Student spending vs. what parents think [Infographic]

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Earlier this year, we published the results of our national student money survey and it revealed lots of interesting insights into what students spend their money on each month.

Since then we've been working with the NatWest Student Banking team who have carried out their own bit of research, but with a great twist! As well as speaking to students, they've also involved the parents to see what they think about their children's spending habits.

So how right are they? Find out in this pretty infographic:

Infographic on student spending

See how this compares with our own student money survey carried out in May. Do you agree with the facts and figures? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Responses to “Student spending vs. what parents think [Infographic]”

  1. NCL Student

    19. Sep, 2013

    PLUS gas/water/electricity bills

  2. NCL Student

    19. Sep, 2013

    higher rent,
    higher phone bill,
    £11 for ‘leisure’ wouldn’t last a week never mind a month (have you seen cinema prices!?)
    what about transport costs, bus/metro etc to and from uni?
    what about textbooks/printing, other academic costs?


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