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Gift Ideas

Best birthday present ideas 2021

Got a birthday coming up and stumped on what to get that special someone? Check out our great gift ideas for those on a student-sized budget...
Best-2016-GiftsIt's hard being a student when birthdays roll around (unless it's yours, of course - then you're quids in!).

Finding birthday presents on a budget that are decent? Well, that's easier said than done. Luckily, we're here to help!

We've put together the ultimate gift guide, using the kind of things we usually buy others for birthdays, to help you give some awesome presents that won't break the bank.

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For Him

  1. Stadium Tour

    stadium tourHas he got a favourite footie team? Buyagift have a selection of stadium tours so he could see his beloved team's grounds - a lot cheaper than going to a match!

    Plus, if you get him two tickets he might be nice enough to take you along too (assuming you support the same team...)

    Stadium Tours Varies from £10.50-£80 depending on team and extras.

  2. Giant Beer Glass

    giant beer glassSometimes, one pint just isn't enough... this glass holds a whopping 2.5 pints! That'll keep him going for a while!

    Giant Beer Glass around £10

  3. Surprise Mug

    i'm a twat mug

    An innocent, plain white mug. Until they lift it for a sip of their cuppa...

    I'm A Tw#t Mug £7

  4. PSN Card/Xbox Points

    playstation xbox card

    For the gamer in your life... Get them some more points, or ensure their membership doesn't run out.

    Xbox points/cards or Playstation cards from £5.00.

  5. Mini quadcopter drone

    mini quadcopter droneSometimes grown-up presents are boring... we're so glad it's fashionable to be a big kid these days.

    This H8 mini quadcopter drone is the perfect drone starter kit. It's small and light so super easy to fly, and can endure a lot of the inevitable crashes that come with first-time drone fliers!

    Remote Control Quadcopter £29.99

For Her

  1. Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Set

    face masks

    Yep, it's every girl's favourite company (but still impossible to pronounce).

    Montagne Jeunesse (now rebranded as 7th Heaven, btw, so they must've got the memo) do some great face masks to help make her skin look great.

    This set comes with a headband and 8 masks which will keep her stocked up!

    Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask Set £8

  2. Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser

    pug in a mugOkay - how cute is this?! Stuff it's little body with loose leaf tea (available in all major supermarkets, or you could buy some fancy stuff to pair with it?) and plunge it in a mug of hot water.

    It makes a nice cuppa and it's just so darn adorable!

    Pug in a Mug Tea Infuser £6

  3. Panda Dress-up Plate

    panda plate giftWhy isn't it acceptable to play with your food as an adult? The panda on this plate is desperate to dress up, so get creative with your food and give it a new 'do!

    If you love these plates, you can buy 4 for £20 using the link below!

    Panda Plate around £6

  4. Spider Catcher

    spider catcherFor those who aren't so keen of spiders, moths and anything else insect-like!

    Comes in pink for an extra-girly feel, and allows arachnophobes to safely catch spiders without hurting them - or, most importantly, touching them!

    This even comes with a plastic spider to practice on (but you could take this out and scare the gift recipient at a later date, if you're feeling cruel...)

    Spider Catcher £10

  5. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Book

    pride and prejudiceWhether she's a Jane Austen fan or not, she'll love this book!

    This is an unusual take on Jane Austen's classic romance novel. Unusual how? Zombies.

    If she's not a reader, there's a film version too.

    Pride and Prejudice and Zombies Book £10

For Dad

  1. 'Now That's What I Call Classic Rock' CD

    NOW that's what i call rockMost of us will have had to endue complaints about 'the music today' from our dads, right?

    Take him back to the olden days with this classic rock CD from artists such as Queen and Thin Lizzy!

    Classic Rock CD £8.99

  2. Bluetooth Tile

    tile mateFor someone who always manages to lose their keys... wallet... even the dog... these tiles use Bluetooth and location settings on your iPhone.

    Just place a Tile on whatever he is partial to losing and it will be located using his phone.

    If he loses his phone, he can use the Tile to ring that too!

    Bluetooth Tile £22.99

  3. Amazon Fire Tablet

    amazon fireThis 7" tablet has really good reviews. He'll be able to use Facebook and explore new games and even read Kindle books with the Kindle app!

