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Review: Field Day festival

Field Day is perfect for those who love their house music and aren't up for a five-day camping mud fest. But is it really worth the hype? We went along to find out...

field day

Started back in 2007, Field Day is one day of joyous techno-colour wonder for house fiends.

The festival has been hosted in a variety of parks around London. This year it's returning to the Drumsheds in Meridian Water, North London.

But are the beats worth their weight in cash? We went to the festival in 2019 but, full disclosure, we only attended the Saturday day-festival (it was also held on the Friday but we had to work #sadface).

So without any further ado, here's how much you should budget for if you're planning on giving Field Day a go in the future...

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Is Field Day good value for money?

Field Day ticket prices

field day london

Here's how much tickets to Field Day cost in 2019 (the earlier you book, the cheaper they are!):

  • Friday day ticket: £30 – £45
  • Saturday day ticket: £37.50 – £52.50
  • Weekend day ticket: £57.50 – £87.50
  • Friday day and late-night ticket: £40 – £60
  • Saturday day and late-night ticket: £47.50 – £62.50
  • Weekend day and late-night ticket: £77.50 – £100

This year Field Day is only scheduled in for one day on 11th July. But good news: the 11th is a Saturday!

There are only Tier 6 tickets available at the time of writing, which come to £60 plus a booking fee of £6, making that £66 in total.

VIP tickets, which grant you access to the VIP bar and lounge area as well as priority queue jump, cost £100 plus a booking fee of £10, so £110 in total.

When we went, the festival opened its gates at 12 noon and the "day" festival ended at 10.30pm, with the late-night portion going on until 3am.

Bear in mind that lockers on-site will set you back around £10 and charging your phone for an hour and a half will set you back a fiver (so bringing your own portable charger wouldn't go amiss!).

It's also worth checking on TicketSwap to see if anyone's selling their ticket a for a bit less than the RRP. Great for nabbing tickets once they've sold out, too!

Food prices at Field Day

The festival went on for 10 and a half hours  (15 hours if you purchased a late-night ticket as well!), so you'll definitely get the munchies at some point.

You're not allowed to bring any food into the festival, so we recommend having a big breakfast before you go, and possibly lunch too if you're planning on going a bit later on in the day. Stock up on the carbs is what we're saying!

Field Day has a huuuuuge variety of food for meat-eaters, veggies and vegans alike. The average dish will set you back around £8 and you can expect to pay around £4 for a portion of chips.

We treated ourselves to mac and cheese, which set us back £8 – a tad painful for pasta, but it was delicious. And we were starving. Nomonomonomonom.

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Field Day drink prices

jess field day

Drinks. This is probably the one that'll burn the biggest hole in your pocket. As with most festivals, you can't take your own drinks into Field Day.

Here's how much drinks cost back in 2019:

  • Larger: £5.80
  • Pale Ale: £5.30
  • Cider: £5.50
  • Glass of wine (red, white and rosé): £6
  • Bottle of wine (red, white and rosé): £25
  • Spirit: £6.50 (25ml) or £9 (50ml) + £3 with mixer (!!!)
  • Shot: £4.50
  • Soft drink: £2.50
  • Energy drinks: £3

Yup, we told you it wouldn't come cheap (although, to be fair, these prices aren't far off from standard London prices). But then again, when do drinks at festivals ever come cheap? Have a couple of drinks before heading off to the festival and then pace yourself for the rest of the day.

You don't want to get so drunk you don't remember seeing your fave artists anyway!

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Field Day merchandise

Merch merch merch. There were a variety of t-shirts on sale with the festival logo on them. A long sleeve t-shirt was going for £30, a standard t-shirt would have set you back £20, and a tote bag a tenner.

There were also stalls that were braiding hair with added eco-friendly glitter for £10. We were tempted by the braids but the likes of Pusha-T were a'callin!

How much does it cost to travel to Field Day?


Credit: Office of Rail and Road - Flickr

Well, that all depends on where you're coming from!

The cheapest option is via coach if you're coming from outside of London and are planning on staying for a few days. Here's a rough approximation of coach ticket prices from all the major student hubs:

  • Manchester: £19
  • Liverpool: £19
  • Leeds: £21
  • Birmingham: £8
  • Cardiff: £21
  • Edinburgh: £32
  • Southhampton: £16
  • Exeter: £28
  • Newcastle: £23

Update: These prices are from 2019, coach ticket prices aren't available right now as services are no longer running because of coronavirus.

Remember to compare companies to make sure you get the cheapest deal on tickets!

If there are a few of you going, you might want to think about car-sharing and splitting the fees. Road-trips are the perfect opportunity to practice your singing skills on the way there too!

If you're already in London, public transport will be your best bet. Not the cheapest, but come on, we highly doubt you'll be in the mood for cycling or walking back after 10 hours of boogying!

Meridian Water Station (overground) is the nearest train station to the festival. It's located in Zone 4, so if you're coming from Zone 1 the fare will set you back £2.80 one way if you pay via card or £5.90 if you pay in cash (ouch!).

The nearest tube station is Tottenham Hale, which is located in Zone 3 and will also set you back £2.80, the same as Zone 4 (£4.90 if you pay in cash), for one journey. You can then walk the 15 minutes from Tottenham Hale to the festival or get the 192 bus which will set you back £1.50. Gwaaan, you could do with the walk!

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mobile air bnb

So we're sure this comes as no surprise to anyone that London isn't the cheapest place on earth to find a roof for the night.

If you're short of friends' sofas to crash on and you're only coming for one day, the cheapest option would probably be to go straight home after the festival on a late-night coach. That way you don't have to fork out for accommodation at all!

Another alternative is to try Couchsurfing, which is free and a great way to make some new festival friends too!

The cheapest AirBnB we could find for a group of four people was going at £53 per night. It wasn't in central London but it was located in Enfield, very near to the festival which is perfect for the stumble home!

That comes to £13.25 per person per night, multiplied by two (if you're planning on staying the Friday night and Saturday night of the festival) equals £26.50.

Do we rate Field Day overall?

Simon Cowell thumbs up

Credit: NBC

We do indeed! Look, festivals are never a cheap affair, nor is London a cheap city. We'd recommend this one if you're a true techno fan (as we are) and are willing to cash out for the experience.

The sound systems were banging and there was plenty of room to dance. And we can now cross off seeing Todd Terje and Diplo live off our bucket lists!

How much we spent at Field Day

£0 (we live in London!)

As far as festivals go, price-wise this one is on par with Mightly Hoopla and is a tad cheaper than All Points East. If you're coming from outside London, you're going to end up splashing out a bit so you're probably best off crashing on a mates sofa to make it worth your while!

The new location is a massive improvement on its former location, Brockwell Park, as it feels less packed (more room for dancing and general festival tomfoolery) and the warehouse for the Printworks stage was definitely a highlight.

However, our purse strings are still smarting from the £10 locker fee... We'd recommend you pack lighter than we did!

Would we go again? Hell yes!

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