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Student finance for Northern Irish students

Northern Irish Student FinanceIf you are a student from Northern Ireland and plan to head to university, whether it's in Northern Ireland itself or elsewhere in the UK then this quick student finance guide is here help you understand the costs involved.

Thankfully, students are entitled to financial support to help them get through their course. How much you can have and what it's supposed to cover will depend on where you're from and where you're planning to study.

Northern Irish students studying in Northern Ireland

What will I have to pay for tuition?

Northern Irish FeesAs a full time student, the maximum tuition fee cost to study in Northern Ireland is £3,465 per year.

You can apply for a tuition fee loan from NI Direct to cover the full amount which you will have to pay back but only when you are earning (see below).

What financial help can I get for living costs?

To help with living costs, you'll be able to get either a Maintenance Loan or a Maintenance Grant. You'll have to pay the Loan back, but the Grant is non repayable.

Maintenance Loan

The Maintenance Loan is means-tested, and you'll receive a maximum of £3,750 if you're living with your parents, or £4,840 if you're living in halls or similar student accommodation.

This money is to cover your rent, bills, book costs, socialising costs and more so if it does not cover your living then you will need to look for other forms of finance.

Maintenance Grant

If your household income is equal to or less than £41,065/year, you can apply for a Maintenance Grant of up to £3,475.

If you're eligible for Income Support or certain other benefits, you may be entitled to get a Special Support Grant instead of the Maintenance Grant.

The maintenance grant does not need to be paid back.

Northern Irish students studying in ROI

What will I have to pay?

ROI student financeThe fees for Northern Irish students studying in the Republic of Ireland are set to be €2,250 for 2013/14.

This is given to students as a loan which they will have to pay back when earning over £21,000 after graduating.

What financial help can I get?

Once again you will obviously need to cover your living costs when you go to university and the Northern Irish government offers you a loan for this too.

Maintenance Loan

The maximum you can get for a loan to cover your living costs is £4,840 and that is if you are living away from home and your parents earn just above the threshold.

If your parents earn below £41,065 a year then you will be entitled to a grant of some kind.

Maintenance Grant

The maximum grant Northern Irish students are entitled to is £3,475 and that is if your parents are earning below £19,203 a year.

The amount you are entitled to goes up on a sliding scale when your parents earn between £19,203 and £41,065 a year.

Northern Irish students studying in England

What will I have to pay?

If you choose to study in England, you fees could be up to £9,000 per year.

Again, you can take out a loan to cover the full cost which will have to be repaid.

What financial help can I get?

When studying in England, the support that you'll receive in terms of living costs is almost exactly the same as in Northern Ireland.

The only difference is if you're studying in London. If this is the case, you'll be entitled to receive a means-tested Maintenance Loan of up to £6,780 instead of the £4,840 that you could receive if you live elsewhere in England.

Just as in Northern Ireland, you could receive extra funding (that you won't have to pay back) if your parents earn below a certain amount every year.

Paying it back

Paying back your student loan for a Northern Irish student is exactly the same as the system in England where you do not pay back a penny until you earn over £21,000 a year..

Even once you are over that limit you will only have to pay back 9% of anything over it.

if you want even more information on the repayments then check out student finance guide.

Working out what you can claim in terms of support will make planning for university a whole lot easier. Using this guide should help you to get your head around the Norther Irish tuition fees but if you need some extra assistance then be sure to check out Student Finance NI.

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