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The best student job websites

Struggling to find a job? Whether you're a student or graduate, we've pulled together some of the best job sites out there to help you streamline your job search and start earning faster!

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Whether you're a student looking for some weekend work or a graduate seeking an internship, it can be difficult to know where to look when it comes to the big ol' job hunt.

Luckily there are plenty of specialist websites and apps out there to help you find your perfect role.

We've scoured the web to find some of the best job sites for students, including those specifically for international students, festival jobs and internships.

Part-time student jobs

Save the Student

save the student job searchWe might be a little bit biased, but here at Save the Student we've got one of the best sources for finding part-time student jobs. Our job search engine scours many of the sites listed below (and more!) for the best roles every hour.

You can easily filter by keyword and location, and there are thousands of student-friendly job opportunities for you to browse.

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student jobJust as its name suggests, StudentJob specialises in student jobs of all shapes and varieties. There are plenty of part-time and summer jobs for you to take a look at, but also graduate jobs, placements and internships.

It covers all the big cities in the UK, and they have lots of international opportunities, too.

If you're fluent in another language, you can even filter by language so you're able to make some money out of your skill!

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syftAlthough not specifically for student jobs, Syft is an up-and-coming app that helps jobseekers find flexible, temp work with reputable employers.

There are no minimum shifts, and the type of work on offer is varied, making this app perfect if you're after work without committing to a long-term contract.

The only thing to watch out for is travel costs – it might not be worth travelling a long distance for a shift if the pay isn't substantial. Make sure to price this up before signing up to do anything.

Use code SAVES when signing up and you'll receive a £20 bonus after your first shift!

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Many universities have their own job sites or services to help students find work, particularly jobs on campus and in the SU!

Recruitment agencies for students

Recruitment agencies are slightly different to job boards – you sign up and they find the jobs for you! Essentially they look at your skills and qualifications, and match you to the most suitable roles.

They're not just for full-time jobs or senior roles either. There are recruitment agencies for part-time and temporary work as well, so they're definitely worth checking out.

Graduate Recruitment Bureau

graduate recruitment bureauGRB is the leading recruitment agency for graduate jobs in the UK and can match you up with roles in companies ranging from big corporations to small startups.

They're also great if you're looking for an internship or placement too, so you don't need to wait until your final year to sign up.

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Student Employment Services

student employment servicesThese guys specialise in internships and placements, so if you're looking to get some real-world experience while you study, this is a good place to start your search.

But they also have a whole load of graduate opportunities too, and could be a useful way of getting your first step on the career ladder.

Register with Student Employment Services »

For more information, make sure to check out our complete guide to finding a job using recruitment agencies!

Event and festival jobs

Flair Events

flair eventsFlair is a nationwide company, helping people find jobs in sport, festival, hospitality and promo work. Roles include brand ambassadors, bar staff, street marketing, front of house and wristbanding.

For many roles, no previous experience is necessary – it's all about having the right kind of attitude and good communication skills. It's the perfect site if you're looking for casual summer work where you'll be paid weekly.

Join Flair Events »

Caterer.comThis is the leading site for hospitality and catering jobs, so if you fancy yourself working in a restaurant or bar, it's a good place to start.

Jobs are divided up into hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars, and food services so you can tailor your job search to exactly what you want – whether you fancy yourself as a waiter or kitchen assistant.

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Retail jobs


retailchoiceIf you're specifically looking for jobs in the retail sector, then RetailChoice is your first port of call. You can filter your searches by job, location or company, to help you find the right role for you.

There is a good mix of full-time, part-time and temporary roles advertised too, so its a good option whether you're looking for work at uni or after graduation.

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Summer camp jobs


AmeriCampIf you're looking to sign up for an American summer camp, we've picked out AmeriCamp as the best.

They offer flexible and discounted flights, and the highest salary/lowest costs that we've seen on the market. Just beware that the cost of flights is not included in your overall costs, so you'll have to budget this on top.

Register with AmeriCamp »

For a full list of summer camp job sites, use our American summer camp comparison table!

Graduate jobs and internships


milkroundMilkround has hundreds of internships, placements, jobs and graduate schemes, and their website is super easy to navigate.

