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How to Tackle Sleep Issues at University

Sleep_issuesUniversity is ultimately a place of education,  however crazy sleeping patterns can reduce productivity immensely and cause sleep issues. Some people manage to thrive through days on just 4 hours of sleep, but the vast majority of us can't.

In this guide we give our tips on the things you can do to help you get to sleep, the things you should avoid, and tips to get yourself up in the morning.

Tips To Tackle Sleep Issues

  1. Drink Tea

    Union-Jack-Tea-PotWe found that a cup of tea in bed can help you get to sleep quicker. Especially in such cold conditions, it could be helpful to have something warm in bed to help kick start your dozing. You can drink normal tea like PG, or Tetley but we recommend trying Red Bush

  2. Play Music Or A Bland documentary

    revising_with_musicMusic can be a great way to help you to get to sleep. Create a playlist that has slow and relaxing songs, and make sure not to play it too loud. Another thing you can do, is to put on a David Attenborough documentary, his voice is the next best thing to a lullaby.

  3. Set An Alarm

    bomb alarm clock- tampa bayAn obvious one that will help you to get up in the morning. It works best if you set the most annoying song on as your alarm tone (gangnam style?).

    If you're terrible at getting up for those 9am lectures, try setting at least 5 different alarms. Set each of these alarms at half an hour intervals, and the last two at 15 minutes apart. We think this works a treat.

  4. Keep Your Curtains Open

    curtainsKeeping your curtains open when you go to bed ensures  (assuming that your window positioning permits) that light enters your room in the morning. So when you do finally wake up, you don’t wake up to a dark room. The effect of bright lights will help shake the groggy death-like-feeling off more quickly, so you feel better in the mornings.

  5. Avoid Naps

    sleepingIf you can, avoid napping, these things are immensely deadly. Naps can interfere with your sleeping pattern, and you may find yourself waking up and going to bed at odd times which can ultimately affect your work. So we suggest avoiding naps if you can’t trust your body clock to operate properly.

  6. Avoid Eating After 10pm

    eatingOkay this is a given. It's actually a good habit to consider, though the student life may make this harder. No matter how much KFC, Iceland pizza or whatever your flatmates stick under your nose, resist temptation. Eating after 10pm can give you unnecessary energy. Not good when you have a 9am lecture the next day. Also, not good as you can put on weight.

If you have any tips of your own, please leave them in the comments!


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