

    You will never be filthy rich from working at camp, but it is and always will be our philosophy to give our AmeriCampers the very best deal we can and welcome everyone with open arms as they come into the AmeriCamp family.

    In my opinion it comes down to this. Why shouldn’t you be able to make money AND go for the experience? It’s a win win situation.

    That’s my two cents on this and I hope it was of interest! May I wish everyone on whatever organisation they choose to go with all the very best and I hope that you all have a wonderful summer no matter how you get there.

    Take care


  27. Harriet

    14. Nov, 2011

    I went with BUNAC and I don’t have a bad word to say about them.

    Particularly good for first-timers I think, as you’re put on group flights wherever possible and everything is organised so you meet people (e.g. on the flight, then at the airport, then at the hostel in NY) – I didn’t ever feel like I’d been left alone on my way to camp, which was important for me.

    And I second people’s comments on Americamp – if the flights aren’t included, you’ll end up earning less, not more.

  28. mark

    12. Nov, 2011

    I have been to camp 2 years running now and can’t wait for my 3rd! I have been with BUNAC since day 1 and can’t fault them. My friends have been with other companies and said they never received airport transfers and accommodation in NYC which is all part of the BUNAC experience!

    • Craig

      23. Aug, 2015

      Your blog was very informing to read, thank you! I just sutmbtied my application to and hope to get a response back from them soon:) Just a couple of questions.. When you worked at camp did you have any days off at all? Do you get to leave the camp site aswell on days off/after curfue? Also if you ran out of personal supplies are there normally shops or even cafeterias that you can purchase items from there? These are the questions i’ve been trying to find on the internet. Hope you can help me out with!!

  29. Amy

    10. Nov, 2011

    Lauren’s right, Americamp do not inclue the flights so you will just end up using your salary to make up for this. And it’s not about the money anyway workign at camp- you go for the experience.

    I went with BUNAC for my first year this summer and the time of my life! They offfer you great support throughout the whole application process as well as when you’re out there.

    BUANC also put you on a group flight which is a great and fun way to meet new people before you even arrive in America and I even managed to fly out with 5 other people who were actually travelling to the same camp as me which really eased my nerves!

  30. Natalie

    09. Nov, 2011

    I’ve done it with BUNAC for the past two summers and I’ve heard no complaints. Like Camp America, they too offer discounts on treks (my first year it was with Trek America, but this year was Intrepid) and have a 24-hour support line and visit the camps. I would say they are definitely looking into in more detail, especially because of the flights – I actually met one of my best friends on a BUNAC flight!

    • Natalie

      09. Nov, 2011

      Sorry, that was supposed to say “definitely worth looking into!”

  31. Lauren

    09. Nov, 2011

    Americamp may offer a little bit more money but they do not include flights, therefore it will definitely work out more expensive for you!! (plus you shouldn’t be doing it for the money!!)

    I have done summer camp 2 years in a row now. First year with Camp America who I found to be completely rubbish, expensive and extremely unhelpful!!! They had hidden costs so I ended paying like 800 pounds!

    The second year I did it with Bunac who were amazing! So cheap (they include flights), helpful, friendly, just reallyyyy good!

  32. Correo

    07. Nov, 2011

    Heya I’m on the website for the first time. I came across this comparison and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.

    This comment is awaiting moderation.

  33. Jenna

    07. Nov, 2011

    You don’t mention medical insurance – that should be a huge factor in choosing a company.

    • Jake Butler

      07. Nov, 2011

      Hi Jenna,

      All of the camps included in this comparison offer medical insurance that is included in the costs shown above.


      • Jenna

        07. Nov, 2011

        But for different lengths of time…

        • Jake Butler

          08. Nov, 2011

          As far as I am aware, they all offer medical insurance for the duration of your trip.

          • Jenna

            08. Nov, 2011

            The websites break it down:

            Americamp – “Medical insurance whilst at camp”

            BUNAC – “4 months’ work/travel insurance (including baggage cover)”

            Camp America – “Up to 5 months comprehensive medical insurance”

            Camp Leaders – “90 days Comprehensive Medical Insurance”

            Other benefits of Camp America:
            – they have discounts with Camp America Treks
            – they have a 24 hour support line in their US office and make visits to the camps to check if staff are OK. Not sure if the others have this.

  34. Melanie

    07. Sep, 2011

    I have to say this has helped but also made it hard for me make my decision. I was keen on BUNAC at first because of the service that they offer but then Americamp offer much more money.

    Not sure who to go with at this point.


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