They have loads of information on The Times Top 100 Graduate Employers and a whole section of useful career advice to help you nail your application.

Search Milkround »

Adzuna Graduate Jobs

adzunaAdzuna is a powerful search engine to help you hunt through the thousands of job opportunities across the UK.

They also have loads of useful up-to-date stats for graduates, such as the top companies who are hiring grads, how salaries are changing and a map showing which areas of the UK have the most graduate job opportunities.

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prospectsProspects is part of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit, a charity dedicated to improving career prospects for students in the UK.

They work very closely with universities and the government to produce a huge range of resources and information to help you find your feet in the world of work.

While you can use them to search for jobs (they list hundreds), Prospects is arguably most useful for the huge range of well-researched careers advice they offer.

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targetjobsAnother easy to navigate website with a huge range of internships, graduate jobs and postgraduate study opportunities for you to browse.

They also organise a lot of events to help students to network with employers and learn more about their chosen industry.

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debut careers appThis app is all about helping you find a graduate job or internship as quickly and easily as possible. Simply fill in your details and the companies will come to you – they 'Talent Spot' students who fit the criteria they're looking for.

Once you're Talent Spotted you could get fast-tracked straight to an interview or assessment centre, saving you heaps of time on applications forms. Also, make sure to check out their practice cognitive assessments (the kind of tests you get at assessment centres) and their careers advice section!

Download Debut »


gradcrackerIf you're a STEM student, Gradcracker needs to be on your radar. They specialise in internships, placements and graduate jobs in industries like engineering, electricals, maths, computing and chemical processing – all the sciencey stuff, basically.

They have resources to help you identify top employers, and a toolkit full of careers advice, as well as helping to organise STEM student societies at universities around the country.

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ratemyplacementPutting the jobs to one side for a minute, if you're thinking about doing a placement while you're at uni, RateMyPlacement is essential.

Not only can you use the site to browse placement opportunities, but you can also look at reviews from students who have previously completed placements. No one wants to spend the year doing photocopying and making tea, so this site helps to make sure you only sign up for something which will be worthwhile.

Search RateMyPlacement »

Jobs for international students

Student Circus

Student CircusIf you're an international student, trying to find an employer to sponsor a Tier 2 visa that will enable you to stay in the UK after graduation can be difficult.

Student Circus is an absolute lifesaver – they list jobs and internships exclusively from employers willing to sponsor the Tier 2 visa, and who are licensed and verified with the Home Office as credible and in line with immigration rules.

This means you can browse jobs without having the added stress of looking at terms and conditions for their visa policies!

Search Student Circus »

General job sites


CV LibraryCV-Library is one of the biggest job boards in the UK, with well over 185,000 job listings at any time. They work to make applying for jobs quicker and easier, by enabling you to upload your CV and apply for jobs in just a couple of clicks.

They have jobs across pretty much every sector and every city in the UK, so you're bound to find something that takes your interest.

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linkedinNot just for posting life updates, LinkedIn is also a great hub for job vacancies if you know how to use it correctly.

You can browse available roles in their listings but if you're savvy about it you can message relevant people and companies to get your name out there and be the first to hear about new roles.

Search LinkedIn »

Check out our full guide to using LinkedIn to find a job for some handy tricks and tips!


Joblift logoJoblift is a job searching website that brings together jobs from over 4,000 sites and puts them in one place.

It allows you to filter the results right down and even set a distance you're willing to travel to get to work.

Search Joblift »

Other useful sites for general job hunting include Monster JobsReedFish4jobs, Indeed and Jobsite.

The Diversity Dashboard

Diversity DashboardThis site advertises roles from employers who are specifically seeking to recruit from minority groups. They work with a wide range of employers from the NHS, to the RAF and the Police force, so they're definitely worth a look.

Search Diversity Dashboard » launched by Warwick University back in 1998, has grown to become one of the UK's leading job boards in academic, research, science and related professions.

If you fancy doing a PhD, they list hundreds across a wide range of sectors.

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Before you submit an application, make sure your CV is in tip-top shape – our CV guide with downloadable templates will help you get it done in no time!


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