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Best student summer holidays (all under £150)

Sun, sea and sensational savings – every student's dream. Here's how to book an amazing summer holiday at bargain prices...

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Going on holiday as a student can feel like a big ask. If you're able to build up some cash in your savings, though, a summer trip could become one of your ultimate uni highlights.

And after a long year of deadlines, revision and exams, you definitely deserve the break.

To help you find a holiday on a budget, we've scoured the country for the best deals this summer to bring you these cheap summer getaways – all for under £150 per person.

These holidays are all package deals. If you book cheap flights, accommodation and activities separately, you might be able to bag an even better deal.

Cheap holidays for students

Here are the best holiday packages this summer if you are travelling on a budget:

  1. loveholidays student holidays – £120+ pp

    loveholidays logo

    Holiday packages include

    •  Flights and accommodation
    •  Choice of locations all over Europe
    •  The option of getting all-inclusive
    •  24/7 in-resort support.

    About loveholidays

    For cheap student trips away to sunnier climes, have a look at the deals on loveholidays. They're among some of the lowest cost options that we've found – but we wouldn't necessarily suggest immediately picking the cheapest holiday they have.

    Some of the hotels in their flight and accommodation packages are one star and you've got to think about whether a holiday offers the facilities you actually need (e.g. if you're going to a hot country in summer, will there be air conditioning?).

    There are really reasonably-priced holidays with three-star hotels, so have a look at the different deals that are within your budget to find the best pick for you.

    Check out loveholidays »


  2. Party Hard Travel – £130+ pp

    party hard travel malia cheap holiday

    Holiday packages include

    •  Accommodation
    •  Entry to loads of events and club nights
    •  Party Hard rep.

    About Party Hard

    Party Hard Travel do tours all across the Med, but their Kavos deals are among the cheapest. The biggest perk of their holidays is that they include entries to parties, so you don't have to worry about splashing out on painfully expensive events package when you're there.

    And seven nights of accommodation (minutes away from the beach) as well?! Bargains for days.

    Note: You will have to sort your own travel, so check out our guide to getting cheap flights to make sure you get the best deal.

    Check out Party Hard Travel »


  3. On the Beach holidays – £140+ pp

    on the beach cheap student holiday

    Holiday packages include

    •  Flights and accommodation
    •  Choice of locations all over Europe
      The option of getting all-inclusive.

    About On the Beach

    If you're looking for somewhere hot that's near the sea, head to On the Beach.

    As they offer holiday packages with flights and accommodation, it's super easy to plan the trip with them.

    For the cheapest deals, have a look at their self-catered options. You can save (even more!) money while you're there by prepping meals with your friends and cooking together in the apartment.

    Check out On the Beach »


Struggle with the soaring temperatures when you're on holiday? Check out the cheap ways to stay cool in the heat.

How to find cheap summer holidays

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These are the best ways to save money on a trip away:

  1. Be spontaneous – If you're okay with not having everything planned super far in advance, and you're flexible about where you go, then sites like are perfect for finding budget holidays.
  2. Get cheap flights (if they're not included) – Use our simple guide to getting cheaper flights to make sure you get the best deal.
  3. Get insurance – It's always worth getting cheap travel insurance. It can cost you less than a tenner, and you'll be thankful for it when you break your ankle jumping off a donkey on a Spanish beach...
  4. Spend wisely – Avoid the trap of getting charged to spend money abroad. Using your debit card abroad is a big no-no. Luckily, we've written a guide to getting travel money for less.
  5. Avoid school holidays – More people go on holiday while kids are off school, so travel companies hike the prices up. Bonus: this means you can also avoid annoying families.
  6. Work on holiday – If you're willing to spend some time grafting while away, working abroad for the summer could cancel out the cost of your holiday.
  7. Try festivals – It may not be a week-long holiday, but a festival trip in the UK or abroad can be great value for money. Check out our festival guide to see your options.
  8. Consider interrailing – Going interrailing as a student might sound like a cliché, but there's a reason it's so popular. Travel passes can be super cheap, and you'll have the chance to visit several parts of Europe rather than just one.
  9. Get creative – Don't believe that it's possible to travel the world without paying the earth? Check out our interview with someone who went on 10 holidays in a year for HALF the average Brit's annual holiday spend.

Bon voyage!

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