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Student Recipes

11 easy cocktails to make at home

You're probably used to pre-drinking on cheap wine or a few bargain beers. But how much better would it be if you made your own delicious cheap cocktails?

Easy cocktail recipes

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We wouldn't normally advise mixing your drinks (we all know how badly that can end!) but of course, cocktails are a rare exception, and they will get you some serious kudos with your friends!

Cocktails can be made by mixing the drinks in a glass or large bowl, but we would definitely recommend investing in a proper cocktail shaker like this bit of kit. A shaker will help you in conjuring up your 'shaken-not-stirred' delights, hassle and spillage free.

Allow us to share a few of our favourite cheap & easy cocktails along with recipes on how to make them for yourself 🙂

We'd never recommend these cocktails without trying them ourselves - find out how nice (or not...) some of these are in our podcast, No More Beans.
  1. Cheeky Vimto

    Cheeky vimto

    An old student favourite, but with good reason! This cocktail is ridiculously easy to make and it comes out a pretty yummy colour too. Need we say more?

    Ingredients: WKD Blue (or cheaper brand), port (small bottle), vodka (leftovers from last time).

    Recipe: Mix together the bottle of WKD with 50ml of Port. Then add 25ml of your Vodka. Easy!

  2. Jammie Dodger Shot

    Jamie Dodger shot

    Ok so this one is more of a shooter than a cocktail, but this IS the best-tasting shot that will ever grace your mouth. You won't be grimacing when you knock this one back!

    Ingredients: A bottle of Chambord (blackberry liquor), double cream (yes really) and some sugar (available from all well-stocked cupboards).

    Recipe: Fill the shot glass 3 quarters full with Chambord, topping up with cream. Sprinkle a little sugar on top, knock it back and enjoy!

  3. Sex On The Beach

    Sex on the beach

    Perfect for the summer. Or winter... or whenever really?

    Ingredients: To make one glass you will need 200ml cranberry juice, 100ml orange juice, 75ml vodka and 75ml peach schnapps.

    Recipe: Mix all the ingredients together (in a shaker if you have one), and serve over ice! Make sure you add the alcohol first, or it will float to the top.

  4. Pina Colada

    Pina Colada

    If you haven't tried one of these before, you're in for a tropical treat. It's a personal favourite of ours and comes highly recommended!

    Ingredients: 50ml white rum, 25ml coconut cream, 25ml single cream and 200ml pineapple juice.

    Recipe: All you have to do is mix the ingredients together in a glass or shaker. If you want to cheat, swap the first three ingredients for Malibu!

  5. Woo woo

    Woo Woo Cocktail

    Woo woo is a Weatherspoons favourite, but you can make this easily from home too and it's cheaper. Here's how.

    Ingredients: 25ml peach schnapps, 25ml vodka and 50ml cranberry juice.

    Recipe: Simple! Mix them together - add the vodka and peach schnapps first, followed by the cranberry juice. Enjoy!

  6. Mojito


    Mojitos have definitely risen in popularity recently, especially amongst students, and it's easy to see why! It's pretty damn simple too.

    Ingredients: Half a lime (cut into 4 pieces), 5 fresh mint leaves, tablespoon of sugar, 50ml golden rum (Morgan's spiced or Havana Club), soda water and some strawberries if you feel like it.

    Recipe: Put the lime, mint leaves and sugar into a glass and mash them together with any utensil you can find (the handle of a plastic utensil like a spatula can work). Add the rum, top with soda water and stir. For an extra taste burst add a small handful of strawberry’s or raspberry’s at the start, yum!

  7. Long Island Iced Tea

    Long Island Ice Tea

    Perhaps one of the most alcoholic cocktails out there, so take great care with this one, but it does taste really bloody good!

    Ingredients: 25ml light rum, 25ml vodka, 25ml gin, 25ml tequila, 50ml lime juice, coke.

    Recipe: Literally chuck all the alcoholic ingredients and the lime together and give it a proper mix around. Pour in a glass over ice and top up with coke.

