EXCLUSIVE! 9 month student broadband offer

Note: Our exclusive as well as the student 9 month broadband contract are not currently available on Virgin but you can see their best current offers here.

Virgin Media student broadband offer


This student broadband deal really is a no-brainer.

Superfast broadband starts from just £34 a month, with no line rental to pay. It's a student-friendly 9 month contract (until November 2017) so there's no cancellation fees or overpayments when you move out for the summer.

Click here to compare the 4 student packages available from Virgin Media.

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If you can't stand buffering and want unrivalled speed then Virgin Media is the one!

Virgin broadband doesn't require a landline either which means extra monthly savings & no pricey phoneline connection charge.

If you're willing to spend a little more each month they have even faster options (up to 300MB!) and TV bundles too.

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