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Study reveals which UK cities spend the most money on looking good

According to a new beauty survey, people from Leeds spend more on beauty expenses than any other UK city. Did your city make the top 30?
beauty spendingAccording to a new beauty survey by Totally Money, people from Leeds spend an average of £7,000 per year on pampering themselves - more than any other city in the UK.

The average Brit apparently spends £4,454 a year on beauty, but 17 out of the 30 cities the survey assessed spend above average each year.

70% of those who took part in the survey said they considered themselves beauty conscious, and as much as 45% said they wouldn’t let a photo be taken for social media without having the chance to make sure they look good first.

The study assessed spending in 30 different cities across the UK, breaking pampering costs down to 15 different spending categories - spanning everything from face products, and make up to sun beds and gym memberships.

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Which cities spend the most on beauty?

hairdressingThe survey's figures show Leeds stealing the top spot thanks to spending a whopping £1,031 per year on teeth whitening a year, £916 on face products and £731 on spa treatments.

In second place, the study found two UK cities spend the same amount (£6.3k per year) on their appearance. And whilst it’s no surprise that one of these cities is London (since everything generally costs more in the capital) it was a bit of a surprise to find Coventry in the top three!

Coventry came joint second in beauty spending thanks to their apparent addiction to spa treatments and trips to the hairdressers.

According to the study, Coventrians spend an average of £767 a year at spas and £750 getting their hair done. Not only this, but they’re apparently bigger fans-of-the-tan than any other region in the UK, spending an average of £330 a year on sun beds! 

Belfastians and Liverpudlians were also found to spend just shy of £1,000 a year on face products alone.

Although Cardiff came 18th in the list, the city plays host to some serious gym-goers, as they spend the most on gym memberships than any other city - including London!

However, the fact that the city scored comparatively low in other spending categories suggests maybe they’re more health conscious than image conscious.

Did your city make it into the top 30?

beauty infographicCredit: Totally Money

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