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15 things to do before you graduate

With graduation week looming and the big scary world of adult life advancing fast, it's easy to get into a flap about what you need to do next.
life after graduationFrom working out a life plan to just trying to pack everything you own into one car, leaving university can be tough.

Before you head off into the sunset though, there are a couple of things you should try and make the time for whilst you're still officially a student.

Don't worry, it's not all boring grown-up important stuff – in fact, most of our tips are plain and simple good fun!

Feeling stressed about graduating? Don't panic! We've got some great tips on how to survive life after university.

Things to do before you graduate

  1. Pay your library fines

    overduebooksOkay, so this one isn't that fun, but this one really is important as some universities might not even let you graduate unless you've settled any library fines you have! Crazy, huh?

    Look out for RAG or charity weeks at your student union too, as some donate library fines to chosen charities. A much better way to spend your money!

  2. Cancel your household bills

    billsPromise the fun stuff is coming up! Again, this one is really important as it's easy to be so focussed on packing up and getting out of there that you forget to tie up loose ends.

    If you're in a house where you pay for electricity, gas and water yourself rather than through a landlord or agency, make sure you cancel any direct debits you have set up, and let your energy providers know you're leaving.

    If you don’t cancel these, you may end up paying for the students who move in after you to have a shower and dry their hair!

And whilst you're at it, why not read our tips on how to save more on your energy bills!
  1. Go on a date with someone from class

    firstdateWhy? Well, its spontaneous… and spontaneity is fun! You're leaving soon so if the date goes well, you'll be so glad you decided to take our advice; if it goes badly, you won't have to make much of an effort to avoid seeing them again!

    You could also even score yourself a free meal. What've you got to lose?

  2. Throw a house party

    house-partyWhat better way to go out than with a bang! Although, remember you want that housing deposit back, so not too much of a bang…

    Invite your classmates over for one last knees up before you all head home. Another idea could be to chip in with your flatmates for a professional cleaner afterwards so you can even avoid having to do a deep clean before you move out – two birds, one stone!

  3. Cancel your broadband

    wireless internetI know, we already covered cancelling bills, right? But annoying, cancelling your broadband can be a bit more complicated.

    Depending on the length of the contract you've signed up to, your broadband provider might not let you cancel! In which case, you'll need to discuss handing the bill payments on to the next tenant with your landlord or estate agents.

    Otherwise, you'll end up forking out each month for a service you're not even using. How annoying would that be!

  4. Get your housing deposit back

    freddieThis is more relevant after you’ve moved out but it ultimately comes down to the state of your flat or house when you leave.

    Make sure you empty the bins, clear out the cupboards, get any marks off the wall, put the furniture back where it belongs and do a full house inspection. Find out everything you need to do to ensure you get your housing deposit in full by reading our special guide.

    Make the effort now and you can use the cash to fund summer adventures!

  5. Take part in a student protest

    UCL Rent ProtestYou just haven't had the full uni experience if you haven't chained yourself to a door in protest of the non-free range chicken they've started serving in canteen, right?

    Think of the stories you'll be able to tell your kids and grand kids!

    See this as your last chance to be an angry student, cause soon you’ll just be an angry unemployed person!

  6. Shift your course books

    Student BooksLet's face it – you're not likely to need your course books again, so rather than cart them all back home with you in the car, why not sell them on for hard cash?

    From Amazon to shops on campus, there's a whole range of options to try and make some cash back on your books – we have a complete guide to selling your old books, too.

  7. Sell your stuff

    ebaySpeaking of selling stuff, have you ever tried flogging your unwanted gear on eBay?

    When you're in the process of moving out, you’re likely to come across a few gems that could earn you a few bucks selling online – or even thousands, if you have the right stuff lying around!

    There are heaps of tricks to ensure you make as much as possible on your eBay items, so be sure to check these out before you get started.

  8. Go on a lecture hall tour

    lecture hallCredit: Markus Spiske – raumrot.com
    Are there any lecture theatres on campus that you’ve never set foot in before? This is the last chance you might get to check them out without being escorted off the premises for looking like a loitering weirdo, so make the most of it!

    Why not gatecrash on a lecture so you can see what all the lecture halls are like at least once before you leave.

    Who knows, you might even learn something interesting in the process!

  9. Cancel your TV licence

    tvCancel, cancel, cancel! What you probably didn't know about this one is that you can actually get a refund on your TV licence if you're a student who has paid for a full year licence but only have a 9-month letting contract.

    Doesn't make sense to be paying for your TV when nobody's home over summer to watch it, right?

    That means you could get a £37 refund. Which is equal to £37 to spend at the bar!

  10. Have an adventure day

    adventureGo somewhere in your local city or town that you've never been before. You might as well make the most of it while you can!

    Many places will offer free entry to attractions or events too. If you’re in Nottingham head up to Wollaton Hall, if you’re a Leeds student The Tetley is always worth a shout and those in London should try The Natural History Museum.

    Check out our student city guides to see if there's anything you might've missed in your location!

  11. Cheer on your uni sports team

    sports_teamOk, so you never quite managed to join any of the uni sports teams like you promised yourself you would, but the intention was totally there.

    Not to worry – you can still get involved in the fun by heading to a game of whatever sport your uni is particularly good at and cheering the team on.

    This way, you won’t even need to break a sweat either. Wins all round!

  12. Go for drinks with classmates you never spoke to

    friendsWe’re all guilty of choosing who we will and won’t spend time with at uni pretty early on, but what if some of your classmates have the potential to become great friends, but you’ve just never had the chance to chat?

    Why not go for a drink with classmates you’ve never really spoken to before – you never know what it might lead to, and it’s nice to know what everyone’s future plans are. You could also end up crossing paths again in the big bad working world.

  13. Book that holiday!

    inbetweenersWith all that money you've saved from cancelling those contracts and subscriptions, plus whatever leftovers you have of your student loan (don't smirk – this is a possibility for some students!) you might just be able to afford a cheap break away somewhere or an InterRailing holiday with some of your uni friends.

    There’s no better end to finish your university degree! After all, you only graduate once (#YOGO), right?

Got anymore top tips on what you should be doing before you pack up and move out? Give us a shout in the comments.

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