    Amazon Fire £49.99

  4. Whisky Decanter Set

    whisky-decanter-minHelp him to improve the taste of his whisky (or rum, or brandy - whatever his tipple of choice) with a decanter!

    Also comes with 6 lovely glasses so he can be social with his drinking and maybe even share some?...maybe not.

    The price is so low that you could buy him a bottle of whisky to go with it if you're feeling generous.

    Whisky Decanter Set £9.99

  5. National Geographic magazine subscription

    national geographicGet him 12 issues of National Magazine and he'll be reminded of your gift every month.

    You may even be a contender for 'best child' with this one.

    National Geographic Magazine £19 a year

For Mum

  1. Deluxe Afternoon Tea for Two

    high-tea-afternoon-minYour mum needs a little break - treat her to a spot of fancy afternoon tea.

    Why not offer to keep her company (and scoff all the cake).

Afternoon Tea for Two £29

Price a little steep for your budget? Check out your local tea shop - they could be cheaper.
  1. Bomb Cosmetics Bath Set

    bath-bombs5 handmade bath bombs means 5 chances to get some peace. She deserves it!

    Bomb Cosmetics Bath Set £12

  2. Personalised Lyrics Print

    lyric-posterIf your mum has a fave song, book or quote - why not get it printed and framed?

    You can also get illustrated quotes in the seller's shop, too!

    Lyrics Print £5.00

  3. Wax Tart Burner Set

    wax birthday candleWax burners are growing in popularity as they have a greater scent throw than candles.

    This set comes with a burner and wax melts that spell out 'Happy Birthday'. She'll love it!

    Wax Tart Burner Set £8.99

  4. Bird House Hotel

    bird hotelDoes your mum like watching the birds in the garden? This cute bird house is in the shape of a hotel and will settle nicely on a tree for any love birds around!

    Bird House Hotel £9

  5. Monthly Food Box

    degustaboxThis box comes with 9-14 random food items - often ones that are new to the market, and can be anything from alcohol to cake.

    It'll be a surprise present for both you and her - neither of you will know what's inside until you open it!

    Food Box £12.99 a month

For Grandparents

  1. Personalised Grandparents Plaque

    grandparents plaqueLet them know you love them with a plaque personalised with your name.

    If you have siblings, be sure to include them (but make them chip in... it makes the present cheaper).

    Also available as just one grandparent as well as for aunties and uncles.

    Personalised Grandparents Plaque £10.99

  2. Liquid Thermometer

    water thermometerThis cool thermometer will help your grandparents always know if it's socks and sandals weather.

    It also makes a really cool ornament!

    Liquid Thermometer £12.99

  3. Sudoku Cube

    soduko cubeA Sudoku Cube - or 'Sudokube' as it's also called - combines Sudoku with a Rubik's Cube, so instead of colours it has numbers between 1-9 and you complete it like a normal Sudoku.

    Prepare to be infuriated!

    Sudoku Cube £6

  4. Donate Mosquito Nets

    donate mosquito netSometimes the best gift is one made in their name. With Oxfam Unwrapped, you can donate money to be used towards providing mosquito nets which will help to stop malaria and other diseases in developing countries.

    Mosquito Nets £7

  5. World Scratch Map

    world scratch mapHave your grandparents traveled the world? Or have you travelled loads and your grandparents love bragging to their friends about it?

    With this map they can scratch off all the countries they've visited (and you can scratch off yours, too!).

    World Scratch Map £12.99

For Pets

  1. How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

    how to make your cat an internet celebrityCredit: Doodlecats If they live in your house, they gotta pay their way. Turn them in to a celebrity with this expert guide book!

    How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity £10.99

  2. Dreamies Cat Treats

    dreamiesAll cats love Dreamies... this 8 pack of cheesy treats will keep them going for a while! You can also buy cat treats in the supermarket.

    Dreamies Cat Treats £8

  3. Doggy Birthday Cake

    dog birthday cakeDogs deserve cake too! Made with rawhide, you won't be tempted to nibble at this...

    Dog Birthday Cake £6.99

Please note: prices are subject to change. Those listed are those live at time of this list being published.


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