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How to earn money as a dating app coach

You can turn your matches into money by using your Tinder talent to become a dating app coach. Here's how.

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It's fair to say that dating apps are pretty popular these days, especially among students. The problem is, not everyone is good at it.

There is a definite art to building a successful profile. You need the perfect picture along with a bio that makes people want to speak to you.

Then there's actually chatting with people on dating sites... how do you turn the conversation into a date? This is where the dating app coach comes in.

What is a Professional Dating App Coach?

On freelancing sites like Fiverr, you can sign up as a dating app coach.

As a coach, you'll take over your client's dating profile on whichever app they're using. You build their profile, do the swiping, chat with people, and organise dates for them.

The only part you don't have to do is go on the date. Hopefully, these people are better when it comes to face-to-face interaction.

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How to become a Professional Dating App Coach

If the above sounds like it would suit you, you'll want to know how you get into this line of work. Simply head over to Fiverr and create an account. Once you're set, you can start creating gigs.

It's best to have some experience with dating apps that you can list on your profile. This way, your potential buyers know they're in good hands. It's not enough to just be good at swiping – you need to translate this into tangible results and be getting regular dates.

For some inspiration on how to list your gigs, check out the following:

Once your gig is live, you can start promoting your services on social media. The more reach, the better!

How much could you earn as a Professional Dating App Coach?

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While you won't become a millionaire with this freelance side hustle, it's definitely possible to earn some extra cash.

The amount you can earn varies. On sites like Fiverr, you can set your own rates. But you have to make sure they're in line with what others are charging, otherwise, you won't attract many customers.

Apart from your "Basic" tier offer, you can also add a "Standard" and "Premium" bundle. In these bundles, you can include extra services for an additional price. For example, you could offer a video call to go over someone's dating profile, some conversation starter prompts, or extra time spent on managing someone's profile every day.

Again, take a look at what your competitors are offering and see what extras you could add to your gig.

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Other weird ways to earn money

While we're on the topic of strange student jobs, there are quite a few out there.

If you're into arts and crafts, you could start your own business by selling your products on Etsy.

And a few years ago, we came across the chance to apply for a job as a Chicken Nugget Connoisseur! Keep your eyes peeled for this role to open up again – we definitely will be.

Whatever your interests or skills are, there are so many ways to earn money as a student. From starting up your own business to finding one of these weird and wonderful jobs, it doesn't have to be boring.

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