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9 Fiverr gigs that make student life easier

Looking to boost your grades? Get fit? Or just plain lazy? Here are just a few of the countless ways that Fiverr can make your life easier.

fiverr gigs for students

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Never heard of Fiverr? You're really missing out.

From professional web developers to celebrity impersonators (via countless sellers claiming to have psychic or spiritual powers), Fiverr is a marketplace for every kind of freelancer imaginable.

And although nowadays there's no guarantee that the service will cost $5, there's a good chance that it won't cost much more - and in some cases, it can cost even less!

So, with prices that even the most penny-pinching student would struggle to turn down, we decided to delve into Fiverr and discover some of the best gigs to buy as a student.

How Fiverr can make student life easier

  1. Have your assignments proofread

    hire cheap proofreader fiverr

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    Whatever you're studying, university will almost certainly involve writing essays and dissertations - and with writing comes the dreaded proofreading.

    If the written word isn't your strongest attribute, having to proofread your essays can be bit of a nightmare. Fortunately, Fiverr is awash with top-class proofreaders who are happy to check through your work and make sure your writing is tip-top.

    Now, it's worth noting that a fair number of Fiverr proofreaders say they'll edit your work (even as part of their basic packages). You don't want to stray into plagiarism territory, so contact the seller first to ask them to just suggest edits, rather than actually make them.

    Also, as your uni will probably expect you to write in British English, you should try to find a proofreader who works with this too. Your best bet is to find a seller based in the UK, such as editorsam or mrproofreading - both of whom are insanely well-rated.

  2. Get an irresistible Tinder profile

    hire someone to improve tinder profile

    Dating apps aren't for everyone, but it's fair to say that once you're on them, they're pretty hard to give up. Who knew swiping left and right could be so fun?!

    However, the fun can quickly stop if your right swipes aren't being reciprocated. We firmly believe that there's someone out there for everyone, and if you're on a bit of an unlucky streak, it could be time to revamp your profile.

    But how? You could ask your friends to review it for you, but that can get pretty awkward pretty quickly. Instead, hire a Fiverr seller to rewrite your profile for you!

    Depending on your budget, Fiverr's dating app assistants can make as many or as few changes as you want, as well as choosing which pictures to lead with.

    Interested? Then look no further than stcylace, whose various online dating consultancy gigs are all rated five stars (not to mention the fact that she even met her husband on Tinder!).

  3. Promote your music to huge new audiences

    promote music with fiverr

    Credit: CBS

    Make music? Convinced you're set for the big time, but struggling to get noticed? Well, Fiverr could be the answer to your prayers.

    There are dozens (if not hundreds!) of Fiverr sellers who can help promote your music to a whole range of new audiences.

    From a tweet on an account with hundreds of thousands of followers, to being played on the radio; being added to a popular Spotify playlist, to getting a review of your tunes, the opportunities are almost endless!

  4. Hire an online maths tutor

    hire cheap maths tutor fiverr

    Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

    Just as the written word isn't for everyone, numbers can also be a source of great pain for anyone who isn't especially mathematically minded.

    But sadly, as many social science students can testify, maths can worm its way into anything. If your degree requires you to carry out an experiment, there's a good chance that you'll have to collect data and carry out some kind of statistical analysis as part of the process.

    Some of you might be lucky enough to have friends who can teach you the difference between chi-squares and T-tests, but for those who don't, there are tons of Fiverr tutors who can lend a helping hand.

    Among many others, damian_jensen, omal_cooray and dhanur88 all come highly recommended for their superb statistical assistance!

  5. Have a t-shirt designed just for you

    cheap custom t-shirt design fiverr

    Credit: Warner Bros

    Isn't it weird how you spend all your years at school wishing you could wear your own clothes, and then when you get to uni, you worry about what you should be wearing on a day-to-day basis. Maybe uniforms aren't so bad after all, eh?

    Anyway, if you're concerned that you'll end up looking like everyone else, there's no better way to guarantee a unique look than by getting a t-shirt (or two... or three) custom-made by one of the t-shirt and merchandise designers on Fiverr.

    There are hundreds of sellers to choose from in this department, but for guaranteed quality (or as close to a guarantee as you can get), ubaidhussain and designers_den are both rated five stars.

  6. Hire an impressionist to impress your friends

    hire impressionist Flickr

    Credit: Army Recruiting - Flickr

    It's hard to say just why impressions are funny, but it's fair to say that they definitely are. And now, thanks to Fiverr, you can hire an impressionist to say... well, whatever you want them to!

    If you're after a Morgan Freeman soundbite, pretty much all of Fiverr's impressionists seem to be able to help. But for anything else, voicetractor47 seems to be the man - he can count Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Michael Caine, and of course Mr Freeman, among his huge back catalogue of voices.

    So, whether you're looking to add a touch of stardust to your student radio show, or record the ultimate birthday message for a friend, a celebrity impression will always go down a treat.

  7. Get your computer fixed for a fraction of the normal cost

    get cheap it support on fiverr

    Credit: FremantleMedia

    We've all been there. You're finally making headway with a tedious 2,500 word essay, and then BAM - your laptop decides now is the time to be temperamental. The assignment is due in a couple of days, and there's no way that you'll be able to take your laptop in for repair and get it sorted before then.

    Fortunately, depending on the issue, one of Fiverr's IT support sellers could help resolve your issue in a fraction of the time, and for a fraction of the cost.

    As long as you can still access the internet with your computer (and assuming it's a software issue, not hardware), you may not even need to leave the comfort of your own bed to get it fixed. If one of Fiverr's sellers can remotely control your PC, that should be enough!

    Your choice of seller will inevitably depend on the issue you're facing, but with over 1,000 reviews, an average rating of five stars, a one-day turnaround, and prices starting at under £5, raselkhondokar could be the guy to save your degree!

  8. Get some professional designs for your posters or leaflets

    get posters designed professional fiverr

    Credit: ABC

    You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But let's face it, we all do - especially when it comes to leaflets and posters. If the design is anything below a 5/10, you instantly start to doubt the quality of whatever it's advertising.

    As a student, you could need promotional materials for any number of things: publicising an event, running in the student elections, or even campaigning for a cause that matters to you. But whatever you're up to, do yourself a favour and get your flyers done properly by one of Fiverr's graphic designers!

    There seems to be a Fiverr designer for pretty much every message or tone imaginable, but few come as highly recommended as chanakacg and thecodeville.

  9. Hire a personal trainer

    cheap personal trainer on fiverr

    It's easy to slip into the sedentary student lifestyle at uni. Between eight hours of lectures and the obligatory night out each week, the only thing you've got to do are your assignments. It doesn't exactly add up to a healthy, active way of life.

    Hitting the treadmill seems like the natural solution, but while there are plenty of ways to get cheaper gym membership, none of it's much use if you don't know what you're doing. Enter: Fiverr's personal trainers.

    Real-life PTs can cost a fortune (certainly more than a typical student can afford), and although Fiverr's sellers won't be able to stand with you in person and force you to do 10 more reps, they can craft a personalised workout plan for you. In fact, depending on the level of support you're after, you could even get a meal plan thrown in too!

    When it comes to fitness, it's very much a case of what works for you - but that said, the reviews for dovichinski and prathiba_md would suggest that they're both solid choices!

More interested in become a Fiverr seller than a buyer? Check out our big fat guide to freelancing!


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