Best value student broadband 2014

Every student needs the Internet for research and watching videos of cats. We’ve done the legwork to get you the best deal

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There are plenty of broadband offers out there, and it can get pretty confusing picking out the best provider for you. It’s important to know what you’re getting, and at what cost before placing your order.

On this page (and across our bills section) we compare the best value deals right now for students with an in-depth look into what you’re really getting for your money.

And unlike other broadband comparisons, we also take into account the hidden set up costs to give you a more transparent monthly cost.

Bundled broadband and phone packages

You’ll make the biggest savings by combining your broadband and landline with the same supplier, plus save the hassle of managing two accounts.

We have researched the best phone and broadband package deals for students and the prices quoted are for the total cost (including set up charges etc), and may be subject to change.

Here are our top picks for 2014. If you prefer you can also view our comparison table instead.

  1. Sky Broadband for Students Sky – £19.50 / month

    Broadband – 16Mbs speed/Unltd. downloads.

    Phone – Free weekend calls.

    Other benefits – Use free Cloud spot WiFi out and about.

    This broadband package is only £5 a month (for a short time) and the line rental is £14.50 a month and if you are already subscribed (or subscribe) to Sky TV you can get broadband with them for just £3.75 per month (making the overall cost £18.25/month).

    You will also be required to pay a small fee of £2.18 for your router.

    If you are put off by the 12 month contract (see the 9 month contracts below) it’s worth noting that even with cancellation fees this deal it could be cheaper.

    It’s also worth noting that you can get free broadband if you choose to take out Sky TV with the sports bundle here.

    Visit Sky’s website »

  2. Virgin BroadbandVirgin Media - £29.49 / month

    Broadband – 30Mbs speed/Unltd. downloads.

    Phone – Free weekend calls.

    Other benefits – 12 month contract, high speeds.

    This is a great choice now for those looking for much higher speeds.

    NB: If you won’t need the free calls or a phone line then you can save money by getting Virgin’s standalone broadband here.

    Visit Virgin’s website »

  3. BT - £30.45 / month

    Broadband - 38Mbs speed/40GB downloads.

    Phone - Free weekend calls

    Other benefits - Free BT Sport online, Free WiFi access at BT Openzone hotspots.

    This is a decent offer despite the usage cap. It’s a 12 month contract with the amazing added bonus of the free BT Sports online.

    The price was calculated as paying the line rental of £15.45 a month plus the broadband of £15 a month. There is also a £30 installation charge.

    Visit BT’s website »

  4. Talk Talk student broadbandTalk Talk - £9.09 / month

    Broadband – 14Mbs speed/Unltd downloads.

    Phone – Free evening and weekend calls.

    Other benefits – Discount when paid in advance, 12 months half price, £50 welcome credit, FREE installation.

    Talk Talk have a great deal for students that are in a position to pay their phone bill upfront. It works out as the cheapest broadband package currently available by a long country mile!

    With this limited time offer, broadband is half price for 12 months making it £3.75/month. The phone line rental is £9.50 a month if you pay upfront (or £14.95 if you want to pay monthly).

    If you pay upfront and take the welcome bonus this whole package is just £9.09 per month (if you don’t pay upfront then it’s £14.53 per month).

    Visit Talk Talk’s website »

  5. Plusnet logoPlusnet – £15.65 / month

    Broadband – 16Mbs speed/Unltd. downloads.

    Phone – Free weekend calls.

    Other benefits – Free installation, half price for 9 months, £25 cashback.

    Plusnet offer a great price for phone and broadband with top customer service (having tested it ourselves) and the service provides good speeds.

    The price is broken down as £10.99 line rental (when paying 12 months upfront & £14.50 per month without) and just £4.99/month for 9 months and then £9.98/month in the last 3 months the broadband itself.

    You will also get £25 cashback with 30 days. There is a one-off postage fee for the router of £5.99 though.

    Visit Plusnet’s website »

  6. EE-BroadbandEE – £23.00 / month

    Broadband – 16Mbs speed/Unltd. downloads.

    Phone – Free weekend calls.

    Other benefits - Free installation, 12 months half price, existing customer discount.

    If you are not a current mobile customer with Orange, T-Mobile or EE then it would work out as £23.00 a month for your phone and broadband!

    The figures are based on paying the 12 months line rental upfront making it just £11/month (£15.40 if you prefer to pay monthly). Plus £2 a month for the broadband.

    The existing customer discount offers £10 off a month which is a nice bonus and would make the contract just £13/month.

    Visit EE’s website »

Skip to our comparison table to compare these options.

Broadband without line rental included

Some students don’t have a need for a landline or free evening and weekend calls, which is why standalone broadband can be a good choice.

However, be aware that some broadband providers only work with certain phone line suppliers and these broadband options below (apart from Virgin) will require a phone line (which you can compare here).

  1. Virgin BroadbandVirgin Media - £22.50 / month

    Speed/Download Limit - 30Mbs speed/Unltd. downloads.

    Contract length – 9 Months

    The best thing about this deal isn’t just that it’s a perfect 9 months but also that you don’t need a phoneline for this super fast broadband.

    You can also claim our exclusive £50 NakedWines voucher or £25 Topshop/Topman voucher when signing up!

    Be aware that there is an installation cost or £49.95.

    Get Virgin Student broadband »

  2. Plusnet Broadband – £15.06 / month

    Plusnet logo Speed/Download limit – up to 16Mbs with unlimited downloads.

    Contract length – 12 month

    Price-wise Plusnet is great value at £12.49 per month with a small £25 installation fee + £5.99 postage for the router.

    If you want to bring the price down even more, you can opt for a 10GB download limit for just £6.49 a month with the Plusnet Value broadband.

    Get Plusnet broadband »

  3. Be Broadband BE Internet – £17 / month

    Speed/Download limit – up to 10Mbs and unlimited downloads

    Contract length – 12 Months

    Although BE Internet only offer 10Mbs speed you get unlimited downloads for your £17 per month on high quality broadband with well rated customer service.

    If you want to run on 3 month contracts you can upgrade to pay £25 a month for BE Unlimited and BE won’t charge a connection fee.

    Get BE broadband »

Student Broadband Comparison Table

ProviderExtra InfoSpeedDownload LimitContract LengthMonthly Cost
(avg. over 12months)*
Get Broadband
Broadband and Line Rental
Virgin BroadbandStudent exclusive
£100 vouchers
30MbsUnlimited9 Months£29.49Visit »
BT BroadbandFree BT Sports16MbsUnlimited9 Months£31.45Visit »
Talk Talk Broadband12 months half price14MbsUnlimited12 Months£9.09Visit »
Orange Broadband12 Months Half Price17MbsUnlimited12 Months£23.00Visit »
Sky BroadbandFree cloud WiFi14MbsUnlimited12 Months£24.68Visit »
Plusnet Broadband9 Months Half Price14MbsUnlimited12 Months£15.65Visit »
Stand alone Broadband
Plusnet BroadbandNA14MbsUnlimited1 Month£15.06Visit »
Virgin BroadbandNo phoneline required
£50 vouchers
30MbsUnlimited9 Months£26.66Visit »
Be InternetNA10MbsUnlimited12 Months£17Visit »
Existing Customer Deals
Sky BroadbandMust have Sky TV14MbsUnlimited12 Months£22.18Visit »
Orange BroadbandOrange, T-Mobile or EE14MbsUnlimited12 Months£14.00Visit »

*Value is calculated by adding on extra set up costs and giving an average of the total costs over the year.

**Prices and details correct as of September 2013 and are subject to change due to offers expiring.

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