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Been hit by Ryanair charges? You might be able to reclaim your cash!

An online law firm is on a mission to take Ryanair to court over 'illegal' check-in charges, and they need your help to get the case to court!
ryaniarWhen Ryanair boss, Michael O'Leary, told the world back in 2013 that his plan was to stop "unnecessarily pissing people off" we had high hopes.

But it seems that every time the budget airline puts smiles on customers' faces by announcing they're scrapping one annoying additional charge, a sneaky new charge pops up elsewhere in the transaction.

Last summer, one student even found it was cheaper to change his name by deed poll than it was to accept Ryanair charges to correct a typo in his boarding card!

Ryanair are considered the cheap and cheerful option, but when you're getting stung left, right and centre for the tiniest of errors, you'll suddenly see your 'bargain' holiday turn into a pretty expensive trip.

The Case

ryaniar memeOnline law firm Casehub (which is sort of like a crowdfunding site for law suits) have done some digging and found that some of Ryanair's additional charges – which can as much as triple the original price of your flight – are actually breaking an EU law that aims to prevent companies from being able to hit customers with unfair contracts.

They've decided that it's time to take Ryanair to court and claim back some of that money!

Since 2009, Ryanair have allegedly squeezed £328m out of their passengers by charging these fees. That's a lot of moolah!

Here are just a few of the charges they currently enforce:

  • Check-in at the airport: £45 (free online)
  • Re-issuing boarding pass: £15
  • Choosing your seat: around £8 online, £9 at airport
  • Excess baggage: £10 per kg (although you can now take two pieces of hand luggage on board with you - woohoo!)
  • Name change or correction of a spelling mistake on your boarding pass: £160
  • Therapeutic oxygen reservation fee: £50
See how this budget airline passenger went to extreme lengths to dodge additional charges on his flight!

How do I get a refund?


There's a class action lawsuit being put together by a lawyer at CaseHub, who's on a mission to get customers refunded for some of these unfair charges.

For the case to go ahead, they need 75,000 claimants. It's free to join, but note that the case is only for those past Ryanair passengers who've been stung for:

  • Not printing off their boarding pass before reaching the airport (charge £15 – £70)
  • Forgetting to check in online before arrival at the airport (charge £10 – £70)
  • Needing a typo/mistake on your ticket corrected (charge £100 – £160)

If you've been victim to any of the above charges, sign up for a chance to get your money refunded!

It's worth being aware that CaseHub will keep 35% of your refund as commission if they win the case, and there's no guarantee you will get a refund.

However, the more people who join, the more likely it is that the case will go to court, and 65% of your cash back is better than nothing!

Don't meet the case criteria, but still got a complaint to make about a budget airline? Head over and take a look at our awesome guide on how to complain and get results!


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