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Student News

Clubcard Sale, Wonga Scandal, Exam Error Anger, Tee-Total Halls…

Tesco launches Clubcard ‘flash sale’

ClubcardBeen saving up your Clubcard vouchers? Tesco have launched a ‘flash sale’, where customers can exchange fewer vouchers for more rewards.

You can exchange your vouchers for retailers such as iTunes, Pizza Express, Ticketmaster and Cineworld – just in time for Valentine’s Day, so you can see 50 Shades of Grey after all. Yay!

Our take: The deals all go live on different days, and are limited – so get in there quick! You might just save a bit of money on some tasty, tasty pizza or a gig. Fun fact: us here at Save the Student aim to save you money!

Wonga won’t be investigated over fake letters

WongaThe City of London police won’t be investigating Wonga for criminal activity, after they sent customers letters from fake law firms.

An estimated 45,000 customers received the letters between 2008 and 2010. Wonga were ordered to repay £50 to each customer affected, however in November it was revealed that a quarter of the customers were yet to be compensated.

Our take: Payday loan companies are a real headache. The amount of interest they charge almost borders on criminal – just because the police won’t investigate doesn’t mean that lenders can do what they like, more rules and help should be put in place to protect customers. Customers can be vulnerable – and include students. Don’t get caught out, check out our tips to save money and budgeting.

Exeter students angry over exam errors

Economics failOne of many places you don’t expect to see spelling mistakes is in an exam paper. Especially at degree level!

Economics students at Exeter University are angry that their exam paper contained spelling errors, and say that they were poorly prepared for the exam, which lead to disappointing grades. An online petition has been launched to get the university to investigate.

Our take: Spell checking is vital thing in this modern world. Mistakes can be off putting, confusing or may even change the question. The accusation that the students were not prepared is even worse – what are we paying £9k a year for?!

St Andrews Uni to offer tee-total accommodation

TeetotalFrom the next academic year, students at St Andrews University in Scotland can request to live in ‘dry’ halls – where no alcohol is allowed.

The plan is to make students who don’t, or can’t, drink more welcome. New students won’t be forced to live there, but those who choose to will have to sign a contract to promise they won’t be drinking in their accommodation.

Our take: A nightmare for some students – and a great idea for others, who may feel excluded by not going out drinking. There is more to university life than drinking, after all! Isn’t there some studying involved?

Harvard professors can’t sleep with students

Prof banRemember that scene in Legally Blonde, when Elle Woods is offered an ‘alternative’ (if you catch our drift…) way to become an associate by her professor? Well, no more! Harvard University has now banned professors from having romantic relationships with their students.

One history professor said: “Undergraduates come to college to learn from us… We’re not here to have sexual or romantic relations with them.”

Yep, you have a point there. Harvard hopes that this will stop students being exploited, as well as students getting grades they may not deserve.

Our take: Makes a lot of sense – students should be there to learn. So how are you going to get a good grade now?! Have a look at our 12 tips on getting a First for help.


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