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Love it or loathe it, it’s a fact of life that more than 141 million cards will be exchanged this Valentine’s Day. In other words, you’d better learn to enjoy it.Cheap-Valentines-DayIt doesn’t matter if you’re single or happily loved up, there’s no escaping February the 14th.  To get you in the spirit we’ve come up with a selection of ideas that won’t send shockwaves through a student budget.

Don’t panic, these ideas aren’t all just for the painfully in-love either – singleton Valentine’s fun here we come…

So, are you a Valentine’s lover or a Valentine’s hater?

Valentine’s lovers

You managed to get them to say yes to a date, but what funtastic things can you do for under twenty squid? Never you fear, we’ve got your back.

  1. Cook a home-made meal

    romanticmealinCooking is the easiest option for those looking for romance on a budget. You don’t have to be Jamie Oliver to rustle up something that’ll get you to a second date either; if you’re stuck for ideas why not try our stuffed turkey with smokey bacon or an easy chilli.

    If you’re really struggling then there’s always the supermarket’s finest selection of ready meals – just make sure to check out our money saving tips first.

  2. Go see a movie

    cinemaThe old favourite that never goes away; the cinema date. It might have got a lot of stick in the past, but watching a flick is a great conversation starter for the drinks you’ll inevitably go for after.

    Just don’t forget to buy your tickets in advance as lots of people will have the same idea. Just grab some popcorn and treats too. Don’t forget to share!

  3. Make a gift

    Handmade-GiftMaking your Valentine a great homemade gift could really woo them over. Not only do you get to keep most of your cash firmly in your pocket, it will also look like you’ve made a stellar effort.

    For first dates, try making chocolate truffles – very easy but impressive! Or if you’ve been together a while, buy a large picture frame and put in all your favourite photos of you together.

  4. Go out for a meal

    eatingoutAnother classic is to take your sweetheart out for a bite to eat. Valentine’s night specials are getting cheaper and easier to do with set meals from around £20.

    Make sure to check out our advice on eating out on a budget first – you could snag an awesome saving on top. Choose the right meal, the right location and they could be all yours.

  5. Check out our deals

    Save-the-Student-DealsIf you’re still struggling for ideas or are just looking for something a bit different then make sure to check out our student deals section.

    We’ll be pointing out all of the top offers, especially around Valentine’s day, so you won’t miss a trick.

Valentine’s haters

Not too impressed by Valentine’s, or just didn’t get anyone to ask you out on this ridiculous excuse of a day? Well here are some ideas to help you to put two fingers up at Valentine’s day and enjoy it by yourself.

Ps. we’ll always love you 😉

  1. Go clubbing

    clubbinginnitIf you’ve got some single friends to buddy up with, the chances are your local club with be running a singles’ night.

    An excuse to drown your sorrows, live it large or try and get lucky – make of it what you will.

  2. Make cocktails

    cocktailsIf you’re looking for a more classy alternative to your local watering hole you could alway try mixing up some of your own cocktails.

    Whether you’re into cosmos, mojitos or cocktails, make sure to check out a couple of our easy recipes.

  3. Hold a party

    House PartyThere ain’t no party like an S Club party and there’s no way you can be sad and loveless if you’re the king or queen of the party.

    Whack on the tunes, get everyone to bring their own and party like it’s 1999.

    For an extra twist of fun why not make it an anti-Valentine’s party.

  4. Watch a film

    watch-a-filmWho’s to say you can’t watch a film on Valentine’s day too? We’d suggest staying in so as to avoid all the loved up couples, but hey, we’re pretty sure that’s cheaper and more comfy anyway.

    If you’re stuck for what to watch why not check out some bargain online streaming services. Avoid the rom-coms though.

  5. Watch some sport

    watch-sportWhat could be the polar opposite of vomit-inducing romance? Sport of course. And some FIFA (like you needed the excuse).

    Even if it’s not one of your usual pastimes, why not see if you too can be seduced by the beautiful game (if there’s one on)? If nothing else, you can wonder at the stupidity of it all.

  6. Order a take-away

    pizzaHouse-mates all single and lonely? Rent the worst scary films ever made, order a take-away, sit back and, well, scream.

    If there’s ever an excuse to over the top on junk food, we can promise you this is it. Guilt free indulgence here we come.

Et voila. Simple ways to enjoy Valentine’s day without spending more than you need to.

For more inspiration, see our 10 cheap date ideas.

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