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Best Father’s Day present ideas for under £10

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With Father's Day coming up, we know how hard it is to find the perfect gift on a student budget. Luckily, all of these are under a tenner.

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Father's Day is on Sunday 18th June 2023. Have you sourced a gift for your old man yet?

We know buying something cheap but super impressive isn't the easiest thing to do. Particularly during exam period – you're so selfish, dads.

But, don't worry! We're here to help with our list of the best gift ideas for Father's Day for under £10.

We also know of some rather lovely gifts that you can buy for under £5.

10 cheap Father's Day gift ideas

Here are the best Father's Day gifts to buy on a budget:

  1. Plant a tree

    • Cost: £5 (minimum suggested donation)
    • Post and packaging: N/A.

    Why not forget the throwaway, perishable gift this year? Instead, get your dad an eco-friendly gift that will stand the test of time: a tree.

    Through the National Trust, you can now pay to have a tree planted in honour of someone close to you. Although you won't get to keep the tree for yourself, your dad will at least get the satisfaction of knowing you've done some good for the environment.

    In fact, if you're able to spare a little more cash on a more regular basis, you could go one step further and offset your dad's entire carbon footprint. Through Ecologi, hundreds (if not thousands) of trees can be planted on your behalf, helping to counteract the emissions we all produce in our day-to-day lives.

    Here at Save the Student, we use Ecologi to ensure that the website and all of our workforce are a climate-positive presence on the planet. We couldn't recommend it more!

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  2. Beer gift set

    • Cost: £9.50
    • Post and packaging: Cost of Click+Collect and delivery varies; available in-store.

    Beer gift sets can be pretty expensive, so this one from Tesco is a real bargain. It's a great Father's Day present that looks like it would have cost more than it did.

    Plus, you can pick it up from your nearest store, saving you from splashing out on postage. But please note, Tesco will add a minimum basket charge of £5 to baskets under £50 if you're getting it delivered, or £5 on a basket under £25 if you're going for Click+Collect.

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  3. Engraved plant marker

    personalised plant marker

    • Cost: £9.99
    • Post and packaging: From £3.99.

    Got a green-fingered father? Then look no further than a personalised, engraved plant marker. It's perfect for helping him keep track of everything in his garden.

    Getting Personal, the company selling the marker in the picture, actually sell quite a few different plant markers.

    They all have different messages for various plants and occasions. Prices start at £9.99, and you can view the full selection. However, keep in mind that post and packaging will push the cost over £10.

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  4. Gin making kit

    • Cost: £9.99
    • Post and packaging: Free delivery with Amazon Prime or free Click and Collect at an Amazon Pickup Location.

    This Father's Day present is so much more fun than a standard bottle of gin. The kit has all the joys of getting gin as a gift, with the added bonus of being able to make it as part of a father-kid get-together.

    Your dad's bound to appreciate the chance to spend time with you making (and drinking) gin.

    It's worth noting, though, that you'll need to get 700ml of vodka to make the gin with this kit. It might be too pricey to buy a bottle for this gift, but if you've already got one lying around, you're sorted.

    And to get the free delivery offer, remember that students can get Amazon Prime for six months for free.

    Or, if he's more of a beer guy, you could also try brewing your own beer for him. It's a cheap and thoughtful gift. Ideal.

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  5. Grow Tin – Killer Carnivorous

    venus flytrap in a tin

    • Cost: £5.99
    • Post and packaging: Free delivery with Amazon Prime.

    Looking to surprise your dad with something a bit different this year? It's safe to assume that he won't be expecting to get a venus flytrap in a tin...

    The plant starts to grow in the tin but will need to be transferred to a bigger pot as it starts to get bigger.

    And yes, in case you're curious – this 'killer carnivorous' plant really does eat flies.

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  6. Personalised Father's Day gift box

    • Cost: From £6.99
    • Post and packaging: Free delivery.

    This cute gift box from Etsy has a selection of sweets and treats for your dad. It even comes with free delivery in the UK.

    If you're operating on a very strict budget, it might be worth putting together your own box of treats. Think about what his favourite snacks and drinks are, and knowing you've put together the box yourself with him in mind will mean a lot to him (we promise).

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  7. Father's Day mug

    • Cost: £7
    • Post and packaging: £4.50 for standard delivery; Click & Collect from £2.50; available in-store.

    Is your dad tea-riffic? Of course he is.

    You might think a mug is just about the most predictable Father's Day present you can get, but when you get the right one, it's a great gift. Trust us.

    If you go for a mug that's good quality, sturdy and nice to drink from, like this one from John Lewis, it can be used again and again for years. It'll give your dad a reminder of you every time he has a cuppa.

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  8. Gourmet popcorn

    gourmet popcorn

    • Cost: £9.99
    • Post and packaging: £4.99.

    For foody dads, this set of popcorn is perfect.

    Some of the flavours are a tad on the unusual side, but the combination of classic and experimental flavours makes this a great gift.

    If you usually get the same go-to box of chocolates, this will make a very nice alternative.

    But, although the product itself is just under £10, post and packaging will cause the overall price to go over a tenner. Look online to see if any stores near you sell Joe & Seph's popcorn (or a similar brand) as this could save you money by avoiding the delivery costs.

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  9. Bird feeder

    • Cost: £9.99
    • Post and packaging: Free.

    If your dad likes nature, this window-mounted bird feeder could be the perfect gift. Simply stick it to your window with some bird feed in it and voilà.

    This is especially great if your dad doesn't have a garden or can't see the garden from where he usually sits. He can watch birds all day long.

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  10. Sustainable takeaway coffee cup

    • Cost: £9.95
    • Post and packaging: £3.76.

    This takeaway coffee cup is a great eco-friendly gift. Made from old single-use cups, this cup is also 100% recyclable. But since it has a lifespan of five years, you won't have to think about recycling it just yet.

    Plus, with a reusable cup like this, your dad can even get discounted coffee at some coffee shops.

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