Student money takeaway

student money takeaway

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Student money cheat sheet 🔥

For each tip in the cheat sheet, we've linked up keywords to relevant guides or resources with more info.

Managing money 💪

  1. Student Loan instalments span 4 months (so budget)
  2. Keep your Loan in an easy access savings account
  3. Choose a student bank account by the best 0% overdraft
  4. Take cash out for the coming week’s budget
  5. Skint? Speak to uni about hardship funding

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Saving money 😇

  1. Always ask for student discount (see brand directory)
  2. Use cashback sites & apps when shopping
  3. Share textbooks & subscriptions with mates
  4. Food shop at night (but not when hungry!)
  5. Buy train tickets 12 weeks ahead & use 16-25 railcard

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Eco saving 🌎

  1. Shop local & in season
  2. Use a reusable metal water bottle
  3. Buy second-hand goods
  4. Replace old bulbs with LED (90% less electricity)
  5. Chew less gum (contains plastic)

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Making money 🤑

  1. Get paid to Google
  2. Join online survey panels
  3. Mystery shopping
  4. Walking (yes really)
  5. Rent out your parking space

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Side-hustle ideas 🚀

  1. Start a blog
  2. Freelance on or
  3. Buy used textbooks end of term & resell start of term
  4. Dog walking & pet sitting
  5. Resell charity shop buys on eBay, Vinted or Depop

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Jobs 🤝

  1. Set social media profiles to private
  2. Include ideas to improve the company in applications
  3. Never work unpaid (unless volunteering)
  4. Check if you’re due a tax refund
  5. Use our part-time job search or graduate jobs search

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Housing & bills 🏡

  1. Be sure you can afford the rent! (see calculator)
  2. Take meter readings & photos before moving in
  3. Read contract & ensure deposit is protected
  4. Use to split bills between housemates
  5. Insulate any loft space (ask your landlord)

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Cheap dates 😍

  1. Go on a bike ride
  2. Play crazy golf
  3. Eat at a BYOB restaurant
  4. Visit a museum or gallery
  5. Go to a car boot sale

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Freebies 🤩

  1. Hair cuts at salon training schools
  2. Cinema previews
  3. Groceries (via cashback apps)
  4. Condoms (GPs & clinics)
  5. Browse

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Gifts under £5 🎁

  1. Framed photo
  2. Home baked treats
  3. Box of collected free samples
  4. Playlist of their favourite tunes
  5. Unwanted gifts you’ve received

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Best apps 🤖

  1. OLIO (free food)
  2. BigOven (leftover food recipes)
  3. Starling Bank (budgeting)
  4. CheckoutSmart (cashback)
  5. Shopmium (cashback)

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How's your budget looking? 🎯

Use our printable 1 minute budget sheet to work out how much you spend each month against your income.

By working out the difference you can get a clear idea of your financial position.

I'm left short 😢

Don't worry! There are plenty of options and ways to get yourself into the black.

Here are some resources to get you started:

I have money left over! 🤗

Congrats! You may want to try doing an annual budget too, taking account of big spends like holidays. Some months will be more expensive than others!

Here are some ideas to make your money work harder:

The average student spends £1,078 a month. See how your money situation compares.

Student money quiz 🤔

The answers are below in bold! How did you do out of 10?

  1. You must apply for Student Finance before each year of study. True.
  2. Most parents (unless you have Welsh student finance) are 'expected' to contribute towards your living costs.
  3. Student Loan repayments are 9% of anything you earn over £27,295 a year (or £25,000 if you're from England and started in 2023) after graduating (£27,660 in Scotland and £22,015 in Northern Ireland).
  4. Any remaining balance is written off after 30 years (or 40 years if you're from England and started studying in 2023) and 25 years in Northern Ireland.
  5. You don't have to repay your loan if you move abroad. False!
  6. Student Finance affects your credit score. False.
  7. You have to start repaying the overdraft of your student bank account after uni. True.
  8. 56% of students have a part-time job.
  9. The average graduate starting salary is £23,333.
  10. 87% of students use a budget.
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