  8. Vodka Sunset

    Vodka sunset cocktail

    Zingy, refreshing and a pretty cool colour to boot - we've got to confess, we're a little bit addicted to this one at STS...

    Ingredients: 50ml vodka, orange juice and 25ml raspberry cordial

    Recipe: Shake up the orange juice and the vodka, pour it in a glass over ice and drop in the cordial, letting it sink to the bottom. Like a sunset. Geddit?

  9. Fluffy Duck

    Fluffy Duck cocktail

    Who doesn't want to drink a drink with name like this? And it's yellow? Who even cares what it tastes like?

    Ingredients: 25ml advocat, 25ml white rum, 25ml cream, lemonade.

    Recipe: Mix up the rum, cream and advocat with a sprinkling of vigour and the pop it in a glass and top up with lemonade. For an extra twist you can replace the cream with ice cream. Trust us on this one.

  10. Singapore Sling

    Singapore sling cocktails

    Credit: Yosomono - Flickr

    Anything with alliteration in the title sounds good to us! This does require quite a lot of ingredients, but we promise it's easy to make and totally worth it!

    Ingredients: 25ml gin, 25ml cherry brandy, 50ml pineapple juice, 10ml benedictine, 10ml grenadine, 10ml cointreau, soda water.

    Recipe: Everything gets shaken up and then poured over ice except the soda water. Leave that 'till last to top up your cocktail!

  11. Lemon Drop

    Lemon Drop

    Everyone needs a bit of lemon in their life once in a while. Who knows, this might even count towards your five a day?

    Ingredients: 50ml vodka, 50ml lemon juice, 1 tablespoon sugar and lemonade.

    Recipe: Once again, it all gets shaken up apart from the lemonade; just use that to top up your glass once you've poured it in!

We hope you enjoy these cocktails and always remember to drink responsibly!

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Lydia Balmforth

I recently made a mixture and everyone in my flat loved it, I made a fishbowl of it but it was simple Black Cactus Jacks, blue wkd and cream soda, it kinda tastes like sherbet, but not too sweet.

Raine Screwball Eaday

.... Those arn't cheap..

Matt Arredondo

This. As much as I enjoy gin I've never made a Singapore Sling as it's so cost prohibitive.

Samson Ehiosun

MOJITOS add all the following in a glass and crush them together with a bar molar in side a long ice bulb cryster glass: Lime – cut into 4 pieces 5 Fresh MINT leaves Tablespoon of BROWN sugar Add and stir: 50ml Nice Golden Rum (Havana Club or Morgan's spiced) Top with: Soda water – For a twist, add a small handful of strawberry's or raspberry's at the start, yum!

Always serve cocktails with plenty of ice it help to save your coctaik also ganish with a holsome mint leave @the end for presentation


Try a baileynog, pick a glass any size put ice in it pour in half advocat and top it off with baileys. Or why not a vvgb, pick a glass any size and add equal amounts of vodka, vermouth and ginger beer over ice

Phil Jarvis

We used to sell loads of these FAT FROG you need 2 pint pots with Ice, then split a Blue WkD into the 2 pints, do the same with a bottle of Orange Breezer and a Smirnoff Ice and serve taste like a Swizzels Refresher .


Ooo I like contests! Best cocktail wins!

Here's my favourites: Pina Colada 50ml White Rum 25ml Coconut Cream 25ml Single Cream 200ml Pineapple Juice If you want to cheat, swap the first three ingredients for Malibu!

Mojito Put the following in a glass and smush them together with any utensil you can find: Half a lime - cut into 4 pieces 5 Fresh mint leaves Tablespoon of sugar Add and stir: 50ml Nice Golden Rum (Havana Club or Morgan's spiced) Top with: Soda water - For a twist, add a small handful of strawberry's or raspberry's at the start, yum!

Always serve cocktails with plenty of ice 🙂


oooohhhhh!!!! the green monster one sounds epic! What are the ingredients??? is it only the green skittles you use then?


Yeah, green skittles but not too many! There seem to be a few different versions of the drink. Think it had vodka, barcardi, cider and lager in it too, topped up with a double measure of Blue Curacao! Dangerous!

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