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Virgin Trains Has Most Complaints, Morrisons Match & More Card, Hangover Delivery Service…

Fears over cuts to unis

Graduate Vacancies Increase

Prof Andrew Hamilton, the vice-chancellor of Oxford University, has warned that cutting support to unis could destroy 'the jewel' of the UK uni education system.

In his final speech as vice-chancellor, Prof Hamilton expressed his fears that the upcoming Spending Review, George Osborne will cut more funding from universities. The Professor also accused politicians of not understanding how good our unis are.

Our take: How will unis be funded if support is slashed? Will it mean higher tuition fees, or a substandard education? That's not to mention the fact that, in our Student Money Survey, 55% of students said they didn't feel that their uni course offered value for money. That's hardly a 'jewel' either!

Virgin Trains tops complaint list

Virgin Train

Virgin Trains West Coast is the most-complained about train service in Britain. They received 196 complaints per 100,000 passengers between April and June this year, according to the Office of Road and Rail (aka ORR).

Virgin Trains East Coast came second in the complaints list, but Virgin Trains have insisted that complaints are not the best way to measure customer satisfaction... okay then?!

Our take: If a lot of people are complaining about their service - it is obviously a reliable factor in customer satisfaction! Virgin Trains shouldn't brush off the complaints so lightly. If you're not happy about a service - be it in a restaurant or on a train - always complain. We have a guide to help you complain efficiently here.

Internet destroying long-term memory


A study by the University of Birmingham suggests that an over-reliance of the internet and Google is weakening peoples' ability to remember things long-term.

Many people are using search engines to find answers rather than remembering information, the survey has suggested that using a computer could affect the development of memories and may even aid in the 'erosion' of memories. Is that why I always forget to set my alarm for 9am lectures?

Our take: More research is needed on this topic, but the results are actually quite worrying. We can't rely on a computer for everything, remembering information is a very basic human function after all! However, I do wonder how people found out the answers to key questions such as what time Aldi closes before Google was invented...

Morrisons changing loyalty card


Morrisons introduced their Match & More loyalty card last year, where customers could get points if their comparable shopping was cheaper elsewhere (the 'Match' part), or by buying certain products (the 'More' part), but they are now changing the scheme.

From November, Morrisons are dropping the price-matching element and instead customers will get 5 points per £1 they spend. So, essentially, its will be a 'More' card...

Our take: The new scheme is terrible, we have to say! Before, it was quite easy to get enough points for a money off voucher from the price-matching alone. Now, customers will have to spend £1000 just to get a £5 voucher... hardly a scheme worth having! Hey, need help saving money on your grocery shopping? We have loads of guides here from reviving food to online shopping!

Plymouth Uni helping hungover students

hungover cat

Chances are you know that hungover feeling - it's indescribable, but it's torture. If you're at Plymouth Uni, however, you're in luck - a genius entrepreneur has found a gap in the hungover market and is offering to deliver comfort food to poor hungover souls.

Inspired by his own terrible hangovers, George Galbraith has set up 'Hangover Helpers' who will deliver from fast food locations so you don't have to go out in to the blinding sun for your nutrition. You don't even have to be hungover to benefit - fancy a McMuffin but too lazy to go and get one? Boom. You're sorted (assuming you're at Plymouth Uni).

Our take: It's genius, pure and simple, and we bet it'll be a massive hit with hungover and lazy students. Want to get rid of your hangover? We have some brilliant tips here!


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