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10 Father’s Day gift ideas for under £10

With Father's Day coming up, we know how hard it is to find the perfect gift on a student budget. Luckily, all these are under a tenner!

Father receiving gift and brewery

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Father's Day is on Sunday 21st June 2020. Have you sourced a gift for your old man yet?

We know buying something cheap but super impressive isn't the easiest thing to do (particularly during exam period – you're so selfish, dads!).

The superhero team at Save the Student is here to the rescue, with a list of ten top gift ideas for Father's Day for under £10.

10 cheap Father's Day gift ideas

  1. Brewdog beer

    brewdog gift set

    Cost: £6 (+ free click & collect at selected delivery times)

    Craft beer sets can be pretty expensive, so this Brewdog gift from Tesco is a real bargain. It's one of those great gifts that looks like it cost more than it did.

    Plus, you can pick it up from your nearest store, saving you from forking out for postage – but please note, Tesco will add a minimum basket charge of £4 to baskets under £25 in selected stores, or to ones under £40 elsewhere.

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  2. Hotel Chocolate Father's Day box

    box of Hotel Choclat Father's Day chocolates

    Cost: £8 (+ £2 click & collect)

    Chocolates are a Father's Day staple, and it's hard to beat Hotel Chocolate for a proper treat. This one's quite a small box, including eight chocs inside, but it includes some of the shop's most popular flavours so it's sure to be well received by your dad.

    Again, you can save money and keep it within the £10 budget by picking this box up from your nearest John Lewis.

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  3. Classic Father's Day mug

    Cath Kidston mug that says 'dad'

    Cost: £8 (+ £2 click & collect)

    Okay, you might think a mug is just about the most predictable Father's Day present you can get, but when you get the right one, it's a great gift. Trust us.

    If you go for a mug that's good quality, sturdy and nice to drink from, like this Cath Kidston one, it can be used again and again for years. It'll give your dad a reminder of you every time he has a cuppa – cheesy, we know, but he'll appreciate it.

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  4. Winery and brewery tour for two

    brewery tour

    Cost: £9 (+ free email delivery)

    This tour is an absolute bargain. Although this one is specifically for Chiltern Valley Winery and Brewery, near London, have a hunt to see if you can find any cheap deals in your area.

    In this tour, not only will your dad get to see how the wines and beer are made – he'll get the opportunity to taste some as part of a tutored tasting session.

    This is probably the fanciest present you're going to get for under a tenner...

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  5. Personalised bar sign

    personalised bar sign

    Cost: £9.99 (+ £3.99 delivery)

    If your dad likes a few drinks, or has a makeshift bar set up in the living room, then this is the perfect personalised gift.

    Plus, he'll be chuffed if you tell him he's got 'badass banter'...

    The delivery cost annoyingly pushes this gift over the £10 budget – but, you can save 20% off your first order at Personalised Gift Shops with the code 1st-TIME.

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  6. Beard balm gift set

    Beard balm gift set

    Cost: £9.99 (+ free delivery)

    Has your dad got a beard? If so, the chances are he'll be wanting to maintain the mane.

    This natural, vegan gift set's a great choice. It lets your dad look after himself, and the environment – what more could he want?

    The products in this set are homemade, and the products include three tubs of beard balm (in vanilla, sandalwood and cedarwood) as well as a beard comb. These all arrive nicely packaged, wrapped up in a linen gift bag.

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  7. 80s TV Trivia

    80s TV trivia

    Cost: £4.99 (+ £3.99 delivery)

    Some dads can't resist showing off their knowledge of the 80s TV of their younger years – if yours is the same, he's bound to love this.

    It comes with over 100 questions for you to test his knowledge on, covering everything from The A-Team to Dungeons and Dragons.

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  8. Mini chutneys and sauces

    Chutney and sauce gift set

    Cost: £8 (+ £2 click & collect)

    For foody dads, these chutneys and sauces will be perfect.

    A few of them have quite a kick to them, like the very hot Cajun sauce and Thai sweet chilli sauce – but, if spice isn't so much his thing, there are also milder ones like sweet apple chutney and tomato, garlic and ginger chutney.

    With a bit of cheese, we think these will go down very well with him.

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  9. Game of Scones recipe book

    Game of Scones recipe book

    Cost: £7.99 (+ free delivery)

    Is your dad gutted that Game of Thrones is over? Well, with Game of Scones, he can keep the show alive in the form of homemade Unsullied Soldiers (without nuts), Brienne of Tart and Tyrion's Shortbread, to name a few.

    As the back cover says, dinner is coming...

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  10. Gin making kit

    gin making kit

    Cost: £7.99 (+ free delivery)

    This gift's so much more fun than a standard bottle of gin – this kit has all the joys of getting gin as a gift, with the added bonus of being able to make it as part of a father-kid get-together.

    Particularly if you've been away at uni for a while, your dad's bound to appreciate the chance to spend time with you making (and drinking) gin.

    It's worth noting, though, that you'll need to get 750ml of vodka to make the gin with this kit – it might be too pricey to buy a bottle for this gift, but if you've already got one lying around, you're sorted.

    Or, if he's more of a beer guy, you could also try brewing your own beer for him – a cheap and thoughtful gift. Ideal.

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