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Fall in Youth Unemployment, Automatic Broadband Outage Compo, Student Infected With Typhoid For Money…

Youth unemployment at record low

Unemployed Grads

The number of unemployed young people is at its lowest since 2001.

At the end of 2015, 853,000 young'uns aged 16-24 were NEET (that means 'not in education, employment or training), meaning 11.8% of the age group were unemployed. The number of young people NEET has been steadily falling since 2011 when more than a million of 16-24 year olds were unemployed... so we're heading in the right direction!

Our take: Leaving school leads to a pretty hard question - 'what do I do now?!' - do you go to college, get an apprenticeship or try and find a job? It's a difficult one, so it's really great to see that more people are studying further or managing to get a job! If you're struggling to get a job - we understand! It is a hard and competitive world at the moment! Here are some great tips to help you find a job.

Entrepreneurs should study in US

america dogs

Budding entrepreneurs and future business leaders should go to America for uni - that's according to Jonathan Taylor, a top independent headmaster.

Mr Taylor believes that the leaders of tomorrow would thrive much better in an American uni, as British universities care too much about grades and not enough about the individual.

Our take: Hmm... maybe Mr Taylor does have a point, universities here are very focused on one goal: to get the most amount of people passing their degrees. If university is meant to be 'a life experience' should unis encourage students to grow as individuals? What do you think? If you're interested in studying in the US, we have an intro to studying in America, or if you fancy yourself the next Sir Alan Sugar, check out our 50 business ideas that you could start at uni!

Stoke to pay off maths teachers' tuition fees

simpsons maths pie

The city of Stoke-on-Trent will help to pay off the tuition fees of maths teachers who move there to work, in an attempt to improve maths standards in schools.

To entice maths teachers to Stoke, they will be offered £2,000 a year for three years towards their student loans, as well as £2,000 to relocate.

Our take: There's a teaching shortage so it's no surprise that Stoke are offering money to move to their city - and it's likely that other areas will follow suit. If maths isn't your thing, but you think you'd be interested in teaching, how about teaching English abroad? Or if you're keen to teach in this country, TeachFirst are always looking for high-quality graduates.

 Broadband users to get outage compensation


We've all experienced a sudden loss of internet. It's working so perfectly then... it stops. Usually when you're in the middle of a very important essay or an episode of Simon's Cat.

But, alas - never fear! The UK's telecoms regulator Ofgem have announced that broadband companies must repair faults quickly, improve reliability and automatically refund users who suffer from regular service loss! Ofgem also hope that 95% of homes will have superfast broadband by 2017 - so it's good news all round!

Our take: Okay, you do kind of expect that once in a blue moon the internet will go down for a short amount of time - nothing too drastic. If it's a regular occurrence in your household however, it is definitely not something you should have to put up with! If you're not happy with your service provider, complain. If you don't get anywhere, vote with your feet and leave - it may be cheaper to switch broadband companies anyway! We've compiled a list of the best value broadband to help you out.

Student gets £3k by being infected with typhoid


drug-trial-injectionStudents will do pretty much anything for money. Law student Siân Rogers is no exception - she took part in tests at Oxford University and was injected with typhoid to improve vaccines.

The Oxford Brookes student was paid £2,900 for having typhoid, and said that feeling ill during the trial was worth the money. She has also previously been infected with Ebola.

Our take: Wow, that certainly is a lot of money to make!! We take our hats off to Siân and her intuitive way to make money. If you're interested in taking part in a drug trial, here is everything you need to know! Too squeamish, or just don't fancy getting ill? There are other ways of making money quickly!


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