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6 tips for surviving life after university

Finally the time has come for you to be freed from exam stress and deadlines! Here are a few things to consider now you'll be out in the big bad real world.
graduatesAs exciting and surreal as it can feel finishing up at uni, it's also quite common for students to find the prospect of graduating pretty daunting.

Once the university bubble has popped you need to start thinking about what to do next, where you want to live and even start paying council tax (the horror!).

It can be quite a shock to the system, but the best way to deal with it all is to make sure you're prepared.

We've put together a few factors to consider now you're a fully-fledged graduate, so you can be in the best situation and avoid any nasty surprises!

Whatever you do, make sure you do all of these things before you graduate.

Life after uni: 6 top tips

  1. Don't miss out on student discounts

    discountJust because you're no longer technically a student, doesn't mean you need to miss out on all the great student deals on offer. We've got a great little trick that'll ensure you continue getting a student discount for years to come!

    You'll get to use all of the student discounts that you had when you were a student with an NUS Extra card.

    Click here to see how it's done »

  1. Open a graduate bank account

    Stolen Bank Card FraudChoosing a good graduate bank account is important as charges can be crippling if you choose an option that doesn't suit your particular situation.

    Make sure you check out our student money section and take a look at our guide to graduate bank accounts so you can work out which would be the perfect account for you.

  2. Start thinking about your career

    Graduate Job
    Looking for a job after university can be a seriously daunting task, but once you get over the initial hurdle, it gets a bit easier!

    Applying to graduate schemes can be a great option, but the earlier you apply the better chance you have of being accepted. Get ahead by taking a look at our graduate scheme deadlines.

    It is also a good idea to put your CV on specialised graduate job sites like Save the Graduate, Milkround, GRB and Target Jobs as well as general ones like Reed, CV Library and Monster.

    Don't forget to check out our student jobs section for more advice and tips for succeeding in a graduate career.

    The Graduate Recruitment Bureau is also a great site to help you find a job.

    Register for the Graduate Recruitment Bureau here »

Don't feel ready to apply for jobs just yet? Get some more experience under your belt by trying out these alternatives to internships.
  1. Think about where you'd like to live

    student-accommodationNow it's time to make some big decisions regarding where you'd like to spend the next few years of your life. After spending upwards of three years away from home, the idea of moving back can either be exciting or pretty suffocating!

    Regardless of whether you choose to stay on in your university town, move back home with the fam, or choose a different city entirely, it's an idea to start thinking about your options ASAP.

    The information given in our student accommodation section is extensive and applies to graduates too.

    Bear in mind that the cost of your bills will be higher now that you're not a student, as you'll have to start paying council tax.

    If you are considering moving to a new city, take a look at our city guides for some inspiration.

  2. Don't stress about repaying your loan

    90s loan refund
    Although no one likes the idea of being in debt, and you will have to pay back your student loan once you're earning above a certain amount – don't let the idea of repaying your debt stress you out!

    If you're keen to see how you're likely to start paying back your loan and how long it'll take you, try using our student debt calculator to see how you'll end up.

    Although student debt is high now that tuition fees have risen in England, it's important that you don't let it stress you out. We also wouldn't recommend trying to pay off more of your loan in a lump sum. There are better ways to invest your cash!

  3. Go back to uni again!

    Postgraduate study, anyone? If you're considering an academic career, or feel like you're just not ready to leave uni yet, postgraduate study can be a great option to look into.

    The government has also announced that they'll be providing Postgrad loans for Master's students in the UK for the first time ever, so now's a better time than ever to give postgraduate study a try!

    We have everything you need to know about applying for the Postgraduate loan (PGL) right here.

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