9 month student broadband deals

BT 9 month student broadband

BT broadband are the only provider offering a specific 9 month deal, aimed at students, this year.

There are three options of speeds and cost to suit a range of budgets. Just be sure to check the activation charge for each.

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And, as always, you're still best to compare all student broadband providers here.

Virgin Media student broadband

There's no Virgin 9 month student broadband available this year but for 2020, it's worth considering that it could be cheaper overall to go for 12 months than 9 month student broadband!

For example, if you cost up your 12 month contract (£297 for 12 months) it still works out cheaper overall than one that's 9 months (£395 for 9 months), even if you don't use those extra 3 months.

We've also calculated the overall costs for you in our student broadband deals table.