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Unlimited £1.99 McDonald’s Big Mac + fries hack

Use this clever trick to get a McDonald's Big Mac and medium fries for only £1.99 (usually £4.08) when you use any McDonald's receipt to fill out the online customer satisfaction survey.

It's the best way to get unlimited McDonald's £1.99 vouchers!

The vouchers are also valid for a Filet-o-Fish or Vegetable Deluxe, and a side salad rather than medium fries.

Click the green button below and enter your receipt number.

Once you've completed the survey, they'll give you a unique code to be written on your receipt. This is your voucher to get a Big Mac and chips for £1.99.

You can then use the new receipt you get for the £1.99 deal. Rinse and repeat!

If you want a drink, it's cheaper to buy it for 99p, then use that receipt to get the Big Mac and fries. A total of £2.98 for a meal instead of £4.49, saving you £1.51!

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Deal Expires: Ongoing

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